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is summer heat tolerable?

Richmond, Virginia
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is summer heat tolerable?

My husband and I want to take our first trip to Las Vegas. Only time grandparents can watch kids is summer. Will the heat be tolerable?


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N E Indiana
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1. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

Not really. We went in June once. Never again! Folks say but it's a dry heat. I say hot is hot!

Calgary, Alberta
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2. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

Believe it or not, Yes it is.

I am from Canada so we don't have the heat that LV has, and I can tolerate easily. During the day, just hang around the pool, if you must walk outside just remember to carry water and duck into a few Casinos to cool off before you reach your desired location.


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3. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

momto3: It really all depends on when in summer you're planning on coming to Vegas... June thru mid-July is usually in the 90's to 100's, while end of July thru August can top the 110's. But, who knows what the temps will be this year? We've had some crazy weather patterns, so while we had snow at the first part of winter, we've had very mild winter weather ever since. (Watch! Now that I've said that, we'll have freezing cold ....)

Also, the hotels are all air-conditioned, almost all have swimming pools, and some are connected so if you're prone to any sort of heat-sickness, you can minimize the amount of time you spend in the heat. Just be sure to slather on the SPF50+, for the kiddies especially, if you'll be walking around out in the open sun; and, carry bottles of water with you for hydration..... our dry heat tends to sneak up on folks unexpectedly.

Have a nice time while you're here.

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4. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

I actually love going to Vegas in the summer because of their fabulous swimming pools. I do not care about the heat because unless I am out by the pool (drinking margaritas and hopefully floating down the lazy river on a tube at the MGM Grand).I am inside watching shows, shopping, playing some penny machines, and having cocktails. If you go in the summer you can do some outdoor activities if you want to or you do not have to.

They have trams or moving walkways between lots of different casinos so you really do not have to be in the heat that much if you do not want. I do not like being either too hot or too cold and the heat does not bother me in Vegas because frankly I am not in it that much.


Cincinnati, Ohio
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5. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

This is kind of like the "What should my gambling budget be?" question. It will vary from person to person. Do you generally tolerate hot temperatures well? What do you like to do in Vegas?

I will say that if you like to be at the pool and walk around in the afternoon then you might have to re-arrange your schedule. When have gone from June - Sept. and have been face with 100+ temps, we will go to the pool in the Mid Morning and leave when it gets to unbearable.

We walk the Strip at night after the sun goes down. The temperature can still be in the 90's at night on alot of days though.

The Casinos are all air-conditioned so it is possible to avoid the heat during the day. Just make sure you are smart about keeping yourself hydrated.

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6. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

I have been going in the summer for 16/17 years and I do find it tolerable. My first step out of the airport always catches me by suprise-even after all these years. But then I adjust. You just have to use common sense. Drink as much water as you can- and then drink some more. It is easy to become dehydrated without realiziing it. Always wear a hat and sunglasses. Always wear suntan lotion- #35 or#50. Some people like to do most of their walking at night when it is somewhat cooler- relatively speaking. If you are walking and find yourself getting too hot- just pop into the nearest casino for a rest and a cool (non-alcholic) drink. Pace yourself-take it nice and easy. The casinos are very cool- some people feel they are too cool. Try to find a shady spot at the pool. Even then you will find yourself taking frequent dips in the pool to cool off.

The best thing I do- I always rent a car. Although I do a lot of walking anyway - it does help.

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7. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

Went once in July, once in August

for me it is very tolerable, i know here in boston the summers are brutally hot mainly because of the ridiculous humidity/muggy feeling.

Vegas is a very dry heat, yes the sun is very hot

but its very doable, especially when every casino/hotel is pumping out AC

New York City, New...
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8. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

I will only go to Vegas in the summer because summer is my favorite time of year and I love to relax by the pools during the day and travel the strip and DT at night. Plan your activities based on how you feel and what that days temps are forecasted for - If you have difficulty dealing with summer temps in VA, you may have difficulty in Vegas, but if you love the summer, you will enjoy Vegas!

San Francisco...
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9. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

of course its tolerable.

About 2 million people live in the Valley, not to mention the 6 million or so that live in the metro Phoenix area which gets even hotter or Palm Springs which gets hotter as well. I spend many years in Vegas and never once had heat stroke, had my shoes melt, etc.

I graduated from UNLV, the football team practices in it, as does the ASU and UofA teams in Arizona and guess what none of these players have died from this heat, but every year in places like the midwest and eastcoast and southeast where its is very humid players colapse and die.

The heat in the desert is much more tolerable than anywhere where there is extreme heat mixed with humidity.

I wouldnt suggest running a marathon at 3pm which is the hottest part of the day, but if you are smart and get ouside in the AM or after the sun goes down I promise you, you will be perfectly fine.

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10. Re: is summer heat tolerable?

Only you can answer if it's tolerable or not. We go ever August and we love it that hot! This year were going in June. I'm sure it will be hot but not quite as hot as August.

All depends on what temps your comfortable with.