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first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

Sydney, Australia
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first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

we are 24 year old aussie couple and are planning a trip to america for the first time, we are only travelling to california, vegas and new york.

Our plan is to stay 10 nights l.a, 10 nights san fran, 5 nights vegas and 4 night new york. also we might g to lake tahoe and tijuana.

Does anyone have any tips on good resorts in good area's to stay in california and vegas, we're not looking for 5 star resorts or anything but also dont anything to shabby.

The other thing is we dont drive, so is transport to each location easy enough and affordable?

Any tips or suggestions would be very helpful and muchly appreciated.

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11. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

Ny is definately more expensive then most of the other places, but IMO there is alot to see and you can get just about anywhere with out a car here.

I would also cut down LA and SF to maybe 5 days each, and add then to NY and LV.

OK. I would add t hem all to LV, but that's me ;)

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12. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

I agree with the advice everybody else is giving you. Don't go to Tijuana, spend less time in LA and SF and more time in Vegas and NY, and rent a car in LA.

New York City, New...
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13. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

Selfishly, I would like to know how a 24yo couple can take a 30 day holiday! What's your secret? ;-)

I agree with most of the others; 10 days in LA and SF are probably too many, esp. if you're not driving yourselves around. I would suggest cutting maybe 3 days from each and adding to LV and NYC.

From San Fran, there are tours with overnights to the wine country north of the city which is beautiful.

There are also bus-based tours from SF to Yosemite National Park, one site is http://www.yosemite-tours.com/index.htm

If you've allotted 7 or 8 days in LV, you could spend 2 days visiting the Grand Canyon; bus and overnight tours available from LV.

There are tons of other threads here about hotels in Vegas so I won't repeat it all here. There are maybe 5 or 10 new threads each day asking essentially the same question: "Where's a good/clean/not expensive but still nice hotel in Vegas?" Read back a few pages and you'll see.

I'm biased because I live here, but NY is wonderful. You should stay in midtown Manhattan (don't be swayed by prices on hotels in the outer boroughs or in NJ). Line up your show tickets in advance, but leave one or two nights for spontaneity! NY mass transit, including taxis, is great; no problem at all getting around without a car. Most people who live here don't have cars.

Eugene, Oregon
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14. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

I agree with the others - more time in New York, less in LA. I think 10 nights is also long in SF (but I'm a rolling stone kind of traveler). Maybe add Hawaii to your mix on the way going or coming?

But believe it or not LA is doable without a car - it will just cost you a little more. EVERY major hotel has tour pick-ups - you can get general overview tours, tours that will take you to Universal Studios, Disney, off deep-sea fishing or whale watching, etc. etc.

The public transportation in LA is pretty weak to put it mildly, and it probably doesn't go where you'd want to go anyway.

And NO to Tijuana.

And Tahoe is beautiful but again almost impossible to get to without a car - I'd skip it if I were you.

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15. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

Hi kerys87

i am visiting LA ,Vegas,NYC and Niagara falls in oct/nov for 19 nights

my visit is vegas 7 nights la 3 nights 2 nights Niagara falls 7 nights NYC.

i would do a few nights in NYC so much to see and do i wish we had more time there too.

we arent hiring a car either adn going to use public transport in each city.

i visited Tijuana a few years ago, i woudlnt bother.

this is the place i haev booked for la

www.magiccastlehotel.com comes to $220 a night including tax

NYC www.chelsealodge.com comes to $149 a night including tax.

i havent booked anything for vegas yet but for a first time visitor i would stay mid strip.

Eugene, Oregon
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16. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

Oh, thrahtobe, I don't know anything about the hotel part of it but the Magic Castle is VERY cool! It's a members only magic club (we had friends who were members), and there are several venues throughout the property - small magic rooms, big magic showroom, plus magicians just hanging out doing tricks at the bar, etc. It's in a huge, haunted-looking Gothic mansion, unbelievably atmospheric inside and out. You will LOVE it.

Honolulu, HI
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17. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

i'm going to echo the posters above and say that la w/o a car is not worth it. i even think 10 nights in sf is excessive. i'd definitely put more time into new york (my favorite place in the world). and i'd like to parrot yet another suggestion above and pimp out my home state of hawaii (oahu)! i would do something like:

6 nights in hawaii

4 nights in la

5 nights in sf

6 nights in vegas

7 nights in nyc

hotels in hawaii right now are at a very low occupancy so there are deals to be had. same w/vegas. not sure how economy has affected nyc, which usually has horrendous hotel prices, but truly for a non-driving couple...for any couple, really...is the most incredible place to visit.

Fond du Lac...
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18. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

How come none of our European friends ever want to come to Wisconsin?

Kersy: Not to belabor the point, but I too would extend NYC and cut back on the West Coast. (Maybe go to Boston or Washington DC for a couple days?)

If possible, add some time to Vegas and go to the Grand Canyon. I would definitely try to stay overnight to enjoy sunrise/sunset.

What time of the year are your visiting the States?

Glasgow, United...
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19. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?

I would spend less time in LA and add it on to the east coast. You should go to Washington DC its very easy to get to from NYC. Cheers!

Los Angeles...
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20. Re: first american trip (california, vegas and new york) help?


Having lived in LA most of my life, here are my suggestions:

1) Please rent a car. Yes, our traffic can be awful, but LA is completely spread out and you need a car to navigate your way around.

2) Instead of doing 10 days in LA, why not spread it out to 10 days in southern california. That way you could do a few nights in LA, a night in Orange County, and a few days in San Diego.

3) Do not go to TJ. And this is coming from someone who visited Tijuana regularly in college. It was probably not the best ideaw back then, but now it is completely dangerous (not to mention depressing).

4) While the Magic Caslte is a very interesting place to stay, I also recommend spending time staying the Santa Monica area.