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Ethics question?

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Ethics question?

What do you do when dealer makes a mistake and pays you for something you know you shouldn't have won. It has happened to me a few times. It is usually just something small, since they tend to double and triple check larger payoffs. If you know, should you say something?

New Hampshire
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61. Re: Ethics question?

Stratton- My right to be angry would be along the "Mind your own damn business" rule. My being overpaid does not impact you in the slightest.

And I would not equate it to robbing a 7-11. I would equate it to your earlier example of findng a chip and waiting a few minutes to see if anyone asks for it. What if someone saw you pick it up and demanded you turn it in?

London, United...
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62. Re: Ethics question?

I'm with Jaco!

We all have an angel on 1 shoulder and a devil on the other. EVERYONE'S moral judgement is subject to change given a change in circumstance.

The overpay would be mine....but a found wallet or purse would be handed in to security.

A single bill on the ground would be mine....but a big fat roll would be handed in to the police.

I'd keep the extra burger and eat it happily...bonus!

I always hope for that extra slice of cheese :-)

The black chip....or the white chip....if I saw someone drop it...It belongs to them...here ya go...u dropped this.

but... if i tripped over iton the floor and it was just sitting there looking all lonely...well...the only fair thing to to is pop it in my pocket and keep it warm!

shirl'...just keepin' it real.

South Carolina
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63. Re: Ethics question?

Excellent points Shirl! I'd like to add that I am only responsible for my own morals and ethics and to help develop a healthy set of morals for those in my care.

Once (and I may have told this story before) in the Beau Rivage on the coast, we were standing in the buffet line and watching the slot players that were near us. We saw a man get up from a machine and walk away with 10 or 20 dollars (I forget which.) still on the machine. This was before the TITO's. My young adult son left the line to try to catch the man to let him know what he had done, but he had a head start. He was afraid to just leave the money there, so he cashed it out and found him to return it. The gentleman gave him a few of the coins and told him to lose them for him. The funny thing is, another man in the buffet line hurried after my son, obviously thinking he was going to steal the man's money.

I have to think that if I were overpaid, I'd return it. Whether I would speak up if I saw someone else overpaid would possibly depend on the circumstances. I feel pretty confident that one dealer will not do that too many times before he is discovered and let go. How do you know if the person he is overpaying is not his partner in crime? Wtih that in mind, how do you think you would feel, if the dealer overpaid you by a large amount, you don't speak up and all of a sudden you have 3 or 4 security guards taking you and the dealer into a back room to discuss what they think is going down?


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64. Re: Ethics question?

From the casino's perspective I am certain that their P/L accounts for a certain percentages of mistakes. This amount is already a line item that is budgeted monthly, therefore CW can I have another drink and here is a nice big tip.

Phoenix, Arizona
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65. Re: Ethics question?

Someone walked off and left over 300 credits in a quarter slot in MS once. My mind thought "finders keepers"...besides why should I give it BACK to the casino if the rightful owner didn't show up.

I sat in front of the slot for awhile to see if someone would realize their mistake. After 30 minutes or so, I pressed the "service" button on the slot. An attendant was there in no time. I told them someone had walked off and left the credits. She told me to play them.

That was fun! If I had played the credits out without reporting the find, I think I would have felt dishonest afterward.

What if I had won a big jackpot? ?????

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66. Re: Ethics question?

Dang it Gnejs, now I can't get that song out of my head.

Michaelfineman, you keep asking alot of woulda, coulda, shoulda questions that could go on forever.

Who's to say you only get 2 slices that day, maybe the store special that day is 6. I know what you're trying to say with the Mickey D's question, me personally, I'd "probably" turn around, but it would depend on the situation, if I was a 100 miles down the road, then probably not, and I'd feel guilty that I didn't look at my change when it was handed back to me.

Oak Lawn, Illinois
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67. Re: Ethics question?

If nothing else - this reminds us all to remember to scan slot machines we pass for unused credits, look for dropped TITO's and of course look at the floor and under gaming tables for dropped chips. The stalls in the mens bathrooms are good to check too because sometimes things fall out of your pockets when you have your pants down.

If you carry one of those big change cups you can dump the remains of any unfinished drinks you come across in there and have a special casino cocktail....

If someone does drop something and you return it , make sure you hover around that person like a bellman waiting for a tip.

cleveland, ohio
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68. Re: Ethics question?

Reading all these answers and opinions is getting me confused on what I'd do!

If I was overpaid or underpaid yes, I would probably say something.

As soon as I leave the parking lot, I am not returning to the restaurant to return bonus food-I've been screwed more than I have been given extra food. (If I feel bad enough I'll send them a check).

I would never say anything if another player was overpaid-but I'd probably say something if he was underpaid. (not sure what logic that follows, I guess I lean more towards the players).

If i find a chip on the casino floor I'm keeping it. (even though I think legally it's the casino's- I saw that on the Travel Channel).

Of course these are all general answers and circumstances may change my actions.

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69. Re: Ethics question?

I look at it as a comp benefit if you are overpaid. Just like they give you a free meal, or free play, they are giving you free chips. How do I know the casino wasn't giving extra chips away on purpose that day?

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70. Re: Ethics question?

You can come up with as many different ways to rationalize it as you like, but the only explanation for behaving differently when the mistake occurs in your favor is greed.