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Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

Conception Bay South
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Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

We are taking our first visit to Vegas (Apr 13 - 17th) and we are so excited and looking forward to finally going to sin city.

I am the organized one and I like to have everything booked in advance. With that being said, I have three dinner reservations for the following restaurants.

1) Steak House at TI

2) Mexican Restaurant

3) Casa Di Amore.

The reservations are all booked and was wondering if any of you experts think that is to much for our short time and if so which one would you eliminate.

My DH loves a good steak and I can take it or leave it, we both like Mexican and Italian.

I know there is lots of restaurants but I figure we still have breakfast and lunch where we can see what Vegas has to offer.

Please let me know if you think our choices are okay and if you eliminate one which one would it be and why.

Looking forward to hearing all your responses.

Thanks in advance..........

Phoenix, Arizona
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1. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

Personally, when we go to Vegas, we don't make more than one dinner reservation (over 7 days) because we don't want to be on a schedule.

If I were going to eliminate just one, I'd eliminate the steakhouse. You both like Mexican and Italian, so I'd go with one or both.

Everyone is different. We just like keeping our nights open for the most part in case we are having so much fun, we don't want to have to stop and go shower and change for dinner.

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2. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

We haven't tried any of those restaurants. We usually book one or two dinner reservations for a 6 night stay. Usually one or two shows, too.

Lakeville, Minnesota
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3. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

we usually make plans for one definite dinner reservation in the 5 nts. we are there, this year we should be checked in by 10 pm and plan to go to Ruth Chris Steakhouse as they are open till 3 a.m. and we will be getting on our plane here rigt from work. After that we play it by ear as we hate to be committed to something if we would rather that day do something else or if by chance we may be having luck on a machne we don't want to have to leave to go to a dinner reservation. I do take Restaurant.com certificates with us and if we are in the area we eat there, if not I am not out that much money as they were cheap anyway.

loveland, co
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4. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

If you like to keep a schedual, keep them all. We do things on the spur of the moment so don't like to be reined in. We also don't eat anyplace we need a reservation, as we eat cheap simple meals.

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5. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

You might want to try having a nice meal for lunch so that you can fit more in. Dos Caminos at the Palazzo is open for lunch and the guacamole is fantastic.

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6. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

I personaly dont make any resevations. I dont want to be held down by by any requirements when in Vegas, you might just be hot and winning big and i wouldn't want to stop.

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7. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

In the short period of time you are going to be in Vegas I would say two max. You haven't been there so you want to have the opportunity to find something that will be great and eat there at the spur of the moment.

I am not sure which one you should eliminate. One part of me says the steakhouse since both of you like Mexican and Italian but the other side of me says if you like Mexican and Italian you probably eat at those restaurants at home quite a bit so why not try something different on vacation?

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8. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

I'd keep them all. It looks like you're there for 5 days so 3 dinner reservations sounds good to me. I think they are all good choices because you've included types both you and your husband enjoy. Remember, you can always cancel them when you get there if there is somewhere else you want to try. I think we tried the steakhouse at TI a few years ago and it was great. I've never tried Casa Di Amore but its rated here on Tripadvisor and most people thought is was excellent.

If your looking a great place for lunch try Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville at the Flamingo. Good food, good music and great Margaritas! I've never had breakfast there, but apparently it's very good.


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9. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

I have mixed feelings about this. We never have reservations . . . we don't choose to eat at the high end restaurants. But we are rather structured people, so often wish we could reserve at places like Caribe Cafe, Marguaritaville, etc.

There are times when it's difficult to find a place for dinner without a wait . . and hubby is NOT good at waiting for dinner!

I'd recommend doing the Mexican and Casa Di Amore first. If you decide that's enough structure, cancel the Steak House.

Norman, Oklahoma
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10. Re: Is this to much for first visit to Vegas!!!

I hope you dont get distracted and miss reservations like we have. There is too much to do in Vegas to have evenings planned out. Reservations are not always needed in advance.

Also, once you get there you might find a different restaurant that you would rather try. Enjoy your trip either way.