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Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

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Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Over the past several months, I have seen more and more posters on this forum who are planning to visit Vegas as non-gamblers. Either they really will not gamble at all, or they will at most stick a $5 bill in a slot machine and call it a day.

The problem with this is that gambling revenue in Vegas is way down. People who come and take advantage of the cheap hotel rooms but don't give anything back through gambling will, in large enough numbers, cause problems for the industry. This will result in fewer discounts and comps for those of us who do gamble.

I say this as someone who might well be considered a low roller by many here, and someone who pays for my hotel rooms and rarely gets a comped night. The point is not how much you "contribute", it's that you do contribute at whatever level you can afford. Simply paying for your hotel room does not begin to cover the actual cost of your stay at current rates.

Of course, you can't force people to gamble. But I wonder whether the casinos, and also we on this forum, should be encouraging non-gamblers to visit Las Vegas. The casinos might be better off raising their rack rates but giving greater discounts and comps to those who gamble.

The only reason I even bring this up is the serious financial straits the casinos are in. MGM/Mirage, Harrah's, and Sands are all flying by the seat of their pants right now. If business were booming then I wouldn't care whether anyone else gambles or not.

Just trying to generate some discussion. Flame away.

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11. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

I think that Stratton raises an interesting idea that may well be valid, but ZekeKelso has a point when stating that the major corporations have brought some of their troubles on themselves, with such noticable reductions in some of the payback schedules.

Speaking personally, I will be interested to see what sort of gaming conditions prevail at the new M Resort, when we stay there in May. The excerpt below is right off of their website, and I am choosing (perhaps foolishly) to construe it as a possible indication that they have recognized that the formula of good values and ample rewards that worked in Vegas for many years needs to be emphasized once again. It will be interesting to see if the M Resort offers a superior experience to some of the HET and MGM properties!

>>>>>>>>>>> Excerpt from TheMResort.com <<<<<<<<<<<<

"The iMagine Rewards Club offers generous rewards to experience all that M Resort has to offer, including great food at great prices, cash back, free slot play and exciting entertainment. At the M, we take care of our guests with old-Vegas hospitality. You’ll have access to many great dining choices plus our spacious and comfortable guest rooms and suites, an all new spa as well as a state-of-the-art casino that’s filled with fun new games and all your favorites. The iMagine Rewards Center is your VIP headquarters for friendly and personalized service"

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12. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers


Just for Stratton, I've withdrawn more cash to spend on gambling Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

For UnderPar, I promise to eat at the Wynn when I stay there.

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13. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Low, if the Wynn knows you will be eating there they'll send a car.

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14. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

I think all Non-gamblers should have to stay at non-gaming locations, i.e. Trump, 4 Seasons, etc. Also, they should not be allowed into the casino, as I don't want to give them a lesson for the $5 they will spend on the penny slot on how to push the button and how the bonus round works on the slot - they are interrupting my $500 rum and coke and my fun of throwing my money away so I don't leave it to my kids.

Non-gamblers should have to pay a premium up charge for being in the presence of us low-life gamblers who own a chunk of all these fancy casinos/hotels that were built on our loses. To use the pool and access the restuarants your players card has to show you lost $100 bucks today or you get no entry.

Ha-ha I hate non-gambler posts, more than those that hate the kids in Vegas posts.

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15. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers


many can afford to contribute more , buy new bmw car ,

they are happy at low limit play and there ford truck

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16. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

I disagree with your hypothesis.

If you look at the revenue numbers over the past 10 years, gaming revenue has consistently become a smaller and smaller source of revenue for LV casinos, as dining, lodging and entertainment have risen. While gambling is still a large revenue source, Casinos have been diversifying for years.

Thus, every person visiting Vegas generates revenues, and the more bodies you can bring in, the higher the non-gaming revenue.

This ultimately has been good for Vegas. for example, I read a recent post from a couple who came to Vegas during a US trip so they could see some shows. They came with their 8 month old baby, stayed at the Bellagio and hired a local nanny service (45/hr 4 hour minimun) so they could enjoy shows. Despite their complete lack of interest in gambling, they came and spent considerable $$'s. That was a + for the casino, not a negative, and it creates benefits for us gamblers who aren't rolled to dump $2,000 into a slot machine or at a bj table in a quest for the big hit and big comps.

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17. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Does eating at the Drugstore/Cafe count as eating at the Wynn? Lmao

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18. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

<<The point is not how much you "contribute", it's that you do contribute at whatever level you can afford. Simply paying for your hotel room does not begin to cover the actual cost of your stay at current rates.>>

To me it is positively absurd to suggest that people who don't care to gamble should do so to "contribute whatever level you can afford".

No matter how low the hotel rates, I strongly doubt room rates are ever less than cost for those who book conventionally, without comps or other offers only to gamblers.

The problem with many businesses is that they overspeculate and do not plan for slow economic times - which are a fact of life and will occur from time to time. For a well run business, profits during busy times should more than offset economic downturns.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for the hotels. I will take advantage of favorable rates. As far as I'm concerned, they're lucky to get my business when times are tough. Hotels certainly take advantage of guests when setting rates during busy periods and holidays. It's not enough to be full - let's quintuple the rates and still be full!

I would point out, however, that we are traveling only in the USA this year, rather than Europe, to "contribute".

We do not gamble. We go to Las Vegas for the shows, the dining, the live music all about, and to enjoy the magnificent architecture and decor all about.

I assume no obligation, whatsoever, for "giving back". One good reason not to gamble is that the odds are fixed against you.

People are free to visit Las Vegas and gamble or not - whether or not you or others on this forum encourage or discourage them.

I, personally, believe it's ridiculous to gamble away hundreds of dollars a day for "free" things worth a fraction of their outlay or the hope of scoring big. Very few report winnings. Overwhelmingly, people go home with a lot less than they brought for gambling. The most common story is being up, then running that, and then some, down. Over and over again.

San Diego
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19. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

There are two types of people.

1- People who go to Las Vegas and gamble.

2- People who go to Las Vegas and lie about their gambling.

I think 99% of the people who go to Vegas will do some form of gambling even if its 420 here and there.

There will always be cheapskates everywhere you go so for those that actually dont gamble, they will still be eating somewhere so the casino will make their money off of that.

There is room in Vegas for all types so discouraging non gamblers from going would be foolish.

They just need to hang around me and my boys for a while when they are there, that should loosen them up a bit. They can see what a holiday is supposed to be.

I mean really, if I dont get told to keep it down and watch my language at least once while i am there, I am not doing it right.

dayton, ohio
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20. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Stratton, as a low roller myself ($250 a day/5 day visit) I don't mind paying for a good meal every now and then however, most of my dining is done on the cheap as I normally don't stay at places like the Wynn. Although if I can make it to Vegas this year I might stay a few days at Steve's place. (Wynn)

Some people don't gamble, however they DO shop, eat at expensive resturants, see shows, and experience those fancy clubs, so they are contributing to the economy. The main thing is that people spend money in the casino, however they end up doing is ok with the casino as long as folks spend their money. Low rollers while adding to the bottom line, are not the main demographic that the casinos are going for. They want the people that have the money to experience everything the casino has to offer. We just get the scraps.

I do believe this is changing somewhat because of the offers I'm getting in the mail and in my email. Prices for rooms are dropping, I just want to see a bit more love on the pay tables and comps for us lowly peions.