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Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

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Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Over the past several months, I have seen more and more posters on this forum who are planning to visit Vegas as non-gamblers. Either they really will not gamble at all, or they will at most stick a $5 bill in a slot machine and call it a day.

The problem with this is that gambling revenue in Vegas is way down. People who come and take advantage of the cheap hotel rooms but don't give anything back through gambling will, in large enough numbers, cause problems for the industry. This will result in fewer discounts and comps for those of us who do gamble.

I say this as someone who might well be considered a low roller by many here, and someone who pays for my hotel rooms and rarely gets a comped night. The point is not how much you "contribute", it's that you do contribute at whatever level you can afford. Simply paying for your hotel room does not begin to cover the actual cost of your stay at current rates.

Of course, you can't force people to gamble. But I wonder whether the casinos, and also we on this forum, should be encouraging non-gamblers to visit Las Vegas. The casinos might be better off raising their rack rates but giving greater discounts and comps to those who gamble.

The only reason I even bring this up is the serious financial straits the casinos are in. MGM/Mirage, Harrah's, and Sands are all flying by the seat of their pants right now. If business were booming then I wouldn't care whether anyone else gambles or not.

Just trying to generate some discussion. Flame away.

Alberta, Canada
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41. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

I highly suggest that the OP (and others) read this...


It's interesting for a lot of reasons, but pertaining to this thread...

Only 1% of first time visitors (20% of visitors to are first timers) to Vegas list gambling as the primary reason, but over 80% do gamble once they get there.

Over 60% of all visitors see a show.

There's a plethora of stats on the monies spent on all aspects of Vegas.

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42. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Alberta, reminds me of the old 1960's saying: "first one's free.." Eventually you'll all be hooked.

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43. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

OK, just one more comment: I've seen a number of posts from non-gamblers who have stated that the reason they chose to vacation in Vegas was simply because of the low room rates. In other words, they could care less whether they're in Vegas or Des Moines, as long as they can get a hotel room for $50/night. Ok, I admit that's an exaggeration, but you get my point.

So why should those of us who love Vegas be subsidizing someone like that?

A couple of other people pointed out that they will continue to take advantage of every deal they can get as long as the casinos are dumb enough to offer them. I understand that completely. It's not the non-gambler in this equation whose behavior I am expecting to change. It's the casinos themselves and the way they market.

Las Vegas is sort...
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44. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Ok, I don't know if I qualify as a "veteran" (I've been 6 times in the last 5 years or so), but this is an interesting topic. People at home kid me about my gambling (I'm about the lowest of the low rollers!), and I always point out to them that there's a ton of other things to do. But I do gamble what I think I can afford to. We also don't stay anywhere that's outside our means. (Well, we did take advantage of the free nights at Encore offer in January, but we did gamble some and eat there, too.)

Going back to the first page of this thread, there's something I wanted to address. Someone said, "img416 wrote "On the other hand the non gambler isn't in Vegas to stare at a wall in their room. So they might be more likely to be spending their time shopping or at shows."

Sadly the non-gambling travelor is not even doing this. The resorts are finding that they are getting very low rates on rooms, eating only at the food courts and lower end places, spending very little if any in the bars and clubs, and not seeing shows! Many of these visitors bring very little revenue into the city."

If they're not going to bars or clubs or seeing shows, and eating only at the food courts.... what the heck ARE they doing? I'm not being snarky here, but if you aren't going to gamble, go out to eat, go to shows or museums, or go to clubs, what do you do? Sit at the pool open to close and then go to bed? Why even go to Vegas at all? Why not another destination? This can't be talking about the convention attendees, either, because a lot of them WILL gamble or catch a show in their down time.


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45. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

my point also stratton

why would a casino give free rooms or cheap rooms to people that dont gamble ?

i go to vegas and gamble lots some may say thats my choice and yes it is but i asked this question to the main marketing fella at caesars

his reply was we dont market outside of the USA.

so i said fine ill come here collect my FREE ROOM and go to shows eat well but i won't gamble 0.1c it wont make a difference to you but i will have made my point to myself.

the very next day i get a call from casino marketing giving me RFB anytime i want to go because they are now realising that there are gamblers that live outside of the usa so they are trying to change the law.

which law i don't know


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for Las Vegas
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46. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

OK Stratton, I discussed it with my wife and we've decided that it's time to plunge back into the market. So we are going to buy 50 million shares of Wynn at $22 per share (have to request a small increase on our visa limit). And then we are going to hand over the operation to you. Please let us know what your new marketing plan is.

My BIL isn't doing as well in this economy, but he is willing to take over Texas Pacific's interest in HET and would like your advice on how to reverse their fortunes and avoid bankruptcy.

We are certainly open to suggestions.

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47. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers


Regardless of all this, we'll be there in April...doing our part, as usual!

humboldt county CA
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48. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

I go to vegas to party, not to gamble. Although I end up losing money in the clubs, resturants etc.. I drink my face off and blow wads of cash and pretend like im rich for a weekend, then I go home and return to my poor student lifestyle. Only 2 weeks left and Im gone!

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49. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

The famous saying, "No such thing as a free lunch," comes to mind when I read one post that said that they will continue to come, enjoy the deeply discounted rooms (how they got those without playing on the card is a good question) and not feel an ounce bad about it. Well, the hotel is giving you those great rates or comps because to be honest, they do expect something in return -- that you will spend money somewhere within the property while you are there, be it gambling, eating, shopping, etc. I think I can relate to the argument that it isn't right that someone like this can enjoy the spoils of a bad economy without somehow paying the piper a bit. Seems a triffle unfair. Although on the other side, it is terribly hard to feel any sort of emphathy for the big corporations who were far to happy to stick it to even us gamblers a few years back with high rates. I've been to Vegas several times within the last year and am going next week -- I plan to spend my guts out -- and yes, gambling. And yes, my five nights at Paris are comped -- but they will get my money, one way or another, I promise.

Topeka, Kansas
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50. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Chach..from that article; "The Clark County Tourism Index fell 15.8 percent, which is a reflection of falling occupancy rates, Schwer said. Even though there are often smaller crowds in November and December, occupancy rates in the 70 percent range hurt the gaming industry’s profitability, he said."

We were there in December and other than the airport not busy (although it was 8AM), I still noticed crowds in the casinos so find that interesting...

Oh maybe there were so many of us there for the Old School MEGA, I just didn't notice! LOL