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Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

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Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Over the past several months, I have seen more and more posters on this forum who are planning to visit Vegas as non-gamblers. Either they really will not gamble at all, or they will at most stick a $5 bill in a slot machine and call it a day.

The problem with this is that gambling revenue in Vegas is way down. People who come and take advantage of the cheap hotel rooms but don't give anything back through gambling will, in large enough numbers, cause problems for the industry. This will result in fewer discounts and comps for those of us who do gamble.

I say this as someone who might well be considered a low roller by many here, and someone who pays for my hotel rooms and rarely gets a comped night. The point is not how much you "contribute", it's that you do contribute at whatever level you can afford. Simply paying for your hotel room does not begin to cover the actual cost of your stay at current rates.

Of course, you can't force people to gamble. But I wonder whether the casinos, and also we on this forum, should be encouraging non-gamblers to visit Las Vegas. The casinos might be better off raising their rack rates but giving greater discounts and comps to those who gamble.

The only reason I even bring this up is the serious financial straits the casinos are in. MGM/Mirage, Harrah's, and Sands are all flying by the seat of their pants right now. If business were booming then I wouldn't care whether anyone else gambles or not.

Just trying to generate some discussion. Flame away.

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71. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

<<<<<<nobody has said that NON GAMBLERS ARE CHEAPSKATES

the op and lots of other people like me are saying , why should non gamblers get the same room rates as us we spend lots to get free rooms and i for one dont appreciate people going to vegas on the cheap (hotel rooms) because they think spending $1000,$5000 whatever should give them the same rate

I DONT THINK SO>>>>>>>>>>

Debbie, So how much do I have to gamble to qualify for the bargain room rates? 1000? 5000? What if I only gamble 500 but spend another 2000 in the Forum Shops, eating, spaing, etc? What if I spend 100000 gambling but win back 30000? Do I have to pay for a certain number of rooms at rack rate?

Any clue how absurd this is?

The low rates are to attract visitors who will hopefully gamble. Comps are to reward and attract those steady, dependable $1000, $50000 whatever gamblers. If you gamble $5000, surely you are comped most of your stay? Why would you begrudge the rest of us a discount? Seems a bit petty and counter productive.

Free IS cheaper than cheap, is it not?

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72. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers


what i was trying to say is.. on here you read about how people have never set foot in-----lets say TI but they are getting free rooms with the hope that they will gamble.but these people (if you believe them) say they dont gamble at all, so why the free room.

my point although i didnt make it clear SORRY is i go to vegas 3 to 5 times a year and gamble a lot

but because im from overseas i didn't quallify for anything at all.then i read someone has dropped $200 in a casino and now get free rooms makes me sick.

yes its the casinos fault but still pi**es me off


Carmel, IN
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73. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Here's something to think about. Years ago you could eat cheap in Vegas. I'm talking $3.95 prime rib etc. and it was decent. Why was it cheap? Because they wanted you to spend your money gambling.

All rooms used to be cheap and nothing special. Why? Cause they wanted you out in the casino gambling. Think about it in today's terms - why are the TV channels in your room awful? They don't want you spending much time in your room.

Shows have always been expensive. Why? Because this is two hours you're not gambling.

All of the above are one time expenditures. Then think about how much money you run through the machines, slots or VP, in any given hour. When you win, especially small wins, more often than not you put it back in. You lose, you feed in more money to win your money back. You can cycle through a heck of a lot of money in an afternoon. Never realizing just how much, budget or not. This is what built Las Vegas. And, what continues to sustain the economy there.

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74. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Deb501, you have said that casinos don't market overseas. Well, Wynn has an awful lot of red in his hotels designs, and no 40th floors. And lots of high end baccarat. Asians are "overseas" too. Kerry Packard, before he died, got flown in repeatedly from Australia. I played blackjack with a full RFB guy from Rio in Brazil. Maybe Vegas doesn't like the UK?

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75. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

WOW Sratton-way to open up a can of worms,hun?? i found the views all intresting and entertaining. i am a very low roller, but we always see at least one show while in town- we always have at least one high end dinner and we go to the gun range and other local attractions-we don't shop much there because we have other outlets for that closer to home.

we have never had a room comped- we have had some meals taken off -but thats it. we get offers from all the hotels- not sure why?! but when we find a good one and we then try to find some decent airfare-when we do find decent airfare,we go!(really hate the baggage $$)

i have to say that all of us that don't get free rooms must in some way balance out the ones who do. and i know that the longer you are away- the more offers roll in.

plus if i eat at prime @ the belliagio i have a chance of that comming off my bill if i am staying there. but if i just go there and stay somewhere else- i pay with no chance of getting any back that is a win-win for them.

not everyone that gets an offer uses it.but to get one you have to gamble or sign up for offers.if you come and use the offer and don't gamble much than you will probably get less offers. or the offers will be higher room prices or just some free goodies. i will still go --but after 10 trips in 8 years--they need to coax me alittle. but i let disney coax me to there world too!!

we are all in agreement that the economy is so yucky right now and we all need to hold on tight and take all the freebies we can get- the big boys(MGM)& others need to tighten up there belts too and try to suck it up like the rest of us.

Estero, FL
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76. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

I've been following this thread for the last day or so and have come to the conclusion that I don't care if they are lowering hotel rates for non-gamblers.

I really do think that over all that they carry thier own weight. They might not add to the gambling revenue but non-gamblers seem to spend a lot of time shopping, eating in expensive restaurants and paying $200 to see Bette.

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77. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

Haven't had a chance to read the whole thread but everybody is a non-gambler until they play the first time. My wife had never gambled before until I took her to Vegas the first time and now she is a hooked low limit gambler. So isn't there some benefit to get non-gamblers through the door to get them "hooked"?

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78. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

A good debate and very thought provoking.

Maybe if you gamblers lost a bit more us low rollers could get rooms even more discounted?

Ok, I'm outta here ...... the fuse has been lit.


Alberta, Canada
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79. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

What ever happened to the good old days when one traveled where they want, for the reasons they want, and it really didn't matter to anyone else, what you spent your own money on?

There are special breaks for the people who gamble a lot. They are called comps.

In a city where even non casino hotels are lowering room rates for the traveling public, it makes no sense for heavy gamblers to feel that low room rates should not be available to people who might gamble less.

If you have gambled a lot, the Casinos have often taken care of you (with exception of that one poster from the UK).

The rest of us get to do our fave Vegas things, the way we see fit.

I can gamble 2 miles from my home, if I want to.

When I go to Vegas it actually costs me a hell of a lot more.

For me, Vegas is the restaurants, the lights, the shows, conventions, the scenary, the shopping, and yes, even a little gambling, but Vegas doesn't have the monopoly on gambling, that they once had.

Gambling is never going to be my number one reason to go to Vegas.

The good news for the heavy gamblers is I won't be taking up a seat they could have had.

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80. Re: Discussion for Vegas veterans re: Non-gamblers

This is a really interesting topic and I've read through all the replies.

I can understand the gambler's point of view but at the same time if non-gamblers are not wanted then why have the resorts, oops sorry, casinos spent so much money and time in adding these ultra-clubs, celebrity chef restaurants, big name performers, high end shows(Disney's The Lion King anyone?) and shopping malls in them? The more time & money visitors spend on these things, the less spent gambling. With so many entertainment/food options so close, they are also the kind of thing that is going to attract non-gamblers.

Why does Harrahs now allow you to earn points on shopping, dining and entertainment? Isn't that going to directly appeal to non-gamblers?

Why would MGM bother building the three-towers of the Signature and tout it as a luxury non-gaming property?

Also with the state of the economy there aren't as many visitors and those that do still go are not as likely to spend as much gambling as they might have on previous visits. They just can't afford it.

In the past years casinos have been trying to "one up" each other and build the latest greatest mega resort and companies have been gobbling up one competing property after another (MGM, Harrahs etc). The economy was great for a good length of time but now the global economy is going down the toilet and naturally vacationers don't have the money to spend like they once did. Now the casinos are in a panic because they bit off more than they can chew and don't have the visitor numbers/$$ to support them.

I'm a non-gambler(Yes, one of them. Don't impale me. ;) I don't have any desire to gamble but love coming to Las Vegas and have been going there since 1996.

If the casinos offer good rates to the general public, I would be silly to pass on $119 at the Venetian and go pay $75 off-Strip at a Super 8.

Once I get to the Venetian, I'm not high maintenance and don't need my room cleaned every day. In addition to paying for my room, I'm probably going to spend $800 on shows/entertainment at the V, plus whatever I spend eating and shopping there. Then there's what I spend for shows, food, shops at other properties, Wynn etc in addition to the Venetian and make sure to tip fairly. It's not like I'm rich and spending tens of thousands but I save through the year and then like to enjoy nice meals/shows/rooms in Vegas.

Is that better or worse than someone is coming to Vegas at the same room rate at the Venetian, spending $50 a day gambling, doesn't shop or see shows and only eats fast food? They didn't play enough to earn comps(other than drinks of course) but they had a good time.

A third person is a big gambler, gets the same rate at the V the other two groups had. They play lots and can 'earn' comps once there and can likely get that room for free if they play enough. Other than a good initial room rate, the non-gambler isn't going to get any comps during their stay. I pay for my meals, drinks & shows. If the comps aren't coming like they used to for players, I would guess it has to do with the downturn of the economy in general. Is that the right way to treat their players when their play used to warrant such things and need their money more than ever? Not really. However, I don't think the blame goes to the non-gamblers.

IF I did gamble I wouldn't have a problem with non-gamblers getting cheap room rates. Now if they started getting free rooms at the Wynn, Venetian, Bellagio(IP doesn't count. he he), food, etc all the time then maybe I would be bothered. Other than that, I'd be glad they came and dropped their money in the city.

I'm not flaming anyone. It's been an interesting read and if no one agrees with what I wrote, that's fine.