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First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

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First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

The decision is Paris!

I bought the tickets last night! We will be arriving in Vegas on July 23. (first time for me and husband) I know it is going to be hot, but this is when I could get the best deal that worked on our timelines. With help from you guys I decided on Paris for several reasons. I was able to get the best prices and timelines (for us)by going through Southwest Vacations. So here are the things I can think of now that I am wondering about…

We will be flying out of Kansas City and getting into Vegas about 8pm. We have only flown two times before and that was on Midwest is there anything I should know about Southwest and or about getting into/out of the Las Vegas Airport? I have decided against the shuttle and for a taxi? Do I need to say no tunnel? I don’t know what that really means but have seen various things on here about it.

What, if anything is there to know about Check in at Paris? I have been told by a couple people that they will upgrade your room at check in if you ask? Do they do that at no charge? I have also seen several posts about charging to the room?? What exactly does this mean? I also seen something that said if you have purchased a vacation package you can’t do this? What about service fees, I couldn’t find this info, most places I notice charged an extra 3-5 bucks a night for telephone usage?

What is in or near Paris that is a must see/do/try?

Neither of us have gambled a lot and know nothing of table games but would like to try the slots…Do I need player cards or how does this work? What do you use these cards for? I know all of this seems very simple but I really have no idea. Also I get differing info about drinks while playing, is there a charge?

I know the pool at Paris is known on here as not too impressive, but how do drinks by the pool work? Bring your own? Is there a bar near?

Also give me tips on tipping? Who, when?

Drinking??? Where can you get cheap drinks, can you walk from place to place with your drink on the strip?

When we check out, our flight will not leave until that evening, should we ask for late check out, is there a charge for that? Or is there a place to leave our bags until we are ready to head to the airport? How much time should I allow for getting to the airport?

These are the things I think about now, I am sure you poor knowledgeable people will be subjected to more! We are not staying long, only until the evening of the 25th. We have never taken the adult trip alone and are just looking to relax together, look around and have some fun!

Thanks so much for whatever advice you are willing to give!

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1. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

My, my, my you do have a lot of questions. Don't worry you will get lots of help on this forum. Just to answere a couple of questions - While you are gambling cocktail waitresses will come around and you may order complimentary drinks. Always tip them a dollar or two per drink. If you give them a five right off the bat they usually are more attentive. You may carry your drinks from place to place even outside. There is actually a law which prohibits this but as long as you are in control and follow the crowd the cops generally look the other way. At the pool there is also a cocktail waitress who comes around but you are charged full price for these drinks. (Also want to tip her - pretty much everyone in Vegas wants a tip. Just a buck or two) As far as late checkout, call the hotel. They will sometimes extend it without much trouble and no cost but each place is different. Late checkout usually means an hour or two after normal checkout but you can check your bags at the bell desk until you leave. Just ask them about it when you checkout. Thats a start. I know others will jump on soon. Have a great time.

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2. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

OK...let's see...

1. Paris is a good choice. It is center strip so there is lots around it.

2. Southwest is a great airline. No worries.

3. You shouldn't take the tunnel to Paris. Just tell them no tunnel.

4. You can ask for an upgrade at check-in, but there is no guarentee that you'll get one. They may offer you a nicer room for an upcharge.

5. Charging things to your room just means they put it on your bill. You just sign for meals or drinks and pay when you check out. Some restaurants don't participate, so ask if you can do it. It is particularly helpful at the pool so you don;t have to carry cash. I don;t know if they let you bring your own drinks to the pool at Paris as I have not stayed there. Most places discourage it, and most have drink service.

6. Cheap drinks at O'Sheas and Casino Royale. I think Bills has cheap ones as well.

7. Tip the bellmen, cocktail waitresses, housekeepers, taxi drivers, waitstaff in restaurants, etc...

8. Don't overplan as you will be overwhelmed by it all and will probably spend lots of time just walking around and seeing the sights. The Bellagio fountains are across the street from Paris and are maginificent.

9. Have a great time and tell us all about it when you get back!

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3. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

I'll try to answer some of your questions -

Upgrade q: lots and lots of opinions on this - personally, I would probably just ask if there were any upgrades available. They may say yes and quote you a price which you can accept or not, or they may give a "free" upgrade - I think a lot depends on how busy the property is at the time. Others can speak to the "$20 trick" - I've never tried that.

Players club card: They are free. You sign up at the players club desk, and then put them in any machine that you are playing. Depending on your level of play, you may earn enough "points" to get some freebies - also, most casinos offer some sort of free play or something just for signing up. But don't "chase comps" - meaning that you gamble more than you plan to do anyway just in hopes of getting free stuff, as that "free" stuff would be less expensive to just purchase outright : )

You can walk with drinks on the strip. There is no charge for drinks while playing - but tipping is the accepted practice. Depending on what I've asked for, etc. I usually tip a dollar or two a drink - some people like to give something like $5 for the first drink to ensure that the waitress will keep coming back.

Tipping - I tip the bellmen (usually a couple of bucks per bag), cocktail waitress (dollar or two a drink), obviously waiters in restaurants - and also leave a tip for the server who assists you at the buffet - lots of people forget this, and I think a couple of bucks is the right thing to do.

Must see near Paris - the Bellagio fountains across the street, also the Bellagio Conservatory

Have a great trip!

los angeles
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4. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

Oh - I forgot - also tip housekeeping. I usually leave $3 to $5 a day, depending on if I've asked for extra towels or stuff.

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5. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

A lot of questions! I'll attempt to cover some of them.

Good decision to take a taxi. No tunnel to Paris - tell the driver to take Swenson.

By all means ask if any upgrades are available. There may be a charge, you may be upgraded for free. It all comes down to availabilty when you check-in. No service charge/resort fees at Paris. Nothing to stop you charging stuff to your room irrespective of how you booked your trip. All it means is if you eat dinner (or any other meal) in the hotel get the charge put on your room account. You'll pay this when you check out along with any other charges but if you've gambled enough it may be "comped".


Sign up for a players card wherever you gamble (or even if you don't intend to gamble) but remember, NEVER gamble with comps in mind.

Across from Paris is Bellagio with its fountains and Caesars Palace, both "must sees". Take a walk up to the Venetian too.

You're not supposed to take your own drinks to the pool though you'll probably be ok if you're discreet and just have a small amount. There's a bar poolside.

Tipping. Where do you start?! Try a forum search for help with this.

You can walk anywhere with a drink provided you behave. For cheap drinks on the Strip try O'Shea's and Casino Royale. Head Downtown as well to drink on a budget.

There will usually be a charge for late check-out. Ask to confirm. You can leave your bags at the bell desk for the cost of the tip.

Have fun planning your trip... :-)

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6. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

That's an awful lot of questions. Since you trip is not until July, I suggest you continue to read this forum. You should familiarize yourself with the Search feature, as many of these are commonly asked questions which you can look up without too much difficulty.

After doing some reading, if you find that you still have questions - and I'm sure you will - try asking one or two of them at a time rather that 20 in one post :) You will find you will get a lot more and better responses that way.

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7. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

your there for 2 days, its vegas, relax. you dont have time to see/do everything so i would say just wander around and enjoy it. plan another trip when you get home thats what happens to me everytime, haha.

tip ppl that help you($ depends on the service, but something is always better than nothing)

if your not big gamblers dont worry/waste time with palyers cards( im going for the 4th time and i still dont have one!)

drinks- you'll figure it out withen 30 mins just observe

hotel questions just as at check in and slip a 20 if they helped alot

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8. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

WOW... lots of GREAT questions... and i am sure everyone here will have awesome answers..

We are staying at Paris as well in a few weeks.. when we went last.. it was so beautiful.. so i figured this time... we would try it!

Take a a trip up to the Eiffel Tower, we did during the day and at night... both are amazing!

We are arriving very early in the day... i have already called and they assured me that they have places for your luggage... so i am sure it will all be fine.

Hope you have a wonderful trip...

oh and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the part of (taken the adult trip alone and are just looking to RELAX together)

thats to cute... by the last day... you will be exhausted... but it's a great exhausted.. you will see..

have fun

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9. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

I would respectfully disagree with the poster who said not to get a players card. That is how the casinos "get to know you." They track your play and send you offers in your e-mail for discounted rooms on return trips. I am a VERY low roller and I still got an excellent rate on my room for my next trip because of my players card. Even if you only gamble 20 dollars at their property, a card puts you on their radar.

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10. Re: First Time, short trip, alot of ?s

We stay at Paris every year. We love the hotel!

We've never had a problem with the staff or the food. Try the buffet at least once for breakfast. You won't be disappointed. They have crepes to die for that are made while you wait.

Paris is close to a lot of things. Right across the street is the Bellagio so make sure you check out the fountains.

check in is to your right where the taxis drop you off. You'll see it immediately. They have quite a few lines to check in. You can check out by the tv in your room. As for upgrades, i'm sure they'll upgrade you ....for a fee. Ask nicely and maybe they'll do it for free but usually they will charge you so much more a night for it.

Rooms are nice. Bathrooms are very nice with a tub and a stand alone shower.

Can't help you with the pool. Only time i've seen it is outside our room window lol

have fun!

Take the taxi , not the shuttle or it will take you a long time to get to the hotel. No tunnel.

At check in they will give you a little card along with your keys that you're able to charge things to your room. Just show them your card and they'll add it to your bill and you pay it at check out.