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I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

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I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

So much talk about debit cards and traveler's checks just gets me down about how much nickel and diming (and what a pain) it is just to get access to your cash on vacation!

I liked this one post that I read about putting a hundred bucks in separate envelopes (for each person) and labeling them "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday," etc. Each envelope would represent your gambling cash for the day and once you were done with it, that was it for gambling that day. I'd like to do this, and just put the cash in my safe at the hotel room (Encore).

As a Vegas Newb (or "nub" as hubby would call it), I would like to ask those more experienced than myself about how "safe" others think this might be.

Also, I had read on one site about carrying around 'bait' cash in case you are mugged. I'd think that I'd be the one that they frisked and shot for lying about how much cash I had. :P

-And one last question: Jewelry. We aren't the Vanderbilts or anything, but does sparkly jewelry or an expensive watch scream "Hey, over here, come rob me right now?!"

Thank you, as always for all input. :)

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1. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

Just stash the cash in the safe.

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2. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

I'm not a big guy, and I've never felt intimidated walking around with cash on me. That said, it really depends how much you're talking about. I wouldn't be walking around with $10k in my wallet in cash or anything. I will say that when I'm walking the Strip, I put my wallet in my front pocket, or a back pocket that buttons/zips closed, and if I brush against anyone, I instinctively feel to make sure it's still there. Likewise, when I'm on a tram/bus/Monorail car, or watching one of the free shows that gathers a crowd (fountains, volcano, etc), I tend to keep my hand in my pocket.

You're going to be surrounded by thousands of people -- many of whom will probably be carrying MORE money and wearing NICER jewelery. As long as you're aware of your surroundings, you probably won't have any issues. Most people don't.

I wouldn't go walking down to the Stratosphere by myself wearing my shiniest necklace at 3:00 AM, though.

Sarnia, Ontario
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3. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

I don't quite understand your question. Are you afraid to carry $100 in Vegas? Vegas is full of tourists and very safe.

Toledo, Ohio
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4. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

I always bring ONLY CASH to Vegas. I take it in my purse and put it in a bank envelope in a plastic baggy. I also take daily envelopes for splitting it up. I put what I am not taking in the safe and I have a small Fossil wallet that I can pin to the inside of my purse, that hangs over my body. I have never had an issue in Vegas.

Vegas is like any other city with crime, although the strip is has a lot of security on it, more then I have seen here. Just be aware of your surroundings and you will be fine.

As far as jewelry goes wear it, if you want to. Like always the casino security and the police are all over the place, you will be fine. I know one trip some strange person was following us and we were in between Bills and Flamingo and security came out of Flamingo and stopped him. They are there to make it safe for you. If it wasn't safe could you imagine the bad press the strip would get.

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5. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

The room safe will be fine. If you want more security- use the safety deposit box at the cashier's cage. Nobody can get into that without drilling it open.

Each time I leave the hotel I only take the amount of cash with me that I think I may need until returning to the hotel. The rest of the cash remains in the safe.

Be aware of your surroundings- especially when you are at some of the more crowded attractions- Siren Show, volcano, Bellagio. There are pickpockets in Vegas. But I have been to Vegas many, many times and nothing bad has ever happened to me.

Traveler's checks are easy to use and easy to cash. Just go to the cashier's cage and that is it. There is no trouble cashing them.

I don't take expensive jewelry to Vegas so I can't answer your question.

Cleveland, Ohio
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6. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P


Everyone will have a different story - but here is mine.

I have been going to Vegas for many years now and I prefer to carry all of my cash on my person. I have traveled around Vegas via, cab, limo, monorail, and on foot, and have never had a problem -- at any hour, be it on the strip or downtown.

I prefer to have ALL of my cash on me at ALL times, albeit - I use ALL pockets as I like enjoy my drinks while in Vegas, and that is how I prefer to control my gambling budget - and winnings for a day -- or a trip...lol. No matter how much I drink -- I always know my RIGHT hand pocket has TODAYS money... My theory is if I ever got robbed - there is nothing in my wallet that cannot be replaced -- including my VACATION!!

Now, my wife, having all of my habits but being a woman, prefers to leave hers in the safe...only having TODAYS money on hand "just in case". However, I can tell you there have been many a vacation that she had to issue me an IOU for additional cash due to this practice....HEY, it keeps it fair!! lol

Anyway, I said all that to say that you should do what make you comfortable! Las Vegas is no different than any other large city, with the exception that the travel industry is their life blood. There is security and Metro Police EVERYWHERE to protect you, and assure you are having a good time.

Now,less worrying and more having fun!! Have a GREAT time and trip!!


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7. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

hehe, thanks :) Hubby says that I am OVERPLANNING this trip, but I am having fun doing it :)

Tysons Corner...
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8. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

Keep the cash in your safe and it will be fine. Your cash has as good of a chance being robbed from your safe as you do hitting the megabucks machine for $15 Million. If you are still uneasy, just use your debit card and withdraw what you are going to use for gambling each day in the morning. You're gonna rack up some withdrawal fees but piece of mind may be worth it.

If you stay on the strip there is a very little chance you will get robbed. The strip is a pretty safe place but if you wander off it can get kind of sketch.

My advice is sit back, relax, and enjoy. You will have a great time

Orange, California
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9. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

I personally dont trust safes ..so when I had to use cash, I would bring them in separate envelope and also stash them in different locations. I have them taped on the inside of my suitcase... my carry on.. then I would lock them up in the room. Thats probably the only safe way to do it..

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10. Re: I want to bring cash but I don't want to get robbed :P

What if someone steals your luggage?