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Trip report 8/3-8/9

Tonawnada, ny
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Trip report 8/3-8/9

Southwest flight to Las Vegas, all good. Arrived in Vegas at 10 am Aug 3rd. Rental car, Alamo, slow line and kind of poor selection of cars all had high mileage.

Check in Palazzo easy, fast and very nice clerk. Not trying to sell or upgrade anything. Room ready right away in morning. The room was very clean and nice. Stayed there last year also, has shown a tiny bit of wear but I think still very, very nice and well kept. Asked at front desk for room fridge and it was sent up within 10 minutes after entering the room. Called the next day for towels, were delivered with in 15 minutes and both times when I came back to room there were messages on voice mail asking if my things were delivered satisfactory and if not to please call. Very Nice!!

Palazzo casino is nice and quiet compared to most, but I do think they lack slot games compared to other casinos. The dueling Pianos I thought was kinda poor. Also on a note, I love Cleopatra II machines and there is only one in the Palazzo, right near entrance to elevators to rooms and gift shop. Its on the end of a bank of penny machines. It is the tightest $%^#$ I have ever ever played. I put in about 300 last year and did the same thing this year. If you are lucky you get a spin. Very Very Very tight machine, I know its my own fault for spending that much at one time on a penny slot but I just had to keep testing the waters to prove it is a nasty machine. It is LOL. Stay far away from it and even kick it next time you walk by it for me. In any event I played often in Palazzo since I was staying there and found it to be tighter this year than last year. I did hit 1000.00 playing 3.00 max right away on my last night there, but by that time I was to far gone to get excited about it. Others that I was traveling with really thought the gambling there stunk.

The Venetian had more of a selection and the pumped in odor was weaker this year, which I liked much better. I did not even notice it, very good. Probably a cut back, but for me a good thing, as I would rather smell nothing than a perfume. A friend hit a couple times at the casino on a penny slot I think timber wolf playing like a 1.50 per bet. She was at that bank of machines for 3 days off and on. I thought the Venetian was looser than Palazzo but not much. The live band in the casino area bar was poor and so did not fit the Venetian atmosphere.

I had an offer for encore for 2 nights free stay and some cash play, so I took them up on the offer. My first time ever to encore. I did visit the Wynn last year but never stayed in the rooms. First off check in was very very nice, nice young lady working, very helpful, told me the difference between encore rooms verses wynn room, locations, etc. etc. etc. Just really nice, sweet and patient. The rooms in encore are called all suites since they have a little sitting area and bed area. I found it very nice even though other complain its smaller than Palazzo and only has one tv between rooms. I was totally in awe by the décor in the room. The details just amazed me. From the flooring to furniture to wall papers wall coatings, etc. Details were amazing in the room. Probably the most detailed I have ever stayed in. I sound like I should be on hgtv but really everyone with me commented on the detail. Beds were very nice also! I had a nice strip view too. Just wish they had a window that opened a crack as I can get a little closed up feeling, but I guess they don’t want anyone jumping out. So put a tiny window in!!! Fresh air is a nice thing.

Tonawnada, ny
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1. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

part 2

I liked the encore casino it was small but not to small. Red but not to red. Light and airy. Also they had a nice selection of machines and I played pretty good there. I really like the Wynn casino. A couple people I traveled with said they don’t care for it cause they don’t have much luck. But they didn’t give it a chance this year. I did pretty good compared to other casinos. I really did like that they had a large selection of machines, I won a little so all is good. I do get a little lost around the wynn casino but I do think it is very clean and pretty. The stairway down to SW steakhouse is sooooo awesome and the view just like you were sitting on a lake somewhere. Fantastic!! I didn’t get to see the food court (if they have one or deli or cafes, but I liked everything else). People were totally not as snotty as last year (slot attendants, etc.) I thought everyone I encountered was nice this time.

Never made it to M but was told by a local great buffet, very pretty casino not great play (just what I heard). Ok then we took a day to go over to Green Valley Ranch. A friend I was with loves to stop by when we visit Vegas. We got a room for one night (comped) but never really ended up staying, it was just in case we won big and didn’t want to leave. Anyway the room was ok, starting to show a little wear and the hotel did to. I did go up to take a shower and the pressure, shower head was very poor. Getting to your room is a little maze like also. It was very clean just starting to show a little age, not bad at all though. I did like that the check in lady did find me a room with a patio door that opened for that fresh air I like. That was a nice thing with a little balcony you could step onto, small but nice overlooking pool. Everyone in casino was nice that I dealt. The check in woman, once again was really super helpful and nice! I never made any good hits, wait 400 on a dollar machine with 20 bucks, so thats good, but wait spent that in no time on pennies. They did have a pretty nice selection of machines. One of my friends did come out a winner all in all and we left around 11 pm.

Trip across the street to Treasure Island. Um dump, dump, dump casino, dark, dreary and I felt like I was going to hit my head the ceilings, they felt so low. I don’t care what the rooms look like, I could never stay there, very worn and just felt gross to me (my Opinion). Immediately went over to Mirage, kind of got the same feeling in casino with the low ceilings. What were they thinking when they built these sky scrapers, get some height in the casino!!! Anyway we did stay at mirage for awhile and did ok. Some areas were nice than other and we had fun play. Ok now here is an interesting story. Three of us were playing the new Cleopatra 4 games per bet machines. As I looked around I saw a machine called Sirens, never played it before so got off cleo to play that. Put in around 50 bucks and hit for like 300 something. Thought well this bad boy is done and got off. It was a big screen and it just was a pretty machine to my eyes, so I enjoyed it. Ok, so I go to cash in my voucher and my friend is now playing on it, not playing max which I think was 2.00. She was playing .90 a spin. Just as I walk up to her it hits all the wilds stacked, I mean everyone not one spot on screen without them. She hit for 2250.00 Awesome! So I said ummmmmmmmmm my machine I want a tip. She did tip me out graciously, but funny thing is 2 slot hosts came over and a supervisor all at different times. “Oh I have never seen this before ever mind if I take a picture with my camera phone, blah blah blah”. I’m thinking ok one saying this finding it interesting is fine, now all these people coming over taking pictures, etc. etc. like its 100 grand or something. Lets face it its 2 grand is not a huge deal for a casino like that. So after that she played a little more it went dead and we moved on. I hit a little on an older Cleopatra II machine and we headed back to palazzo. Ok here is the clincher we went back 2 days later just so my friend could play that sirens machine, it was gone, taken out, replaced. She called me on phone I said your nuts your in the wrong area, etc. So I walked over sure enough it was gone and replaced. She said we should have stayed that night and pounded it, maybe it was hitting lots of jackpots, LOL well we will never know but in any event it was so gone!!! Sounds little fishy to me!!

Harrahs, ah Harrahs my old favorite place in the world. I just always loved harrahs the location, the service, the fun, the food, the everything. Everyone I met said don’t bother all harrahs properties are turning into dumps. But I had to go. Well it kind of looked the same to me but more worn out, and a few low ceilings (which I already new, LOL) I always liked that they had doors to the strip and sometimes open for fresh air and brightness, etc. I had to go to the bathroom, it was very worn and dated and not real clean. Carpets in areas were worn and dirty looking. I thought they did improve some selection of games compared to last year. I still like Harrahs but it def. has been run into the ground with not much money invested to bring it back up. But you can get rooms cheaper than many, etc so I guess its ok, just disappoints me cause Harrahs use to really try to be top. Anyone working I encountered, waitresses, card club service etc was still very nice. I would still stay there maybe if I got a nice room (and they do have windows that open YIPPEE).

I also had to visit gold cost near the rio for a couple hours. I like going one morning for the 5.99 breakfast buffet, not as good this year, more on foods later. Casino did not do as good for me this year as last (I probally just forgot how much I lost there last year) Anyway we just like a little trip there cause its like old vegas and I do think they keep it very clean, with a lot of old timers working there, etc. Its just a nice little joint and if ya ever want a cheap room I think the rooms are adorable, I stayed there 2 nights last year. First of all the bathroom windows open LOL YEAHHHHHH, and the rooms are small but efficient and my room was probably one of the most spotless little room I had ever stayed in.

Foods Review

Who had time to eat I had gambling to do, but here we go

Grand Lux in the Palazzo: Always has been good for me. Huge huge menu, affordable for strip hotel. High turn over means fresher to me. Had breakfast, great, burger great, pot roast great, so all in all great 

BLT Burger in the Mirage: Fine, good burge,r 17 bucks for regular burger fries and a coke special. Can find it cheaper and just as good elsewhere, so rating for me: it was good, but not much different that a frudruckers, or even a burger at Grand Lux, etc. Fine if your there don’t make a special trip.

Gold Coast Breakfast Buffet: Use to be so cheap and good. It was still edible easy simple foods, pancakes, waffles, omelets made to order, hash browns, etc. But this time it seemed a little lacking in taste or quality. We all agreed. We were disappointed too, we kind of look forward to a nice morning there. I would go back again and give it a try, maybe an off day.

Harrahs Lunch Buffet: Harrahs as I said use to be one of my just feel relaxed, safe, and nice joints. Always liked the buffet too, even when it was decorated in that goofy decor of big fruit displays on the walls etc, years back. It has really gone down hill. The desserts were fun they had fresh bags of cotton candy, how funny is that and big huge waffle cones they would fill with ice cream when you left and you could carry it around and eat it. You would easily pay 7 bucks for that alone LOL. The salad bar was fine not great but ok, the meats were the problem. Roast beef really under cooked, the fat on it wasn’t even browned. The tasted not good, the fresh carved ham disgusting, fried chicken very salty, mashed potatoes cold (no excuse for that ever, ever, ever temps should be a priority on buffets, keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold) So no go I would probably not return unless I was just there needed a quick bite and was comped for free (which I did have points I used on the buffet, but I still rated it poor)

Green Valley Ranch Buffet: It was ok we did dinner. It had hot or cold crab legs and also they would stir fry them up with seasoning if you wanted, they were good, just had a couple. Roast beef was ok much better than harrahs and all else was fine just regular old all amercian buffet and that’s fine with me. As I get older buffets don’t really thrill me to much anymore.

SW Steakhouse: Little crowded but very pretty. Just had a regular steak, very good. I really liked the atmosphere (hmmmmm could that be because it felt like it was outdoors) very classy no shorts allowed (I’m a shorts person and its 105 temp but ok) It was expensive but not anymore than really any other upscale atmosphere steak house so its great for a special occasion or business account. Very nice!

ON the last day going to airport I was feeling a little tired (hmmmm wonder why) and little panicky so I took a Zanax before the flight, not soon enough asked to be removed and they were very nice getting me off the plane and then booked me out for the next morning. They were very nice at Southwest. In any event one of my friends refused for me to get off alone and got off with me. I sat in airport for 2 hours saying what the hell just happened. I said well now what do I do. I started talking to a southwest lady and she said heres a voucher for a discount hotel. Now I knew I could get a comped room at harrahs or somewhere for sure, but my good buddy said, look it whack job no gambling, nothing, you gotta go to bed and get yourself better right now. So for 55 bucks we went to a Fairfield in, little worn but room was fine, clean and nice. You could see the strip in the distance and it was right near terrible casino if that helps anyone with location. The nice thing was it had free airport pickup and drop off which was nice, I didn’t have to think about that. We got to room I said lets walk to McDonalds. As we did I saw a few homeless, a hooker who asked me how she looked (poor thing, not too good) and it really saddened me to the point I said look at these people, all this glitz and glamour and its all a front, all a fake and so many lost lost lost souls wandering around. I know the more people there are the more there will be, but it just kind of made me sad and a little turned off. The next morning I zanaxed up and made it home without a hitch THANK YOU GOD.

Tonawnada, ny
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2. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

part 3 all done


• Shocking how dollars are so not played as much now

• Staying at a place like Palazzo,Venetian on the weekend the night clubs brought in the crowds of young drunk skimpily dressed girls be really obnoxious in every direction you turned. Ok I’m no prude well at least I don’t think I am but it was gross and just a show that was embarrassing. These are the mothers of our next generation. I know, don’t get mad at me for saying that, it was just shocking to all of us. You never even noticed the guys doing anything wrong (if they were) cause the girls were just crazy. Bunches and bunches, screaming, spilling drinks on way to bar, skimpy clothes and you could tell not cheap either, yelling at people, each other, stumbling etc. Are you a classy upscale hotel casino or a night club? make up your mind and stop grabbing for everything.

• The walkover walkways were so clean on Venetian Wynn side, get over to the mirage and treasure island side and they were plastered with old gum stains, dirty, garbage, etc. total difference.

• I don’t know who thought of the city center but it over powers the lovely belagio now and what they heck is it doing there anyway.

• Seeing the prostitutes, on and off stip, homeless people, con artists, substance addicts, etc. really made me feel sad and a little less liking Vegas.

• Gambling I think all in all was a little tighter, I never really say many hand pays. Traffic was ok except for around City Center.

• Peoples greed has just made Vegas to big and out of control (in my opinion) and greed always makes many others suffer (my fact)

• With many of my negative comments I did have a nice time except for the last day, ugggggg! Vegas is a place I always wanted to live, now I say it’s a nice place to visit but I don’t think I would ever want to live there.

• I think service was outstanding as it should be in a service industry, so any of you people out there working in the industry I thought your efforts were outstanding!!!!!

• I found everything at Venetian, Palazzo Wynn and Encore to be kept clean.

• Jersey boys was Fantastic

• Reeve was Fantastic (saw that last year)

• Blue Man Group not for me

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3. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

Thanks for taking the time to write such an informative trip report, very nice!

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4. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

That was a really good report. I am so curious about those SIRENS machines,, I can picture it in my head. Just strange how it was yanked outta there,,, ! Too bad (or maybe its for the good) that you"ll never know if it was hitting like crazy or not! Glad you and your friend got a piece of it! We stayed at Palazzo in June, our first time, and I couldn't catch a thing on their slots, I would do fine,,, over at Venetian, but at Palazzo, I just couldn't find anything to hit!

We are giving it another try here in Sept. ,, we are in a slot tourney then, but I will be treading the waters there very carefully!

Again, very good reading!!

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5. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

Good detail and information for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

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6. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

thanks for taking the time=)

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7. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

Loved your report and comments. We were at the Mirage at the same time and agree 100% regarding the weekend groups of young women and men. The strip takes on a whole new atmosphere on the weekend. - especially at night!

We also had a similar experience at the Mirage with a slot machine. We won a rather substantial sum the first night and when we looked for it on the second night - it was gone. We just thought that we were looking in the wrong location - but your comment leads us to believe that all the winners are being closely monitored and removed if they pay too much.

You learn something new every day!

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8. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

Nice detailed trip report. Thanks for posting.

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9. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

What did they charge you for the fridge?

Tonawnada, ny
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10. Re: Trip report 8/3-8/9

wow that is amazing about them removing your slot maachine also. very weird, very wrong!!

thanks all for the nice ocmments on the report