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Need some serious advice!

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Need some serious advice!

I am going to Vegas w/ my girl friend(girls trip) on April 18-24. She has not given me any suggestions for months, I've done all the research for Happy hour, shopping, restaurants, clubs, spa's, etc. I emailed her yet again and wanted to get tickets for "O" but since she lives in Boston(she says she can see a "circus show" there) but I live in NC so not many shows come my way. I rented a car on my dime and she suggested going to the Grand Canyon! As far as the car, I rented it for ease. She also said she only really eats soup and salads! I'm a "foodie"..what I'm getting at is has anyone come up with these issues w/ friends. She wants to play by the seat of her pants and I want at least some kind of organized vacation. Thank you for all your help over the months and any tips you can give me now!

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1. Re: Need some serious advice!

This is your vacation as well so plan for yourself and she can join you if she wants or just chill by the pool if she prefers without impacting on your enjoyment. Then meet up for drinks and days out so you both get the vacation you want. You don't have to spend all day together or you'll end up frustrated and won't have fun.

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2. Re: Need some serious advice!

Sounds like a sitcom episode in the making - or a disaster epic.

Agree with Quaffed about not spending all your time together, but be certain (CERTAIN!!) to establish those boundaries ahead of time.

It's easy to do things solo in Las Vegas . And there are upsides, to that, too. For "O," or almost any show, you can usually get a great seat if you're a single rather than a duo.

If you do go to the Grand Canyon, plan that ahead of time. There is a lot of information here on the forum about making that trip, and most suggest one overnight to avoid complete exhaustion. For a trip like that, the cost of the car should absolutely be split 50/50.

Otherwise, if you do not plan on the GC, a car may not be necessary at all, and you can avoid that expense altogether.

I can't wait to hear your report on 'Lucy and Ethel Go To Las Vegas!"

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3. Re: Need some serious advice!

Go out and meet someone new your not very compatable ??? lol only kidding put your foot down and tell her that youve got somethings you would like to do as well. Its both your holidays so you should both have highlights.

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4. Re: Need some serious advice!

I know how you feel_______I do lots of planning holidays for other people too lazy to do it themselves but quick to complain if something goes wrong.

She cannot see a Cirque Du Soleil show like O___KA____Love in Boston. They do not travel and are unique to Vegas.

She is right she can see a circus show in Boston.

Plan what you want to do and if she doesn't fit in___too bad.

If she wants to have a bowl of soup ___that's great but you enjoy what you want.

As she is too lazy just go ahead and plan as you normally would and enjoy yourself with her or without her.

Plan B is go with someone else.

Hope it all works out for you.

Have fun.

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5. Re: Need some serious advice!

Be honest and tell her how you feel BEFORE you go to Vegas.Maybe you should each have equal say by splitting the ideas every other day.Good luck to you.

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6. Re: Need some serious advice!

Everyone has given you good advice. If you don't take it you will be miserable there and angry at her and yourself the whole time and after.

Vegas is very easy to do solo so send her a list of what you want to do. Any that require pre-planning - tickets - tell her you are going to order by a certain date and if she wants in, to let you know. You can easily go to a show alone.

Figure out how many meals you will have there and ask her to choose some restaurants. If she doesn't want to, you choose and then enjoy your meal. She can eat soup at almost any restaurant.

You have to let her know in advance or you may lose this girlfriend for good after the trip.

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7. Re: Need some serious advice!

For dining, why don't you find some restaurants you're interested in, and send her the menus online? Tell her "Hey, here are some restaurants that I'd like to try in Vegas, why don't you look through the menus and let me know which ones interest you?"

Also, have a list of places you want to try, so you can suggest them while you're there - i.e., "Hey, I heard the view from Mix is great, since we're here at Mandalay, let's go up for a drink". That allows you to get in some of the things you're interested in...but also plays towards her seat of the pants tendencies.

And yes, go to "O" by yourself - but let her know ahead of time. "I really want to see O since I can't see it at home, I completely understand that you're not interested, and I don't mind going by myself, but I thought I'd check before I booked my ticket".

Have a great trip, and don't stress about it too much...just go and have fun!!

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8. Re: Need some serious advice!

She can get fabulous soup and salad in any restaurant. I think you should start planning your first solo trip as soon as possible.

Edit - If she tries to steal any of your filet, stab her hand with your fork.

Edited: 08 April 2010, 13:38
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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9. Re: Need some serious advice!

My advice will sound somewhat familiar as you've heard it before but I am adding my two cents because I worry this friend can ruin what should otherwise be a fabulous trip to a fabulous town.

If she wants soup and salad, I say pick restaurants you want...she can get soup and salad nearly anywhere.

Grand Canyon is a long trip...so, if you aren't interested in investing that period of time, perhaps she can do it via helicopter, etc and you wouldn't necessarily have to go.

My first Vegas trip was with someone whose hours didn't match mine...I was up at 6 and out til 2 whereas she liked to sleep in. I found that gave me time to do things she wasn't interested in like exploring hotels and gambling. In that way, she was a perfect travel companion. She and I and several others are going in the fall with the understanding that some activities will be group and sometimes we will be on our own. And that is what I think will make my next trip work.

I am also a compulsive organizer (there was a bound volume for our last trip) and know not everyone is. I've come to be comfortable knowing a multitude of options and pencilling things in for particular days knowing that is shiftable. The hard a$$ in me says if she doesn't want to plan, then she gets stuck with what you want to do but perhaps a better way to approach it is to say "these are the things that are written in stone for me...if you aren't interested in them, maybe i can do them when you have something you want to do that doesn't interest me"

Fingers crossed for you that your trip is great.

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10. Re: Need some serious advice!

I feel your frustration. A few years ago I planned a six week trip to Europe with my closest friend, only to have her sit in the hotel the whole time we were travelling because "nothing was like home". DUH!!! That was the whole point of the trip! Anyway, I had things I wanted to do so I did them, and I had a blast. I'm going to Vegas in May with a different (thankfully) girl friend and we are both completely fine with going our own way for a while if we want to do something the other one doesn't.

If there is someplace you really want to eat, make a reservation and tell her she can come along for soup and salad while you dine on great food. If there is a show you want to see, get a ticket and go- she can drive to the Grand Canyon.