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March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

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March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

March 24th thru 31st Flamingo & Palazzo…Shows:- Pet, Tournament of Kings, Mac King, Lion King & Mystere…Restaurants:- Hash House A Go Go, Spice Market Buffet, Bellagio Buffet, StripSteak, BLT Burger, Sammy’s Burger…

Hi all,

Thanks all Trip Advisors…we had a blast…will post TR as a reply…please note that, it is going to be lengthy…thanks.

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1. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.


I had a wonderful one week trip to the LV Strip with my Dear Wife & Dear Son.


The 24th evening we had a flight from Washington DC National airport (DCA), with a connection in Memphis (1 hr 20 min layover)…I did parked my van at our friends place which is walkable to Metro train which goes to the door steps of DCA. Uneventful Delta flights, on time (my wonderful wife prepared, packed our dinner and brought them using her hand bag…we ate half of the dinner during the layover), but, waited for the checked bag for about 40 minutes! Got into Rental Car Shuttle…in less than 15 minutes we were in front of Hertz counter. Hertz staff was suggesting people in the line to use the Kiosks, I thought of trying it but I didn’t as I booked my Rental car through Priceline ($8 a day Economy car…$120 total).

Somehow, only in Vegas I feel very uncomfortable with the Rental car agents…I think, they always so pushy try selling more services to everyone SOMEHOW…I simply declined everything extra (Insurances, GPS, Fuel filling option, this coverage! that coverage! and so on) agent offered. Finally she pushed me to upgrade from Economy, which I declined again…she wasn’t happy…while giving the keys, she stressed the word “small” and said “Your small car is waiting for you at so and so location”…ok, fine with me…what all I wanted is a car to move three of us to places within a maximum of 4 miles off the strip (mostly 1-2 times a day)…nothing more.

Checked the Car for dents/scratches…found a scratch on the bumper…but, as per plan I marked the sheet as if all sides of the entire car has scratches…just to be on the safer side (Don’t get me wrong…I did it this time purposefully, as I observed the last time I rented from Payless:- I was able to mark all the necessary places, so, while returning the car the Payless guy said “You are fine as u marked all dents/scratches!” OMG what if I miss one?…the next person returning the car was caught, as the hood was slightly bent down (as if someone sat on it), which is very tough to catch with naked eye (especially when u r picking the car at night)…I really felt bad looking at that situation, as he was explaining he don’t have a clue and Payless guy was saying to him something like “We need to find whether it was already there or you did it…please wait!”.

Ok…finally got out of the Rental garage…what an easy direction, just two right turns and we were on the strip…feeling thirsty and wanted to buy a pack of bottled water…thought of waiting till CVS and tempted to go into a Gas station and picked up the biggest 24 pack…the guy at checkout didn’t allow me to buy it? He said “these bottles only sold by bottle” and advised me to pick some other small 24 pack for “9 dollars and 17 cents”. I don’t know the calculation behind it… lol. After couple of minutes drive, I saw both Walgreens (to my right) and CVS (opposite)…damn I should have waited for one of them…I know.

Arrived @ Flamingo by 11:00 pm or so…no line at the Check-in! 3 hotel staff (all women) were working on 3 customers respectively…I remembered something…the $20 trick…try it or not? I decided to try it, after a brief thought process. While I was waiting I grabbed my wallet and sandwiched a $20 bill between my Total rewards card and Credit Card/Drivers License…during this time I just glanced at them, whether anybody saw it…two of them didn’t and one I was doubtful because she smiled at me!. One of the other two staff was free and I did give the stack of 4 items above and said “Please give me the best room you can”…hmmm, she didn’t pay attention the first time and asked me to repeat while placing the stack on the keyboard as it is and started to enter my Driver License info or something. I did repeat the same again! and she just nodded (half heartedly lol) and guess what…the stack did skid from the keyboard on to the desk, and the $20 bill was visible to every one….shhhhh…I didn’t show anything on my face (I think) & she didn’t either, she didn’t even touch it the entire time…the other lady who saw me sandwiching the bill came over to this lady and whispered something (?...I think she wanted to grab me to get that $20) into this lady’s ear, both smiled/laughed…after a minute, she told me nicely, I am getting a GO room on 21st floor for entire stay of 4 nights (half comped and $40 Fri/Sat)…ohh…thanks….sighhhhhhhh.

The room was very good I should say… we saw couple of new things 1) TV in the batch room mirror 2) Automatic switch to close/open drapes/shears…along with fridge, new looking shower, tub, sink…after taking shower, we ate the leftover dinner items and went to bed around 1am.


DW asked (ordered) me to plan on proper Breakfast everyday (WHAT? In Vegas!) if possible…ok…no probs…I had plans to tryout “Hash House A Go Go” on the Sahara Ave (with $10 Restaurant certificate), but I didn’t tell about this to her…when I drove to the location, it was around 9 am and about half of the tables were empty…DW & DS were amazed to see the big plates going around…and I told her, I want to surprise her with this option. I have ordered Fried Chicken with Waffles ($15), which was good…DS & DW had Coconut Mango Flapjack ($7.50… as per my wife we should have tried just coconut or plain one), DW had a Coffee. We couldn’t finish the flapjack…but were able to finish Fried Chicken…DS finished Waffles. We packed the half flapjack. We were thrilled & stuffed with the kind of start, and wanted to spend little more time in front of the Restaurant taking photos (the weather was excellent for us after we went through terrible winter in MD)…DS jumped on our camera and grabbed it from me to take photos of his Mom and me…after a couple of photos, while DS giving the camera to me, in the excitement, he pulled his right hand so fast, and his one of the finger got the camera string and the camera fell (lens downward) on the hard surface…ooopsis says my DS .

The moment the camera was down, it started making some noise when I try to power it off and I assumed it was dead…tried to power off and on, no use, the lens which usually comes out when we take photos is not closing when the power is off and it is not accepting any snaps as well…OK…couple of more tries and gave up quickly and decided to buy another one. On the way back we saw Office Max…the camera section has only one Sony option which shows the Memory stick symbol. I double checked with the guy at the checkout whether my Memory stick would fit…as per him when there is this Memory stick symbol on the box, it should fit…no it is not.

Then, straightaway we went to MGM to show the Lions to my DS. When we reached, there were two lions which are kind of sleepy and also we saw few cubs. Then we did hear the info about the lions…interestingly we got to know a lion sleeps about 18 to 20 hours a day!!!!! OMG, so it wakes up mainly to hunt for most of the remaining 4 to 6 hours?

After an hour and half, we drove to M&M and luckily saw a parking just behind the Walgreens. We did catch the “I lost my world” show on the top floor. Bought a toy for my DS. Note: There is only one restroom; there is a Bank of America ATM on the 3rd floor.

Then I want to purchase tickets for “Pet show @ Planet Hollywood” (~$20)…went to a near by Coke bottle Tix4Tonight (hereafter Tix4T) and saw the pricing…I had a coupon which gets the same price with VIP seating if I book at the box office…so, we walked into PH and stood at three different ticket counters and every time they say go to some other one…I gave up after the third attempt and we DW was hungry by that time…not enough energy left to walk to the car…so, change of plan, decided to try Spice Market Buffet.

It was in our plan initially, but lately the reviews were not that good and we saw why. To me all of the items looked like half cooked or something missing (definitely taste) in them. The Kabobs were tasty though. Even with the $5 off coupon I wouldn’t suggest it.

It was almost like 3 pm and the show was at 4 pm…so, I told my wife to be in PH, while I went back and grab the tickets at near by Tix4T…lesson learned, you can’t beat the prices and convenience.

The lady at Tix4T told me to go into the line straight away…so, we did, but, NOTE: we need to exchange the vouchers at the box office to the real tickets; Tix4T website has a coupon which will reduce the service fee of $5 to $3. The show was very good in the first 15 min as he do the juggling acts…slowly it went down…but overall we felt good as our son was happy.

Evening around 6 pm, back to room and we took some rest till we were hungry to hit India Palace Restaurant…they even offer Restaurant.com certificates. We tried Mixed Curry Dinner (Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Sagwala (very good), Shrimp Masala (excellent), Chicken or Dal soup (good), Choice of bread — Plain Naan, Garlic Naan or Roti, Basmati Rice & Mango Custard (excellent)) & Masala Dosa (ok). This is the best dinner ever in LV for me.

After we comeback to room, DS & DW started watching movies. It’s the ideal time for me to go for a bit of gaming (gambling rather). I went down on the lookout for my favorite Video Roulette Machines (here after VRMs)…to my surprise they were not there, no problem, went to Harrahs next door with no luck, searched each and every one on the way and walked all the way to Venetian…OMG finally a huge sigh of relief as I found few VRMs…I started grabbing my wallet for some cash and just then, I remembered/realized I forgot my Player cards (except Harrahs Total Rewards) in the room (I was a bit mad at my self for forgetting things like this)...though I can get another card from the Players club booth, I just came out and walked all the way to Ceasers Palace as a last try…easy guess “No VRM!”……WHY??????. Just went back, had shower and slept.


Friday morning woke up late and the original plan was to go to swimming pool, but the temperature was not even 65…I slowly got up and got ready by 10 am…while my DS & DW started to get ready, I straight away went to next door (Bills) Tix4T counter…I got to know that, with my previous day’s stubs & the information booklet I can be in the VIP lane, which was shorter & moved fast…I got the tickets for Tournament of Kings (~ $37)…I got the total $6 discount on the Tix4T service charge as well.

In the mean time DS & DW were ready and as I enter the room, they were looking at me hungry...lol…hmmm I saw the leftover Flapjack lying on the table untouched…I understood…someone tried and it was not good. I told them “no problem we are going for a Buffet now…guess what…its Bellagio Buffet”. I know its perfect timing.

As we walked into the line there seems to be like 40 people or so ahead of us…but the line moved quickly and in 20 minutes we were seated…the nice lady at the billing counter didn’t charge for my son and said “come back to me if you see any issue”…I thanked her…I was already feeling good paying just $43 for all three of us  …this is the first time we tried this Buffet (we tried Wynn buffet before)…I tried all Seafood varieties, Spinach Crème, Pizzas, Desserts…they tried Omelets, couple of Seafood, Pizza, Dessert. Let me tell you, this was the best Lunch Buffet I have ever had in LV. We were very happy with my choice (and timing)…walked to room stuffed to have a nap.

I got up and saw the time, it was around 3:10 pm…as per Tix4T I need to exchange the vouchers to Tickets by 4 pm for the 6 pm Show…WHY?…ok…no problem, we have plans to visit the Excalibur play area anyway…so, got ready by 3:40 pm and off we go. As I wait in that slowly moving line (3 parties in front of me…2 staff members serving), asked my DS & DW to go explore the play area…I joined them after half an hour. By that time, they won couple of small stuffed toys (I didn’t ask how much they lost… lol)…ok, let me play something interesting and win some toy for my DS. I found the Ball rolling game was interesting and challenging. I put in a dollar and within a minute or so I need to make minimum 2500 points to win small toy. I tried few times, in between the balls were getting stuck and the guy working there keeps coming and unblocking them. Fed up and wanted to give the last shot, and again it got stuck when I was like @ 300 points or so, as usual he came back and released, I made it this time 2650 or so…but, he denied to give that small toy which I thought I won…he said, he need to deduct the 300 points…WHY?…I kind of said “Its the machine issue, and also, I couldn’t focus as it was kept on blocking itself on me…I deserve at least the small toy…is it not?”…he said OK and apologized for being little strict…accepted.

The Tournament of Kings show is not as bad as some reviews say about their acting…we were seated in the Irish group, Irish king looked smart and acted very well too…we all cheered/booed/liked/enjoyed the show…all of us liked the soup…I tried not to waste the food by not accepting the meal for my son, but, my wife didn’t allow me…ok, she has her point, DS need to have the feel of the food in front of him. Even she didn’t touch the entire chicken, I just tried both legs, not to my taste, the potato wedges were better. Overall my wife liked the show a lot. We were back to the room by 8 pm.

I still didn’t give up on VRMs in Harrahs properties, went to Ballys…no luck as well. Found some in Planet Hollywood and played for an hour…back to room.

DAY 4:-

Wake up early and went to Bellagio to play on VRM…played for couple of hours or so and made 900+ points.

Got ready and drove to Wynn’s Tableau for the breakfast. The restaurant has nice ambiance with green plants and flowers outside, service was top notch. We ordered Blue Berry Pancakes, Omelet, Hot milk & Coffee…surprisingly I couldn’t find enough taste with the Pancakes…Omelet was better…bill was $47 for three.

After breakfast, we drove back to Flamingo and watched all the habitats…DS thrilled to see Flamingos, different colored Fishes, Ducks, Turtles…I asked DS & DW to go back to room. I went to check Tix4T, tried to buy Lion King tickets for the 4pm show, but, they have the discounted tickets only for 7pm show…eventually bought a ticket to Mac King Comedy @ 3pm.

For lunch, we tried “Mt. Everest” buffet on the Sahara Ave…the non-vegetarian items were very tasty…they bring freshly prepared Naan to your table…nice new little restaurant. Note: You may find the coupons at citycoups.com.

While returning, I wanted to return the Sony camera I bought the other day…reason? The Memory stick doest go into the slot!!!!! WHY?…the box clearly has the Memory stick symbol…unfortunately the person whom I dealt with before was not there, I showed my Memory stick and explained to them, still they want to charge me $20 re-stocking fee…ok…lesson learned…it takes only Pro Duo…time is running out for me to catch the show…I gave up and drove back and parked my car…off I go to Mac King…he was really hilarious and talented…picks few people from the audience and does the tricks while making instant jokes…to me, more than the tricks, the way he make each trick hilarious was excellent. One of the best parts of the show was when he invited a newly wed (the day before) couple and asked them to explain what they did together in last 18 hours and he left the stage for a min…just imagine the fun for the audience, the couple was bombarded with few adult questions as well…little embarrassment for them, total fun for the remaining. The final trick was shocking, he asked one of the guy who helped for a trick what he wanted to drink…guy replied saying “Beer”…what beer?...”Coors Light”…ok!. Mac King put a handkerchief on his hand and slowly picked it up with other hand from the center…and surprisingly he stopped and said “Its cool if I could do it…right?...but, how come you people!!!!!…oh…Jesus” …everyone laughed so loudly and wait…he did it, he showed a Coors light beer bottle from nowhere…amazing presentation skills. I should have brought my DW & DS too.

After the show, I was thinking to see Mystere today…walked to Treasure Island and bought the tickets at discounted price ($60 per person) for the Monday using the Text message offer I got (they are not honoring the offer for Saturday)…NOTE: I got bunch of offers using the site: http://www.vegasdealsbytext.com/find-deals/ …. I walked to Encore & Wynn and played VR for couple of hours.

That evening we planned to go to Strip Steak @ Mandalay Bay…went there, searched for parking for about 20 minutes with no luck…this was the first time I came out of a property because of parking not available! It was 8:30 pm and we were getting hungry, couldn’t decide which one to go on the fly…just drove away from MB as I didn’t understand where the current location was…then I saw the I-15 interstate direction, and immediately thought about Hash House a Go Go…DW happily accepted the choice. This time I tried “Blue Crab Cakes” which was good…DW & DS tried Plain Flapjack, which was humongous; they could finish only 30% of it…no problem, I used the Restaurant.com…no pain.


I woke up early and drove straight to Wynn and played for couple of hours…went to Palazzo to see whether I can check-in early @ 10:30 am, I got the 2 Queen room on the 21st floor with pool view…good. Then I went to the MB to book the Lion King tickets for the 4 pm show.

Around noon, picked up luggage and checked out Flamingo and we drove to the new Palazzo room…wait a min…I want to describe it fully…to start with this is the best room we have ever stayed…beautiful bathroom with separate shower and tub. Separate toilet room…spacious walking space with two sinks & 32” LCD…I felt like bathroom has taken 40% of the entire space. There was a small dining table with nice chandelier…40” LCD…luxurious sofa set…fridge full of all types of beverages you can think of…two comfortable Q beds and a 46” LCD in front of them. Remote operated Drapes and Shears.

Ok…lunch time…drove to Namaste Restaurant on the Sahara avenue again (other side of the strip)…when we went in there, we saw only couple of customers…my DW liked the Mango Lassi and few vegetarian options…overall I liked India Palace in comparison.

After lunch, we went to Fashion Show Mall for DW’s shopping. By 3:30 pm we were at the show, last but two rows seats…just before the show starts, thankfully one lady staff offered better seating in the middle of the auditorium…The show was very good, the stage and the colors were great…only downside I see is, some characters, for example the monkey can be easily done by the person (who is holding the monkey (stuffed toy) in front of him, enacting/moving the monkey hands and head)…I felt like the monkey is being poked constantly by the person behind!…I think it will be easy for that performer to wear the monkey costume and act like a monkey…simple is it not?

Around 6 pm, the show was over and we were off to Strip Steak (finally)…The complimentary Fries arrived promptly…they were tasty…we have ordered the Kobe burger & Half organic chicken…my DW had a byte of the chicken and she said, it wasn’t good…I have tasted my burger, guess what, it was terrible…I was shocked and surprised, how come a cook can kill the taste of the meat. We got another set of Fries and asked for my Diet Coke refill, another surprise; no free refills. We left unsatisfied. Off to the bed early.


For Breakfast, I wanted to try Bouchon @ Venetian next door…yes, this restaurant is very hard to find…there is a Bouchon Bakery also…with great difficulty, we found it after 20 mins. It was half full…we tried OJ, Croissant, Baguette, Waffles, Coffee…Juice tasted very fresh…service was good…everything else was very ordinary fare…not up to the hype for me.

Then we thought of going to the Pool…finally the temperatures were above 70…we had some quality time at the pool, which was beautiful.

Its time for some shopping…we went thru few shops and as expected, the Gondola rides catch our eyes. Off we go to buy the tickets (in the Souvenir shop)…$48 for three of us. After 20 min. wait in the line, we were boarded, one nice guy from Italy took care of us…he sang couple of songs and one more exclusively for my son…it was just a 10 min ride and it was ok.

Now the time is around noon…as per the plan, we drove to India Palace for the lunch buffet. Along with usual buffet items, they offered the Mango custard…nice touch. This place is definitely improved and we all agreed on: “This is the best Indian Restaurant in LV”.

We were back fully stuffed and had a nice nap…evening we just walked across to TI for the Mystere show…as we sat, we saw a focus light was on a bunch of people following an old staff probably helping them to find the seats…no, we were wrong too, he is kind of a prank, who took them this way that way and finally he acts like he got fed up and he threw the tickets away…so much fun for the people waiting in their seats…next one beautiful bunch of young girls were caught and he made them to go round and round and he eventually made them to step on the stage and asked few people who sat close to stage to vacate and gave those seats to the girls…so funny. The actual show was very good with nice breath taking acts…I would rate this was the best show we saw this trip.

After the show, we planned to try BLT burger in Mirage next door…we went in and asked a lady at the desk for the direction…she was so confused and it took a while for here to pull herself and show us where it is on a map…we saw a line of at least 30 min. wait…decided to wait…ordered the same Kobe burger for me and DS & DW had some chicken stuff, fries, Strawberry Milkshake & some other Milkshake. The Strawberry one was very good…fries were just ok…burger was better compared to Strip streak.

They were back to the room and I stayed in the casino playing VR…and also went to Wynn casino just across the road for sometime…I liked Wynn Casino (made arround 1000 points), everything seems like planed well…for example, the Casino restroom toilet paper is of better quality than my Palazzo room. Around 1pm off to bed.


Today is the last day of the trip…we purposefully didn’t plan any shows or gambling…just stayed together through out and did some shopping for my DW and her friends.

Morning we all got up early as we were little hungry (remember, EST is 3 hours ahead lol)…we did hit the Grand Lux Café…there was a brief 10-15 min. wait…we have ordered Waffles, Omelet, OJ, Coffee…everything was very tasty. DW immediately said “We should have come here yesterday”…the bill was $30 with tip.

For Lunch, we tried Sammys Burger…when we drove to the place @ 12:30 pm, there was not even one customer, it looked very small place with 6 tables…DW even hesitated to go in…I assured her, if it is not good, we will go to some other immediately. The owner looked friendly and asked for the order, I asked for a menu…he showed me the board above his head…ok…I ordered two types of Fries…what size?...medium…u cant finish both…ok…small, Strawberry Custard Milkshake (large), Chicken Sandwich and Zombie Burger…he stopped me and explained how big is a zombie…ok…I asked him to suggest one for me…he advised Chipotle Burger…sure. All this was for $18 includes $4 tip with $25 gift certificate…wow. First came the Shake…so sweat & tasty. The Garlic Romano Fries and some other spicy fries…fresh and tasty…the small size is like two big MacDonald’s Fries. The Chipotle Burger was also huge and I immediately started comparing with Stripsteak and BLT…the funny thing is more upscale less taste…WHY? It should be the other way is it not? ...after we are done with the lunch…my wife like the Shake so much, she insisted a medium to go.

Then we went to see the City Center…as we parked the car behind the Walgreens and crossed the road, we saw a board saying “Tram to Bellagio…”…ok…we took the tram from Monte Carlo (so much walk inside), first went to Vdara…nothing much to see…back to Crystals stop…to me the design/layout was not good…not enough escalators…I knew by this time, we should have visited Aria instead…ok…as my DW fed up with all the walking…we drove back to the room.

That evening a newly wed American couple (husband from my office) was scheduled to meet us at one of the best Indian places for Dinner…I asked my wife, yes, we all agreed on India Palace…we went to pick them from their hotel Flamingo where they were staying and we ordered the same items for them…we all had a wonderful dinner and I showed them the Palazzo room and we gifted them one of the unused Palazzo Shampoo bottle which I liked very much.

Next day morning we woke up early, while checking out I asked them to waive the charges ($27) based on my play (I made around 1700 points)…but, they said the Casino marketing will open only @ 7 am…ok (I forgot to do it yesterday)…dropped the Rental car around 5:30 am and cached 7:10 am flight back. We all enjoyed our first Spring Break trip in LV…

Thanks for your time in reading this TR…I hope it is useful especially people traveling with kid(s),


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2. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the read.

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3. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

Thanks for the reply.

Sterling Heights...
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4. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

Thanks for sharing your TR. Sounds like you and your family had a good time. Glad you found your VRMs. I have certain games I look for every time too. I sure hope I can still find Tikki Torch.

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5. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

Thanks for sharing very nice TR!

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6. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

THX for the report--Ballys has Video Roulette in the back right by the walkway to Paris, is that the game you love?

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7. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

Glad you had a nice time.However I am wondering why you didn't send the food back at Stripsteak and ask for something else or at least talk to the manager? You should never have to pay for subpar food,esp when you are paying so much.

Going next month,I wish i had a car,the Indian food sounds divine

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8. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

What kind of car did you get? I also for 10.00/day got hertz for may trip- compact car.. Thanx

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9. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

Really enjoyed your Trip report, I love to read ones like yours with all the details like the cost of the check at dinner etc as it really helps with planning & getting a general idea about budget for our vacation :)

Where is Indian Palace? is it on the strip & walkable or would we need a cab? My DH fave food is Indian so he would be stoked with that! Glad you all enjoyed Mystere, I have also booked to see that.

Sounds like you all had a fun time!

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10. Re: March 24-31st Flamingo & Palazzo…5 Shows, Restaurants...etc.

Thanks LinconlnLs8, MILTOWNLUVSVEGAS,...

Thanks kbunde...I have asked the security inside Casino...he said, "They were long gone!".

Thanks judik...yes, I should have sent the food back...I was so shocked and my mind stopped working :(

Thanks singletrvl...I got Chevy Aveo...looked like new from outside, but, it has 50k miles on it.

Thanks Seren74...India Palace is not walkable...5 minute car ride (2 miles)...when you drive towards the north or the strip, just turn right on Sands Ave and keep going straight for 5 mins, it is on your right. Here is more info & coupon:



I am very happy to see all the replies to my TR.