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Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

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Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

My husband and I are visiting Vegas for the first time in 15 years, and are staying at the Wynn. I just read a disturbing review by cherrypink 45, who told this horror story about how her husbands drink was spiked at Treasure Island,(they stayed at the Wynn and were very upset how the Wynn handled it) and when they took him to the hospital, they said its very common in Vegas. Does anyone know if drinks are really "spiked" , and what are they spiked with? Should I be worried about it?

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1. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

Never heard of this in Vegas but there are nutcases everywhere. Just use common sense like you would here. Keep an eye (and a hand) on your drink.

Kenosha, WI
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2. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

If by "spiked" you mean "watered down", then yes, they do.



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3. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

I am not sure what they were referring to but I wouldn't worry about the bar "spiking" a drink They might put in extra booze in some places but I wouldn't consider that a bad thing :)

You should never leave your drink unattended, especially females, but that goes for anywhere not just in Vegas.

Calgary, Canada
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4. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

It's never happened to me personally in LV, but as LovesVergas8 says that kind of thing can happen anywhere so it's good advice to just use common sense (keep you eye/hand on your drink, don't leave it unattended,etc.)

LOL @ rhinoman7's comment though!

Edited: 20 April 2010, 20:04
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5. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

Could you link to the review, please?

I've never encountered any spiked drinks. It always pays to keep an eye on your drink wherever you are.

There are always stories of women's drinks being spiked in nightclubs, but those things have happened in many places, not just Vegas.

Richmond, Canada
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6. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

yeh the only thing that the casinos would be "spiking" the drinks with would be water!!. But true enough spiking can happen anywhere and does, but by other patrons ,not the bar servers..So never leave your drink unattended. If getting up to go to washroom or whatever, common sense, TAKE YOUR DRINK with you. If you accidently leave it DON'T go and get it...

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7. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?


Wynn Las Vegas

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cherrypink45 1 contribution


Apr 13, 2010 | Trip type: Couples


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After arriving at the Wynn in the evening, the first thing we were met with was a long wait to check in.

The first impression of our room and the hotel was wow! It was very clean, modern and it made us feel we were staying at a great hotel. We were very hungry and dropped our bags off in the room and went to get something to eat straight away. The hotel is sign posted very clearly and we headed straight for the buffet. We were shocked to find the queue that met us. It was over an hour long and no drinks or chairs were provided whilst waiting. Because we were so tired and hungry we decided to skip the wait and headed for one of the Wynn’s other causal dining restaurants The ‘Terrace point café’. There was no wait and we were immediately seated. Me and my husband have always been very pleased with the Customer service American’s pride themselves on and when our waiter arrived my husband greeted him and asked his recommendations on a couple of items off the menu. The waiter was extremely rude and more or less said he doesn’t know and doesn’t care and how can he comment on a sandwich. Although the food was lovely the service was terrible, staff were miserable and rude.

We soon realised the wait for the buffet was a regular thing and only tried it on one occasion, we found it over priced for what it was and was disappointed we had to pay for drinks on top of the pricey buffet cost. This is soft drinks I’m talking about and not alcoholic. The bellagio serves better quality food and drinks are all included in the buffet price.

A few other small but important things we didn’t like were:

No tea or Coffee making facilities in the room – The cost for in room dining was ridiculous and there is a $5 charge for anything sent to your room.

The wifi was $15 for 24 hrs unless you ate or drank at the terrace point café or sugar and ice.

Although you have full use of the pool you have to pay $30 per day if you wish to use the gym.

Gambling costs go up on Fridays, Saturday’s and Sundays - We found a lot of the other hotels don’t do this.

There are no Medics on site, and here is when our stay at the Wynn turned into a nightmare:

On our 2nd to last night stay in Vegas my husband and I went out for a quick drink in Treasure Island before the Mysterie show we were due to see. Unfortunately we never made the show.

After one small glass of champagne at the bar and one complimentary glass of champagne at the roulette table (from the waitress) my husband came over feeling dizzy, and sick. He started to act very loud and out of character, he asked to go back to the hotel because he didn’t feel right.

I more or less carried him to the Wynn and he made it to the ground floor toilets where he stayed for the next 15mins before I sent in one of the Wynn’s staff to check on him.

He came out even paler and weaker, we headed straight to the room but we had to stop at one of the tables for a bin, as he was sick again.

We eventually made it back to our room and my husband persisted to be sick for a further 20mins and in between being sick he was more or less out of it.

I realised this wasn’t due to anything he ate and knew 2 small glasses of champagne wouldn’t have caused this either. I called down to the front desk, explained the situation and asked for a medic to be sent to our room to check on him. They said that wouldn’t be a problem and in no time at all I had a knock at the door.

A female security guard came to through my door and began to ask details on the situation, I explained everything to her and could see my husband was getting worse by the second. I told her I asked for a medic and she said someone would be up shortly. In no time at all another security guard male this time greeted me. He asked the same questions as the female guard and made notes on a form. At no time did they check on my husband and didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned. In fact they both laughed that he had only eaten a few biscuits and crisps for lunch. They asked me to get my husband to sign his paper work and said they would send up some crackers and ginger ale.

I took the two sheets of paper over to my husband who was not coherent at all and he scribbled on the paper, which had everything we’d discussed on it. I then looked at the next piece of paper as my husband scribbled on it and it was a waver form that said we didn’t want medical help. I questioned this straight away and said I called down to the front desk for medical support and help and asked if they thought he needed it, they took the forms from where my husband was lying and said if I later felt he needed a paramedic then call again and they would call one, and they more or less ran out of the door.

I have no idea what was on the rest of that second form but I am almost certain it was a form to cover their backs. I requested to but haven’t seen that form since.

As soon as they left I was in tears, I felt helpless and short of calling 911 I decided to quickly ask my parents advice and see if they thought I might have been over reacting as the security people made out I was.

My parents said straight away this wasn’t right and whilst I was talking to my Dad on the phone my Mother called the Wynn from the UK and asked for them to call paramedics.

The fire brigade and paramedics arrived around 3 minutes later. They immediately checked his blood pressure and they said it was extremely low and they put him on a drip and wheeled us both off to hospital straight away.

The two security guards re appeared at this time and tried to make out they actually cared in front of the fire dept and paramedics.

Whilst he was being wheeled into the ambulance I was met by the assistant hotel manager who gave me his card and said call him with any questions I had.

My husband was in the hospital for 6 hours and was monitored very closely. We were told at the hospital my husband had had his drink spiked!

I was told it was unfortunately very common to have your drink spiked in Vegas and it was a good job I didn’t leave it.

The next day my parents and I made calls to the assistant manager but we couldn’t get through.

My Dad eventually got hold of the assistant manager who was in that day and explained we were not happy with the way the hotel handled the situation. The man said he would look into the matter and speak to us direct. Whilst I was in a shower we received a call to the room and my husband who was still half dazed picked up the call. It was the assistant mgr my Dad had spoken to he had asked if we had reported it to Treasure Island and how my husband was feeling. My husband couldn’t remember 7hrs of the night before and didn’t know we were expecting a call to discuss what happened, he said we hadn’t reported anything and that he still felt ill but better than before, the assistant mgr hung up the phone and I got a call from my parents.

My Dad said he had just received a call from the assistant mgr @ the Wynn and he said he had been to the room to check on my husband and that everything was ok.

This was a complete and utter lie. At no time did he come to our room.

I was so disgusted I called and spoke to him myself.

I explained how appalled I was that when I asked for medical support I got security that came to simply cover the hotels back.

I said at no time was their hotel responsible for how it happened, but they were responsible for neglecting us. I asked if they have on site medics, and he said they don’t. I then asked how come his staff said they would send medics to my room when I asked for them? He then backtracked and said they are trained in CPR but nothing more. I then asked why they didn’t check him over to see if he was ok and to explain what the forms were they handed to my UN coherent husband to sign? He said it was my job to have read them!!! I explained that when your in a foreign country, not knowing the systems they have in place for medical support, that you rely on the hotel for help, and that when my husband was in such a state and when I was so concerned for him, the last thing on my mind was that the hotel were going to make me sign a waver and not actually help which is what I asked for? He didn’t seem to care and just said he would look into it and get back to me.

I still haven’t heard!!!

STAY AWAY from this hotel. If spiking drinks are very common, be careful and check to make sure there is on site medical support at your hotel.

Tell anyone you know who is thinking about visiting Vegas to not stay here either. What appears to be divine on the outside is corrupt, empty and heartless on the inside.

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8. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

I have read a few reports over the years of that happening in Vegas. If you use common sense- do not leave your drink unattended, ever! - you really should have nothing to worry about. The bartenders are not going to put anything in a drink other than what they are supposed to put in it.

This is not something that just happens in Vegas.

San Diego...
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9. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

it happens everywhere. Be smart and it wont happen to you.

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10. Re: Is it true that they "spike" drinks in Vegas?

Reading that, it sounds like a diabetic reaction rather than a spiked drink. Very little food and a couple drinks can be a recipe for a bad reaction.