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Your Vegas trips - which are you?

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Your Vegas trips - which are you?

So, when it's getting around the time to be excited about going to Vegas (around about a year in advance, in my case...!), do you plan your trip with meticulous care and have your activities itinerised to the minute? Or do you arrive, sling your case in your room and take it from there? Somewhere in between the two, maybe?

Just curious as to how others approach this gob-smacking city!

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1. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

Between the two.

We have been 11 times and I found, especially on a trip of 10 nights or longer, that if I didn't have an outline plan, I was a little bored towards the end as I couldn't think what else to do.

Since then I make up a planner in Word and pencil in restaurants we want to visit, shows to see, shopping days, etc.

It means we don't forget to visit a particular restaurant and come home thinking, "I wish I'd done........."

Buffalo, NY
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2. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

I will spend months planning and learning about a particular location- vegas or otherwise. The fun of a vacation for me is all in the anticipation of the trip :)

For Vegas I'll have most of the food/restaurants picked out and we'll plan on going to them whenever we feel we want to. I'll also have lounges/bars that we want to hit up in my mind. I think we are going to do Voodoo, Rhumbar, eyecandy and ummm....the one in Bellagio overlooking the fountains- fontana? Loved it last time we were there! :)

Beyond that- we'll probably do a pool day and otherwise just walk the strip/gamble/people watch and do 1 visit to DT.

Irvine, California
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3. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

On a four day trip with Mrs B we'll have a couple of shows, a couple of dinners and spa time planned and booked. Other than that we'll just go with the flow. If it's a guys' trip then it's a case of one or perhaps two dinners. Nothing more than that as it will interfere with the important stuff like gambling. If I'm solo I tend to plan practically nothing..... :-)

But I've been to Vegas countless times and there's not much I'm desperate to see in terms of shows and other attractions. I will try and see stuff that's new and I haven't previously seen but if I don't get to do so it's not a huge deal as it can wait for my next trip. I appreciate that it's a little different for newbies or less frequent visitors.

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4. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

Like many, for most trips we plan just a couple of things. This week our only plans are the WOF taping, kidkinds meet Monday at the CP pool, and my wife will probably make a spa appointment.

But we also usually have some vague ideas that are subject to change. I'd like to go to McMullans this trip. we've never been there and it looks like fun. We usually spend an evening at Gold Coast and I expect we might this time. And because we will be at Venetian anyway maybe dinner at Bouchon. But those are just tentative and shouldn't even count as plans.

Every once in a while we do have a trip with more activities planned in advance, but those are not typical.

But I do think that most people on their first couple of visits should do more planning, just to at least make sure they don't miss things that are important to them. Although I'm sure most probably overplan.

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BC, Canada
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5. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

Ours are laid back. We arrive at our hotel, unpack and make a drink. Then it's gamble until we get hungry. We usually have a couple of restaurants booked and may have thoughts of other things to see but most of the time we are relaxing with side trips, a bit of time at the pool,eating at good restaurants and gambling.

We did the 'cram it all in' trips and that's not a vacation. I read these itinerary's and have to laugh; those were the one Vegas trip a year days.

San Antonio, Texas
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6. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

Well, I don't know which one I am. Last time, I figured we'd do this and do that, go here and go there. Well, I conked out at 6:00 p.m., TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. I tried to blame it on "jetlag" but my wife quickly pointed out that it was only a 21/2 hour flight.

Wyandotte, MI
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7. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

Well somewhere in between.. I always have at least a few things I absolutely want to see or do. like a particular show, a certain restaurant, hit a new club or maybe a new casino on or off the strip... anyway, there's always something.

But for the most part we just play it by ear and do what we feel like at the time.. this is the Magic for us that Vegas provides.. the absence of time!



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8. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

I always buy tickets to a show that I absolutely want to see. I may make a reservation or two for restaurants that I know I will be going to and I don't want to stand in line. I try to see two new things/eat at two new restaurants.

That is about it. I may have a general idea of other things I may want to see/do- but those things aren't that important so if I don't get around to doing them- that would be fine.

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9. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

I always make a long list of places and restaurants, and sometimes print some coupons. It seems like I never pull out the list, or the coupons, but it is a fun time planning! :)

Shelby Township...
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10. Re: Your Vegas trips - which are you?

I'll scan a few hundred hotel reviews to get a few tricks and hints about what to do when I get there and how things generally work.

I download the hotel map and actually study it.

I'll have an information packet for my wife to read on the plane, so she's up to speed also.

But only the shows we'll see are firmly written on the schedule, and that's only because I've already purchased the tickets. All other time is to do what we want, when we want.

Of course, you would be a lot more likely to see me at breakfast at 7:00 in the morning, rather than 11:00 a.m.