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Las Vegas Heat

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Las Vegas Heat

Hey all,

I'm traveling to Las Vegas for the first time in mid-August. People tell me the heat is insane during the summer months...am I crazy for going?

Is it manageable if you spend most of your time indoors in the AC and in the pool and just go for walks in the evening?

I'm from Vancouver so I'm usually used to 25 degrees celsius in the summer (compared to 42 degrees celsius LV has been getting).


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new york
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1. Re: Las Vegas Heat

Yes....it is manageable if spending most of your time indoors.

People tend to say..."But its a dry heat". My answer is 112 is 112, its freakin hot!! Lol!!

Make sure you stay hydrated.

Have a great time and enjoy!!

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2. Re: Las Vegas Heat

Part of it depends on your own tolerance to heat. For us Summer is too d*mn hot. We were there this week and it was too hot to visit Voodoo Lounge at night, too hot to walk to more than one or two closest hotels, too hot to even use the pool. We rented a cabana so we could use the pool on Sunday and even with shade, ceiling fan, and all the water we could drink, we still couldn't stay out there past 2pm.

And it isn't just during the day, it's uncomfortably hot at night. Thursday morning my wakeup call went "Good morning. It's 5am and 89 degrees outside. Would you like coffee or breakfast sent up?". That's the COOLEST time of the entire day and it was still 89 degrees.

So if you go to Las Vegas in the Summer amd are not used to the heat be prepared to spend a lot of time indoors. And just so you know, this was my 3rd Summer visit in a row. So while it might have been slightly warmer (only a few degrees) it was not an aberration.

Baltimore, Maryland
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3. Re: Las Vegas Heat

In the DC /Baltimore metro area we've been experiencing a bit of a heat wave with temps consistently around 100 degrees for the last 2 weeks. It made me think back 3 years ago when I was in Vegas experiencing 118 degrees. I can honestly say the 100 with humidity is a thousand times worst then 118 with no humidity. You kind of get used to the hot air where here it feels like the humidity is suffocating you.

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4. Re: Las Vegas Heat

Hey Im a Vancouverite going to Vegas on Aug 12...I cant wait its gonna be a hoot!! :)...I been there a couple times in the summer and I got used to the heat after a day or so...Still have to dodge in and out of the casinos tho...I usually grab a beer at the same time :) Hope u have a great time!

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5. Re: Las Vegas Heat

I was in vegas when it was 116. Now in VA with 95 temp @ 70% humid this is way worst

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6. Re: Las Vegas Heat

I was there last week and being from Scotland I thought I would not be able to tolerate it. When I stepped out of the airport it was horrible, like a hairdryer blowing in your face but you get used to the heat, plus you'll be spending alot of the time indoors.

Seattle, Washington
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7. Re: Las Vegas Heat

I love Vegas in the summer.. I'm from the NW so we have similar weather.. You need to be smart and duck into a casino here and there if you're walking the strip and drink plenty of water. It might be a shock at first but you get acclimated to it. It's nice not being COLD! lol

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8. Re: Las Vegas Heat

I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's just the desert, not the surface of the sun. You won't be staying in a nomad's tent, you'll be in a modern city with modern hotels and modern amenities like ... air conditioning!

"... am I crazy for going?" - Yeah, you and hundreds of thousands of other people from around the world. (Most people on the forum thinks folks are crazy for NOT going to Las Vegas. Have a great time.)

San Diego
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9. Re: Las Vegas Heat

it is so hot that its just insulting at times but its really just a state of mind.

The key is to just lean into it and dont think about it all the time. If you think its hot and talk about it then you will be hotter then you need to be. Just ignore it, get through it and have fun.

Its obviously no right to hang around in it all day long, people who live in deserts dont do that so we should not do it either. From point A to b is fine.

If you are a man then there is a great advantage in that the women tend to wear less which is always welcome.

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10. Re: Las Vegas Heat

I am not going to lie to you~it is shockingly hot in Vegas in the summer. We had friends who moved there from Kansas and they just explain that summer there is like our winter here. We don't stand outside with a windchill of below zero, they don't stand outside when it is 118 degrees!

You have to watch out to not get over heated. Drink lots of water and then drink more water. It is easy to forget how hot it really is if you are drinking alcohol which will add to your dehydration. God bless the people on the sidewalk who sell ice water!

Stay in the shade in the heat of the day--ducking into casinos are great for this if you want to walk the strip mid-day. We usually get up early, walk around a bit, spend sometime at the pool and then nap during the heat of the day and go out again in the evening. Even the pool water is not as refreshing when it is 110+--feels like bathwater sometimes! Just pace yourself and you will be fine!