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My negative Garth review

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My negative Garth review

A little background, I’m 31 and was a huge Garth fan back in the day and I still think his last tour was the best concert I have ever been to, and I’m a big live music guy and have been to tons of concerts. My wife and I were at his 10:30 show on Saturday July 17th:

Everyone has read the reviews, and it went exactly how others have described. I knew what to expect going in, as in it being acoustic and him taking the audience on a journey through his life growing up with music and his career. However what I was not expecting was him not being able to shut up and sing. I can appreciate a little back story between songs, but (and I might be exaggerating a little) it seemed to be 10 to 15 minutes of talk between songs, and when he would finally sing one of my old favorites it would only be a verse, or the chorus and not the whole song, and then he would go back to jabbing his mouth for another 10 to 15 minutes. Just a frustrating night it felt like I was being teased.

My wife, also a big Garth fan felt the same way I did. About the 1 hour 30 minute mark we started looking at our watches wishing it would end, and at about the 2 hour mark we got up and left, with him still having at least 20 or 30 minutes left.

While not being the only reason for our trip to Vegas we did plan everything around this concert, we waited to set our dates to when we could get tickets, so we were really looking forward to this being the highlight of the trip but it turned out to be the lowlight. I will say the audience seemed to be eating every minute of it up, and most people will probably love it. But I felt obligated to post my experience since everything you hear about is it being the best thing ever, and maybe someone else here will find this post helpful. Hopefully I’m not bashed too bad for this post.

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1. Re: My negative Garth review

thank you for posting your review....I can understand how all the talking could be frustrating.

I think my dream Garth concert would be similar to the ones that Tim and Faith do --- Garth and Trisha on stage doing all their duets and then some solo stuff.

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2. Re: My negative Garth review

I don't think you should be bashed for your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and nobody should make you feel bad for that.

I happened to be one of the people that loved this concert & so did my husband who wasn't a country or Garth fan. In my opinion it was the best concert I've ever seen. That just goes to show, to each their own.

Thanks for sharing your viewpoint.

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3. Re: My negative Garth review

I think this may be the 1st review I've read of it's kind. The 1st shows drew some very detailed reviews, so we all have a pretty good idea of what to expect now. And I can understand why a real fan might be somewhat disappointed in the format.

And I don't think you are going to be bashed for your opnion. All legitimate POV are welcome, or at least mostly tolerated, lol. Sorry if you were expecting more. But your review is appreciated, especially if it might help others who would feel the same way.

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4. Re: My negative Garth review

Too bad you didn't like it. I can see your problem with it though. The talking may bother some.

Like the other poster above, I too thought it was the best concert I have ever been too (my background - not a Garth fan, not a country fan, just went on a whim because tix were free).

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5. Re: My negative Garth review

In a funny way, it makes me more likely to see the show!

I'm not a huge fan, and I'd never pay any money to see him just get up on stage and sing. But an intimate, acoustic evening of him telling stories punctuated with snippets of song - that sits perfectly with me. I'll watch a documentary/behind the scenes story about almost anything, even if I have no interest in the subject itself.

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6. Re: My negative Garth review

Thanks for sharing - I am one of those types who HATE it when an artist talks their way through a concert. I know lots of people like to hear the background on songs, stories, etc... just not me. I'm glad you shared, as now knowing this I may reconsider dropping that kind of cash on seeing Garth!

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7. Re: My negative Garth review

Thanks for posting your opinion. As some have stated, everyone should be able to have one, but that can usually be interpreted to mean just as long as the opinion is shared by the masses around here. It took guts.

I'm going in with an open mind. We will see Garth in October--not fans, we have no expectations--it's just something to do out of the realm of ordinary for us.

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8. Re: My negative Garth review

Good post. I only became a Garth(country) fan about 5 years ago. I would have loved to have seen him in the day. I do not want to pay to hear snippets of songs and hear him talk that long. Is his voice gone? Is this why he talks so much?

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9. Re: My negative Garth review

I can totally understand the OP point of view. As a big Garth fan from the past, that is one of the reasons I have no real desire to see this show. I think alot of the appeal to these types of shows is for non-country fans or non-Garth Brooks fans. Like so many things in Vegas, for me, this show is more of a gimmick for the masses. I think a lot of people who have seen a real Garth Brooks show from his hey day would be disappointed in this because Garth was always about high energy, big production, get up and dance type of concert. This show seems to be just the opposite. I sure people do enjoy the history behind the songs but I too would be waiting for the actual music and if it was only bits and pieces of the songs, I can see the frustration.

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10. Re: My negative Garth review

A Wynn staff member reported to me that they have had only 1 complaint about the show. It was from a women checking out , she was very up set about all the talking he did also. She mentioned that she thought the running time of 3 1/2 hours was to much. And she said the show was ruined for her because he was not wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.

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