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Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

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Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Hey all! Will post as replies - kindly hold off responses until the whole report is posted (which will be in about 5 minutes.)

Also, I'm attempting to link to my webshots...will see if this works. Unfortunately, I uploaded all the pics this morning, thinking I could add captions at the end. WELL! I can't figure out if I can do that or how to, so please let me know if you have that skill :) Anyway, you can probably figure out what most of the pictures are, or ask if you're not sure...


FYI, if you do look at the album, I am the girl with brown hair, and my friend is the blonde.


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1. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Background: I travelled with a good friend from August 22-25, and we stayed at the Wynn. We are both mid-30s and married, leaving husbands at home to work. I live a fabulously child-free existence, so my life is basically like Vegas every day (minus the gambling), but for my pal this trip is something she really looks forward to [read: NEEDS], as she has 2 little screamers under the age of 4. We planned to gamble a little, hit the pool during the day, and dine out in the evening. I also like to get my drink on, and I especially like that in Vegas nobody looks atcha funny for cracking a cold one at 6:30 in the morning.

Day One: The Arrival

Flew direct out of Detroit on Delta. 8:30 AM departure for a 10:10 arrival at LAS. WOW – Delta has the lowest amount of seat room I have ever experienced on a plane. Granted, we got our package super-cheap, so I guess I can't complain. However, Air Canada and West Jet offer waaay more space and a large selection of seat-back entertainment. That said, our package would have been about $300 more per person if we flew a Canadian airline out of Toronto.

Arrived at LAS on time, but luggage took about 1 hour to come out!! There were 5 flights listed as unloading before ours. Did get to witness a huge domestic between a couple from Arkansas who looked like they just finished filming a segment on Cops. Wondered if Las Vegas has any “Little Divorce Chapels” north of the strip.

Took cab to Wynn, about $18 before tip. Arriving at 11:30, we requested an upgrade to Tower Suites if they had any doubles available. They did! $50/night. Also requested a room as high up as possible. The check-in girl was super-nice, and she said we could have 9th floor right away, or wait and they would call my cell when something higher was available. My friend wanted the room right away (!?). I told her she was CRAZY and I would buy her a drink at lunch if she agreed to humour my desire for a higher-up room. My insane friend who thinks she doesn't care about a view agreed, so we took our bags to the bell desk and set off for FUN!

First meal was at the aptly-named “Pizza Place,” and it was a great way to start the vacation! The pizza is thin-crust, about $6 per slice. We ordered up a couple of those, and a pitcher of sangria, and sat to enjoy our lunch on the patio looking at the waterfall. I insisted on pointing out to my friend (whom I'll call 'S' from now on, cause I'm a lazy typer), that I had, in fact, purchased her TWO drinks for lunch. She insisted that it was one large drink spread over 2 glasses. The debate rages on to this day... anyhoo, lunch all total was about $45. Also, S got a caesar salad that was $9 or something, and it was okay, but I'd rather have an extra piece of pizza myself. I felt it was over-priced.

After lunch we decided to sign up for Red Cards, then hit the casino for a bit. The promo right now is $10 free-play with sign-up, spin the wheel at 25 points, 2 buffets at 150 points, and an “Encore” water bottle at 300 points. Good deal!

We started at the Monopoly penny slots, and ordered up our first gambling drinks of the trip! S got a nice strawberry daiquiri (w/ whipped cream), and I had a fabulous chocolate martini, which came creamy and blended with chocolate syrup garnish in the glass. Wynn cocktails are by far the best I have ever had in Vegas. Also, the CW service would prove to be quick and plentiful over the entire course of our trip. We were both up about $10-$20 on our initial $20 in when the call came to get our room (about 1 PM). So, we headed over to the Tower Suites check in.

OMG TS check-in area is the nicest place!! There was never a line there, and it is full of fresh flower arrangements and intricate designs, beautiful art, serene music. You feel like royalty just walking in there! The staff are also amazing: you get the feeling that they would really enjoy doing anything they can to help you. First the clerk informed us that they had been able to honour our high-floor request, and then she explained that our room was on the 59th floor! Score!! We headed up there, to be greeted by the most stunning view of the golf course, city and mountains in the distance. S grudgingly admitted (when prompted) that the view was worth an hour and a half wait. The room also included: 2 robes, his/her slippers, and a huge variety of bath amenities, such as hairspray, shaving cream, nice razor, nice toothbrush/paste, loofah, and all the other regulars that one would expect. I will post pictures with my review of the hotel itself when I get a chance. Further, here is a copy/paste from a post I did last week, which details the services provided with the TS suites (provided on a convenient little card at check-in):

* Remember, there is NO resort fee in TS

- private driveway, lobby, elevators

- exclusive arrival and check-in/check-out services

- daily coffe/tea at Tableau - 7-8:30 AM

- fitness center

- unlimited local, domestic long distance and toll-free calls

- complimentary in-room internet [we both have laptops]

- comp. pressing (4 items/day)

- 2 daily newspapers [on your door handle in the AM]

- dedicated concierge

- personal shopper service

Priority Access:

- upper level VIP pool deck

- Cabana and European seating waitlist

- [skip the line at ] buffet, Terrace Point Cafe, and Society Cafe Encore

Priority Reservations:

- restaurants

- golf, spa, salon

- La Reve

Turn-down service was also provided every night, and we did not have to request it. Not sure if that is true of regular Wynn rooms as well.

Once we got settled in the room, we decided to hit the TS pool for a little drinking and sun. There were lots of chairs available (as was the case whenever we visited, or even looked down from the room), but shade was a scarce commodity. I got a daiquiri, and S got a piña colada, and we relaxed for a bit. Drinks by the pool run about $15. Unfortunately, it was about 105 that day, so we were too hot and had to leave after about an hour. Fortunately, we both love to gamble and drink...so....headed to the casino and played “The Munny Returns” (Egyptian-themed penny slot) for a couple of hours. I think I came out ahead. Had several glasses of merlot during this time, so am not quite sure... :S

After a rest in the room, and a little facebooking on the free wi-fi, we decided to head over to StripBurger for our first Vegas dinner. We had the $25 coupon from restaurants.com, and felt that the place provided excellent value, whether you had a coupon or not. I had a blue cheese burger, chocolate shake, and side combo including fries, onion strips, and deep-fried pickles. It was all delicious, but I don't know why everybody raves about those onion things. To me, they seem more like a garnish that should be on a steak or something. They just taste like a mouthful of onion-flavoured batter on their own. The pickles were my favourite thing, and the burger was fantastic but far too big. I didn't even come close to finishing my dinner. :( My advice to any small- and medium-sized women going to Vegas: share entrees, or get half-orders, wherever possible. I could never finish anything! I guess they gear their menus toward men with appetites (and big-eating ladies). I suppose it's good for them. I just hate wasting food, especially when it's soooo TASTY!!!!

Funny thing about StripBurger: we thought the meal was so incredibly fresh and hot and delicious, but after we left, we realized how salty it was! I am a salt-lover, put it on everything, but holy cow I was thirsty for water for hours after that dinner. I also think I might have swollen up a bit from all the salt, but I'm not saying that massive amounts of alcohol didn't have a little somethin' to do with my condition, too.

We were getting pretty tired after that, so just hit the casino for another hour or so on the machines, then straight to bed.

Tomorrow: 1st full day!

London, Canada
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2. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Day 2: The Healthiest Day I Will Have

Woke up at 5 AM (8 AM at home), wide awake, ready to go! S was still asleep, so I decided to check out the gym before she got up. Well, she awoke as I was getting dressed, and decided to come with me. Guess what? Gyms in Vegas aren't 24 hours, would have to wait until 7 for it to open. Know what IS 24 hours in Vegas? GAMBLING AND DRINKING! Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!! We head down to the casino in our gym shorts and tees, and decide to try our luck for a couple of hours, pre-workout like. Was hoping to get a little Baileys/coffee eye-opener, but a CW was nowhere to be found! Based on this and the next couple of days, I don't think they start floor service at the Wynn until 7 or 8. No problem: There's a really good little coffee shop just before you head into the Encore hall, and they have a full Starbucks-style menu, and also Baileys!!! Honestly, people say to walk across the street for Starbucks in the morning, but the coffee shop here is as good if not better, and the prices are about the same. Plus, you can sign it to your room, which is one of my favorite things to do for some reason...

Played for a couple of hours, then miraculously actually went to the gym! Wasn't even drunk yet! The gym at Wynn was pretty good, included about 6 treadmills, 6 cross-trainers, 3 bikes, 6 recumbant bikes, full compliment of weight machines, and a good amount of floor space for free-weights and floor exercises. Several televisions, and I think each machine might have had its own TV, but I never watch them (prefer to read), so I'm not sure. They provide all the free water you could drink, chilled wet towels, dry towels, and a bowl with apples, oranges and bananas that you can take on your way out. Staff were always visible and pleasant. There were about 10 other people working out in there at 7 AM. S was kicked out as she “forgot” her gym shoes, and was trying to work out in flip flops, which will happen at any gym anywhere. I, however, had an excellent work-out, and went back to find S enjoying a nice bath in the humongous bathtub. Good for her. We both had a nice start to the day.

NB: the toilet is in a separate room from the rest of the bathroom, but you still have to go through the main bath to get to it. I had to go really bad from all the coffee and Baileys and water bottles I drank prior to and during my work-out, so had to run through while S was enjoying her serenity in the tub. I just promised not to look and shielded my eyes as I dashed in. No harm, no foul.

Okay – it's time for MIMOSAS! And SLOTS!! And BREAKFAST!! Actually, at this point I could not give less of a crap about breakfast, as I am jonesin' for the good times that I know await just 59 floors down that super-fast elevator. S claims to be hungry, but I know if she can get a couple of champagne and OJ drinks into her, and hear a few jingles on the machines, her appetite will be forgotten. So we decide to “play for a bit” before eating.

At this point it is about 8:30, and I think there's only one CW working the whole floor. My increasing urge for a fruity, fizzy beverage propels me to track her down and explain, “I'm DYING for a mimosa, and I'll just play this poker game right here! Can I also get one for my girlfriend who will be joining me?” She was so nice, and agreed to bring us our drinks right away. In fact, she brought us 2 each, and explained that she figured we looked like we needed it. Big tip for her!! For the rest of the trip, whenever she saw me, she asked if I wanted 2 mimosas. I also had other waitresses who knew my drinks, and would ask me if I wanted merlot, or chocolate martini, or whatever I had been drinking the last time I was sitting in their section. I tell ya, there is NOTHING like the CW service at the Wynn!

You may have seen this coming, but I had probably 10 mimosas over the course of the morning, and was pretty drunk and hungry by noon-ish. S and I met up and decided to go for lunch. We got our 1st 2 comp buffets. Nice thing about the TS room key, it gets you to the front of the line! We got seated and proceeded to scarf down everything in sight. I need to point out here that I am NOT a buffet-lover. I have never in my life left a restaurant hungry, ever. Even in France where you get a really tiny little thing on a huge elegant plate. I figure if I were ever still hungry after the main, I would get a dessert, right? I guess the appeal in buffets is variety? Personally, I would rather have one type of food, cooked to order just for me, and let the servers bring everyone at the table their meals at the same time. That said, the buffet was good I guess. Food was fresh, and there was lots of variety. Quality seemed decent, but I haven't eaten at many other buffets so I don't have a lot to compare it to. Some resorts in Mexico and Cuba only offer buffet for breakfast, and compared to those, Wynn is about the same. Personally, I would rather spend the same amount of $$ (or less), and have a leisurely, attention-filled breakfast at Tableau. But, to each their own, and it was FREE!! Super-busy, too... (?)

After our hour of gorging, we squeezed into our suits and made our second (and final) visit to the pools. As before, there were lots of chairs, comfy with big cushions, but NO SHADE! ANYWHERE! If you want to do a full day at the pool here, I would definitely put up the $400 for a cabana. The cabanas were all empty, except for one, and I have a lawyer friend who claims you can walk up with $200 cash and they'll take it (he claims to have done this.) Whatever. We got a nice hour of sun in, with some sort of Chambord and lemonade mixed drinks, and were happy to get back to the cool, soothing environment of the TS.

Slept and relaxed for a couple of hours, then headed downtown for BINGO at the Plaza. OMG please DO NOT do this! Ever!!!!! The Plaza bingo hall looks like the Salvation Army games room!!! There is NO BOOZE available – for free or purchase. There is, however, an unlimited supply of flat Pepsi from a soft-drink dispenser, available free to players, if you don't mind the styrofoam cups and billowing clouds of smoke that accompany it. And full-disclosure here: I'm a smoker! (I know, I know.) That place was disgusting, smoke-filled, depressing, crowded with about 400 people hoping to win maybe $60 if they could be the first to dab a “crazy kite” design. Or maybe “2 lines the hard way.” Ugh. I love to do one night of bingo in Vegas, and the Gold Coast is soooo much the better option: free booze, non-smoking section (who can suck cigarettes when they call the numbers so fast?!?), and better prizes. Also, the Gold Coast has employees who do not look like rejects from a George Romero casting-call. I hope I don't sound like a snob here, but I probably do. The Plaza is like the casino that time (and God, and cleanliness, and neutral-smelling environments) forgot. Also, the bathrooms are like the ones at Wal-Mart. BTW I have heard that South Point offers a fun, not fear-for-your-personal-safety, bingo experience, so I will try that one next time.

The whole point of going downtown was to try the MSS buffet, for which we had a 2-4-1 coupon. I've been downtown before, and enjoy the atmosphere (a little), but the amenties are sort of like those that you find at the local fair, so I'm kind of over it now. Got our requisite Freemont Experience pictures, and headed over to MSS, which was closed by the time we got there. Boo-hoo. Y'all know how I feel about buffets.

So, S had the magnificent idea that we should go back to the Wynn, and check out Zoozacrackers. Yesss!!!!! We got there about 11 PM, good crowd, * excellent * menu. I had an egg salad sandwich, and S ordered pastrami on rye. We split an order of fries. My sandwich was $9.95, and I think the fries were $5 or something. Outstanding value! I could only eat half my sandwich, as it was on beautiful, heavy white bread, and contained enough egg salad for 4 sandwiches you would make at home. If I went again, I would get the ½ sandwich and soup or salad, which I believe was about $11.95 or so. Anybody who says you can't afford to eat at the Wynn probably shouldn't be running up their credit card to pay for the room. Honestly. I felt the Wynn offered value and quality at every turn, gastronomical and otherwise.

After dinner, S was tired, so she went back to heaven, and I hit up some Monopoly slots and played for about an hour on $20, drinking my fave chocolate martinis. I think I cashed out up. Really not sure at this point.

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3. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Day 3: Grandma's Money!

The start of our third day found us drinking mimosas and running up the pennies once again. S, who was never much of a gambler to begin with, has decided she ONLY likes “The Munny Returns” slots, and will not play anything else. While I agree with her that the “munny” does seem to return quite frequently on this game, I give her the gambler's warning that she needs to branch out a little. The slot that loved you yesterday will stab you in the heart tomorrow. It will betray you like an alcoholic husband. I managed to drag her a$$ over to “The Price is Right,” where we fell in love with Drew Carey all over again!

There is a bank of 4 of these machines close to the hallway to Encore, and they are SO. MUCH. FUN! They are tied together, so every once in awhile the big wheel pops up, and all 4 machines play it together, with everyone winning the same showcase. Bonus games include Plinko, Grand Game, Punch-a-Bunch, and more. This machine was pretty good to me, but I always put my $$ back in, so it knew it would get me in the end. They all do. At one point I was up to $70 on $20 in, but of course I played it back down. I don't even say that with any hint of sadness. I gamble for entertainment, and I'll play with whatever money I have, for as long as it lasts. I might cash out if I'm up a few hundred dollars, or when I'm playing with GRANDMA'S MONEY!

My grandma loooves a casino, and it was she who introduced me to “3-coin, 25-cent, Wheel of Fortune” when I turned 18 and could go for the first time. For years, I have abided by her wisdom that anything less than a 25-cent machine is not worth your time, but lately I have come to learn that I play for fun and drinks, while she plays to make some REAL money. So, as I have “downgraded” to highly entertaining penny games, she has “upgraded” to the $1 machines. My grandma actually makes money sometimes when she goes to play, while I always lose mine. Whatever. I never cash out. Except for today! Grandma sent me with $100 to play for her on $1 Wheel of Fortune, max credit. Well, the WoF machines are $5 max, so I decided to play the 3-coin 25-cent ones by the lobby instead, to make it last. Played for about 4 hours, and cashed out at $250 when I won $150 on the big wheel. Boy, that is a foreign feeling to me. I promptly marched over to her original, preferred request, which sucked up $100 in about 20 minutes. So – G-ma's up $50 at this point. Well, I know that's not good enough for her, so I took $50 and turned it into $125 back at the quarters. Time to go rest in the room!

Tonight we decided to walk to The Cheesecake Factory at Caesars, a must for any Canadian who doesn't have one in their home-town. Took about ½ hour to walk there from Wynn, and we got a nice spot out in the mall, where we could watch the exotic fishies in the tank. I accidentally brushed some gangsta-looking guy at the table next to us when I sat down, and he proceeded to give me the evil eye for 10 minutes until he and his crack-ho left (according to S.) Whatever. He can suck it – because I'm full of martinis and ready to enjoy a nice dinner of Chicken Bellagio, which is a thin, breaded chicken breast, served on top of pesto-cream linguini. Was fantastic! S and I split red-velvet cheesecake for dessert, and only had pop w/ dinner (needed to sober up by this point!). Total for dinner, about $45.

We had planned on hitting Carnaval Court across the street at Harrah's, but S was developing kind of a gambling monkey on her back, and it was screaming to her for bananas. Well, you know, I always love a drink and slots in the evening, so we just walked back to Wynn and proceeded to rack up the points.

Before bed, I wanted to collect my free water bottle, as I was now sitting around 800 points or so. Went to the desk, and asked the guy if I had any other comps, as was checking out tomorrow. Wouldn't you know it? I earned enough for a meal for 2 at Society Cafe Encore! Ends up S did, too, but we don't have enough time to eat all those meals before leaving, as we're saving our 2nd visit to the Wynn Buffet for our last dinner before the red-eye flight home tomorrow night. Decided that S can use her comp meal with her husband next summer, and we'll cash mine in for lunch tomorrow.

Head back to heaven, sleep soundly and happily, knowing we have a free day of food tomorrow.

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4. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Day 4: The End is Nigh...

Slept in today, managed to get late check-out til 1 PM. Wanted to maximize our time in the room, as we knew we'd have many hours to kill before red-eye home at 11:30.

Got coffee at Tableau around 8, which was of excellent quality. They serve it in take-out cups, so we took it to the casino and spent a couple of hours on slots. We didn't have breakfast, as we wanted to really enjoy our comp lunch at Society Cafe Encore and later planned to do the Wynn Buffet for dinner before heading to the airport.

Played all morning, and pretty much exhausted our gambling budgets. Back to the room at about 11 to pack and hang out for a couple of hours. Checked out, then headed to the Cafe at 1PM, and were treated to an * amazing * lunch on Stevie. They begin by bringing a silver grail full of fresh-baked pretzel sticks with mustard-infused butter. Our comp was to include all non-alcoholic bevvies, 2 apps, 2 mains, 2 desserts. Who eats that much???? Ends up that we do!!!!! We just ordered Diet Cokes for drinks, and S ate 4 of the 5 pretzel sticks. I just had one, as I didn't want to fill up on bread...but they were soooo good! I will only tell you about the food I ordered, as I don't really remember what S had: started with the freshest calamari and rock shrimp, served with a grilled lemon and caper aioli on the side. Garnish for this dish was the thinnest sliced and lightly breaded zucchini. Cost about $14, I think. For the main, I had the lobster club sandwich, featuring avocado, pancetta, and tomato confit on a lovely, soft roll. If you love lobster, this is the dish for you! Served up with a metal cup full of fries and a little tiny bottle of ketchup. (BTW there are pics of all the food I describe on my webshots link.) I believe the cost was $23. Finally: dessert! My favourite!! I got the Best. Banana split. Ever! Served in an almond tuille, homemade ice cream, one scoop each of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, with appropriate sauces, whipped cream and little cherry pieces. The best part, though, the absolute best part of my entire culinary experience on this trip: three, quarter-banana pieces, each frozen on a tiny wooden stick, and covered in a thick layer of chocolate (one dark, one milk, one white.) Honestly, I will never visit Vegas again that I will not be stopping by Society Cafe for at least a banana split! The cost for this amazing work of art was $10. In total, our bill came to just over $119 – not bad for a few days' work!

So, we head out for our last afternoon of fun. As we had both pretty much spent our budgets by this point, I decided to split G-ma's money with S, so we can both try to rack up some $$ for her. I put the $25 aside, and S and I each took $100 to the 3-quarter WoF machines. What a lot of fun! We played and drank until 7 PM, when I had to cash out to go for dinner. In the end, S ran down her $100 at about 6:45, and I cashed out with $119. So, in the end, my grandma was ahead by $54. Better than me!! She and I will be taking that same $154 (only it will be about $165 CDN) to Casino Rama in Orillia at Thanksgiving.

Our last dinner was the Wynn Buffet (my 2 comps.) Once again, it seemed to be on par with the buffets I've had at nice all-inclusive resorts. I have to admit, I ate about 8 desserts (see pics on webshots!) The creme brulee was brulee'd very nicely. One note here: there is a sign upon entering the buffet that says you can add on the champagne option to ANY meal for $7. I know there's been some confusion on the boards regarding this, so hopefully that is helpful. Bottom line, though, our server was only seen once, to drop off the drinks, then never again. Maybe they'd be more attentive if you had the alcohol add-on, but, based on what we experienced, I would be hesitant to purchase it.

Sadly, it was now time to say farewell to Vegas, and head off to the airport for our 11:15 PM flight home. Headed to valet at TS to pick up our bags, and they hailed us a cab. The guy working at TS positively insisted that we take a couple of cold bottles of water for our trip home. OOOhhhh, I will miss that Wynn TS service! Cab to the airport was only $13.70, and the driver was really nice, so we gave him $20. Airport was not busy at all, and we flew through security, so to speak. We did try to upgrade to 1st Class to avoid the squishy seats on Delta, but sadly it was full already.

I think that's about it for our Vegas adventure. If you've managed to make it this far, thanks for reading.

I'd like to thank everyone on the TA forum for all your help and advice. I know my post-count number looks low, but I've been lurking around this site for about 5 years now, and every vacation has been enhanced by the helpful contributions and generosity of TA members.

I will stick around the LV forums for the next week or so to answer any questions people may leave in the comments below, and after that I will be on a TA-break until the next vacation. However, if anybody is reading this in a couple of weeks (or later) from now, please feel free to send me a PM with any questions you may have, and I'll do my best to answer them. TTFN! :)

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5. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Great report. I am headed to Vegas in May, where I will introduce my day before turned 21 year old daughter to the joys of Vegas.Can't wait, and spend my time reading TRs to pass the time.

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6. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

U are you pretty. Thanks for sharing

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7. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Thanks so much for posting your report all at once in an easy to read format. This way I can come back and read it all at my convenience. I really appreciate it.

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8. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Sounds like a perfect trip! Thanks for sharing some much info about the Wynn!

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9. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

Thanks for the well written trip report, and love the pictures. Glad you had fun with your friend.

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10. Re: Beckarama's TR 2010: Wynn! Bingo! Lobster sandwich!

thanks for your review.....enjoyed reading it and imagining myself back at the Wynn! I love how the CW remember what you're drinking day after day!! That happened to me one of my trips...I felt almost embarrassed...do I really drink that much?? I also wonder why I ever leave the resort to go elsewhere (Plaza??? LOL) as you are treated so well there.....I can't wait for my next trip there!!