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Compare Macau to Las Vegas

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Compare Macau to Las Vegas

I've read that Macau has surpassed Las Vegas in gambling revenues. For those of you who have had the good fortune to get there, how would you compare Macau to LV - casinos, hotels, vibe, food, non-gambling attractions, etc.?

vancouver, BC
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1. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

there is NO comparison as to macau's casino and hotel resorts. venetian in macau is a much smaller scale than the one in vegas and the whole vibe and feel of vegas just isn't there in macau.

there is only ONE vegas and it is in nevada....macau pales to vegas.

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2. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

It's been about 14 years that I was in Macau, so it's possible things are different there now. Based on a comparison at that point in time, I would say there is no comparison at all. Las Vegas is a superior destination in every respect. However, if you are from the US, then Macau does have more of the exotic factor, and is more interesting away from the casinos.

Irvine, California
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3. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

I visited Macau three years ago. No comparison with LV. The respective revenues aren't surprising as Macau revolves around gambling and nothing else. The casinos are dominated by high level baccarat tables which are pretty full around the clock. Blackjack comes next, typically minimum bets are around $US20, higher in the fancier places like Wynn. Slots and video poker are secondary and pretty much an afterthought to the tables

Dining, entertainment and having fun come a distant second to gambling. Thousands of people head there daily with just one thing on their minds. It's definitely worth visiting if you have the chance just to experience it but don't even think about it as a replacement for LV as a vacation destination. I am though the proud owner of a Wynn Macau Red Card...... :-)

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4. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

I was in Macau just a couple of weeks ago as it happens and really enjoyed it. Fun seeing the "mini Wynn" and getting the Red Card. The Venetians grand canal seemed identical to the Vegas one though.

Agree that it is all about gambling with much less of the Vegas fripperies and nowhere near the same amount of boozing. Rules are fairer too with none of this 00 and hitting s17 nonsense. Lots of baccarat, some bj, no craps, but another dice game called big or small played with 3 dice.

Lots of low limit gambling at the Grand Lisboa casino...

The old Portuguese town is lovely and well worth a wander around.

Macau isn't worth a trip in itself but is a v easy side trip from HK- it only takes an hour on the hydrofoil.

I liked it there so much, I went back s couple of days later... If you're visiting HK I'd highly recommend a side trip there.

Jackson Miss.
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5. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas


As much as most of us loathe government interference and regulations, at least it keeps vegas semi-fair (hatd word to use because it's all luck Nd the odds are always in their favor!). But Macau as well as MOST other gambling resorts- even casino boats- are legendary for rigged slot machines (where all payoffs are only 5 to 10% of the pot) and stooges who sit in on dice / cards to stack odds in casino favor. Remember the golden rule - you cant build a casino by letting people win your money! Gambling is for suckers! Sorry, can't argue with statistics.

Keswick, United...
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6. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

Man if you think Macau's casino's have rigged machines and stooges hanging around the tables you want to try the Cambodian ones.

It feels like even if you did win, there would be someone waiting to bump you off around the first corner as you leave.

Great country but i would never gamble there again.

Irvine, California
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7. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

The crooked machines theory doesn't really hold water when you consider that the overwhelming majority of Macau's gaming revenue is from table games. And I doubt that Sands, MGM or Wynn would want to get involved too much in any jurisdiction where the fairness of the games is in doubt.

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8. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

Also, in Vegas, you don't have this ridiculous rule about a dress code when you're in the casinos, like they do in Macau!!!

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9. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

Just curious…what is the dress code? Business casual?

Las Vegas, Nevada
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10. Re: Compare Macau to Las Vegas

The casinos in Macau are stuffy and too formal. As bad as the casinos in Europe and Puerto Rico.

The only thing that was better in Macau than in Vegas was watching (I do not participate beyond watching) the working ladies out trolling for customers. In the shopping mall area of the Grand Lisboa, there were numerous pairs of well-dressed young women strolling along. I find Eurasian women to be so beautiful! However, I behaved myself completely. Darn!!