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My honeymoon TR

Jarrow, United...
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My honeymoon TR

Hi folks. Right now I'm sat in the Vdara o. My second day of my honeymoon, here is the beginning of my TR, I'll post as replies daily as I go. Hope that's ok with you guys.

We arrived at Mcarron at about 6pm, which although was such a long flight especially with three hour stop over at Chicago, was nice to land when it was dark to see it a lit up.

We were amazed to see all the slots at the airport, the gambling is right there. We took a cab to the Vdara, I believe he took us for a ride in more ways than one as for some reason we went through the tunnel, it cost 30 bucks Inc tip, but we were so tired we didn't care as by that time it was about 1am for us. The Vdara is a beautiful hotel, clean and classy, quite swish not tacky in any way. I asked for an upgrade as it was our honeymoon, to no avail, but we did get a room with a lovely view of the Bellagio fountains which was nice. We dropped our bags off and even though we were tired we went out for a quick walk. There was so much to see, both being Vegas virgins. We headed south through the Bellagio, which by the way was an incredible feast for the eyes, even taking a look through the pattiserie, and the conservatory had an amazing Christmas display which was absolutely stunning. We went out and headed towards Denys for a quick bite to eat, yes yes I know what you're thinking but we just wanted a quick bite to eat with no fuss. Walking along the strip towards MGM I was surprised to see so many porn slappers as I had thought they were more south towards Fremont. Tiredness was getting the better of us and we didn't quite make it to MGM, instead we had a quick look in M&M world then headed back the the Vdara for much need rest, even though it was nine-ish it felt more like two am, the fountains were on as we approached the Bellagio, they were amazing, and we agreed to get a proper look the next day.

We both fell asleep in our very comfy bed as soon as our heads hit the pillow.

More later

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1. Re: My honeymoon TR

Tsk..tsk...tsk...falling asleep as soon as your heads hit the pillow on your honeymoon. This really is a Vegas virgin report....

Congrats and keep it coming...

Topeka, Kansas
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2. Re: My honeymoon TR

Oh wow...I think this is our first Live Honeymoon Trip Report and Congrats!


Hope you enjoy your Vegas trip, and I will enjoy watching for your posts since it's exciting to see Vegas through the eyes of a first time visitor :)

Kitchener Ontario...
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3. Re: My honeymoon TR

Nice have a wonderful time.

Gratz on the marriage. Now get to the boot knocking lol.

Romeoville, Illinois
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4. Re: My honeymoon TR

Starting out great!!! Looking forward to more, enjoy the "live reporting"!!!

San Antonio, Texas
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5. Re: My honeymoon TR

Wow as TopekaDucky said our 1st Live Honeymoon post. BTW Congrats on your Wedding & Best Wishes + have a fantastic honeymoon in Vegas!!!

Waiting patiently for the Honeymoon post daily!!!!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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6. Re: My honeymoon TR

I was so excited to see that someone else was having their honeymoon in Vegas! My husband and I are leaving next week Friday and we are super excited! Congratulations and I am enjoying the TR!

Los Gatos...
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7. Re: My honeymoon TR

Congratulations on getting married and arriving in Vegas.... now.... less report and more baby making!!!! =)

Irvine, California
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8. Re: My honeymoon TR

Yep. Have some fun - your TR can wait until you're home and recovered!

New York
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9. Re: My honeymoon TR

Congrats on your marriage. Have a wonderful time.

Jarrow, United...
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10. Re: My honeymoon TR

Day 2

Firstly let me tell you last night wasn't our wedding night, we got married and spent our first night in Langley castle in Northumberland, we didn't fall straight asleep that night ;-)

Anyways back to th live TR.

We woke pretty early around about half six, I suggested we got and check out the legendary Bellagio breakfast buffet, since going early would avoid any long queues. We walked down past the silk road restaurant in our lobby to the adjoining walkway to the Bellagio, our breaths were taken away, the Bellagio is an amazing hotel, clean and stunning to look at, especially as we'd just come from the Vdara, don't get me wrong I love our hotel it's clean, modern and very subtle, the Bellagio however is well, hard to describe, like an overload feast for the eyes. We found ourselves walking through the conservatory, we were greeted with an amazing Christmas display, beautiful polar bears made of flowers, huge penguins, I didn't have the heart to tell them polar bears live in the north pole and penguins the south and thus the demographics of their display was totally wrong.

Having found the buffet restaurant and paid our $15.95, we were taken to a table. The staff here, well in fact I've found everywhere over here are so polite and friendly. We got ourselves plates and were pretty much blown away with the extensive choice on offer, naturally we totally pigged out and felt the worse for wear, we decided although amazing value if your eyes are bigger than your belly it's probably best to limit the buffets to once a trip.

We then went out for some much needed excersise (not back to the honeymoon bed!) out for a stroll, sadly I hadn't listened to you guys and didn't bring my comfy shoes, so off to foot locker it was. We got caught by a timeshare guy, being the polite English we are, when he stopped to say hi, we listened, bug mistake, he was prepared to give us a $100 free play at a casino, $100 meal voucher and $100 drinks voucher for half an hour of our time. As the old saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true, then it is, so we politely refused and made a vow in future to walk on by at all times. We headed down the strip towards Mandaly just for some sight seeing. I'm not a huge gambler back home I play maybe once a fortnight, and I thought I'd find myself itching to get at the black jack or

roulette but I've been quite happy to hang back, maybe cause it's on hand 24/7 or there's so much else to see.

We came up to the Harley Davidson cafe, I'd gotten some vouchers from restaurant.com so I thought it's worth checking out, we had a frozen margarita, I know a bit crazy at 9am but hey it's our honeymoon. We were a bit disappointed in the cafe, it looked a bit grubby so we decided that'd be one voucher we won't be using. Walking further down the strip we took a look in the world famous MGM Grand, again wow! An amazing place, you could spend a whole day just sight seeing in one hotel. The rainforest cafe looked great, so that breakfast planned for Friday, not tomorrow as we're off to do a grand canyon helicopter tour. The lion encounter was cute and the new wife got all dewy eyed at the cubs, especially when I discovered you can pet them and get a photo. So we're coming back Friday to see if we're lucky enough to be one of the first come first served's.

We played a bit on the slots, a star wars one, no luck I'm afraid but hey who cares, it was fun while it lasted.

Back out onto the strip and we checked out the Luxor and Mandaly, I must say that out of all the hotels we've visited on the strip I'm most happy with ours, the Vdara, I think the others are just a bit too much for us, it's nice to get back to the peace and tranquility our home for the next few days. We got back at around 2pm and seeing as the weather was pretty nice we decided to check out the pool, we got a funny look from the concierge when we asked if the pool was open, I guess were we've just come from seems a lot warmer than the locals feel. We got ourselves lobster sandwiches from the bar and two whisky sours and plopped ourselves into the hot tub, amazing, I can see why some folks complain the pool area is small but we had the whole place to ourselves, lobster, whisky, a hot tub, oh and my new wife, what more could a man ask for?

Back up to our room for a nap before making our way across the road to Aria to see Viva Elvis, we'd got tickets from tix4tngt, thanks for the tip. We actually bought the cheaper back row seats but I told the ticket lady at Aria it was our honeymoon and she gave us probably the best seats in the house. We loved the show, I know there's been some bad reviews on here, saying stuff like "if you're not an Elvis fan you won't like it"....if you're not an Elvis fan then surely you wouldn't go? We loved it, great music, of course, great acrobatics and costumes. We're glad we went.

Then off out for dinner, as I said earlier id gotten some restaurant vouchers, we thought we'd try Shanghi Lilly at Mandaly. It wasn't late maybe 9pm, only to discover it was closed :-( so we saw The House of Blues, only to discover they'd closed the kitchen cause it was 'dead' :-( I don't know if it's the sign of the times or just a quiet time of year to go but there seemed quite a few places closed. We settled on the sushi restaurant, which turn ed out to be a good choice, a nice light healthy meal to cleanse ourselves of the heavy breakfast. We then took a cab to take a look at the Venitian, again wow but I'm glad I'm not staying there, I think I'd get a bit fed up of the fakeness, it seems there's a hotel based on every theme you can think of, Paris, castles, egypt, Venice, pirates, wait there's not a sci-fi one. Who do I get in touch with.

On the whole we're loving Vegas, it's as mad as a meat axe but great fun nonetheless.

Well tomorrow we've got planned the helicopter tour, big elvis and fremont st. I'll let you know how we get on.

Appologies if this is dragging on too long.