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Let's play "I've Never"!!

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Let's play "I've Never"!!

I love to read everyone's trip reports about what they did, because it's so helpful in getting tips for my next trip! But then I started thinking about the things I've never done!! Maybe I keep meaning to, maybe I have no interest, or maybe I never knew they existed...but this is my list of the things I've never done in all my trips!!

I've Never....

-been to jail (yay!)

-been to Blush (even though I keep meaning to every time)

-been downtown!! (shocking! in 5 trips, not once!)

-seen a show

What's on your list??

Phoenix, Arizona
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1. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

I wanna play...

I've never been to Fontana Bar. I went once, but it wasn't very full, so I made my way over to the slot machines next to Bank, where i'd read in other TR's that it could be very interesting people watching on a Sat nite, and sat there for a while. It was interesting! So many girls...so little clothing! LOL! My husband was quite entertained! :)

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2. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

I've never seen the Bellagio fountain show. I've seen a bit here and there, 15 seconds while zipping by in a car, or walking out of Bellagio and catching a little piece of a show at the end. But never a whole show.

Shag Harbour, Canada
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3. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

Been so stupid to play 6/5 blackjack.

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4. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

In Vegas, I have never:

Been to a trendy nightclub like where Paris, Lindsay and Britney would hang out.

Played Pai Gow at a casino

Taken a card from a porn slapper

Drunk a slushie

Ridden the monorail

Married, annulled or divorced

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5. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

I've never eaten a fried twinkie. Dad and Gus tried to get me one, but Mermaids was closed by the time they got there. Too bad. ;-)

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6. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

I've never stayed so long that I said "I'm ready to go home", or said "I'm never going back" once I got home.

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7. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

Never gotten drunk in Vegas.

Never picked up a lady of the evening.

Never been to those dull time share presentations.

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8. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

I"ve never had a UFC fight in the middle of Las Vegas BLVD like this guy....and dont plan to. (warning, there are swear words).


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9. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

I've never had an In-n-out burger in Vegas despite loving them and staying at Orleans on the last trip.

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10. Re: Let's play "I've Never"!!

Most of the things I have never done are the things that I never want to do.

Like the co workers that I used to go to conventions with - guys out at strip clubs all night that shower up and go to work the next day without sleep.

Guys bringing gals they met in bars back to their hotel rooms and then trying to get them out of the room so they could go to meetings and not leave them in their room.

The co worker on mine that was staying with us at the Venetian and somehow wandered over to the Mirage and was winning at Blackjack and getting drunk and forgot where he was and where he was staying - only luckily another guy he knew came by and asked him what the heck he was doing there at 3 AM still playing, he answered that he didnt know where he was and forgot where he was staying so the guy and took him back to his room to sleep it off. LOL, he shows up at 3 PM the next day and says he found $1500 in Mirage chips in his pocket but didnt remember ever cashing out. and woke up in some other guys room still in his clothes from yesterday on the floor.

And especially the guy that lost some tens of thousands of dollars gambling and then killed himself rather than face his wife. Management was not real happy about that one.