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To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

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To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

I seem to spend more time selecting and packing my wardrobe for Vegas than anything else!

Which outfit for which day. Shoes, accessories, etc. My husband can pack in under ten minutes. Me? Try ten days!

Is it just me?

Grand Junction...
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1. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

No it's not just you. I went shopping today, (like I need anymore clothes). I am trying to pack light, so going with a lot of blues and blacks this time instead of red.

My husband came upstairs and asked if I was packing We don't leave until the 3rd. No just kind of putting things together.HAHA

Toledo, Ohio
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2. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

For my winter trips I can pack much faster than my summer trips. For winter its jeans, longed sleeved ts and fleece (with a couple short sleeve shirts just in case). Now summer is a totally different thing!! I seem to need way more options.

Caerphilly, United...
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3. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

Last year I took the glam approach as the rest of our time in the US was spent in either the desert or national parks wearing denim shorts t-shirts and baseball caps. However, I did stick to mainly black trousers with the black sequined tops.

The one problem I did have was by the time I'd got to Vegas (after too much time spent on the road and eating in Mc Ds etc.) the little black dress I'd brought especially had got rather snug around the middle and had to be left in the case!

Kelowna, Canada
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4. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

Definitely not just you. It takes me ages. I even make & take a list with me of what I'm planning to wear each day. I do travel with just carry-on except for the rarest of occasions.

London, Canada
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5. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

I plan on doing casual. Jeans during the day and for the evening some nice dress pants, fancy tops and some special jewelery pieces. Not planning on doing the "club thing" so no dresses or special handbags. Comfortable shoes a must. Low heeled boots with my jeans. I also want to pick up a new pair of Pumas maybe.

Since we are going in Feb I am not sure what to take as a coat. We will be leaving snow but I don't want to have to take my winter coat so perhaps a spring jacket.

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6. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

Jules - I have a trick for that exact problem! I plan my outfits day one, day two, day three, etc. So I start out day one with the little black dress or slim jeans with a t-shirt. Day two is not such a little black dress and relaxed fit jeans. Day three no black dress and very loose fitting slacks and top, etc.

See? I am a little over the top..literally :)

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7. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

I've been hitting the sales and have picked up some bargains. Skirts, shorts, tops, trousers, accessories etc. I've got some casual stuff to wear during the day and some dressier stuff for the evening.

I already know what top goes with what shorts/skirts etc and I've got it all hung up in the 'Vegas' section of my waredrobe.

Erm....did I mention that I'm not actually going until April =/

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8. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

I am typically planning my outfits weeks in advance. Mostly because I want to pack as efficiently as possible, no excess stuff, and so I'm usually contemplating which pieces best mix and match to provide me with enough outfits that are sufficiently warm.

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9. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

Well, it's not over the top to me! I plan the same way (day 1, day 2 etc.)

But for me half the fun is in the planning, not because I care that much about what I'm taking, but because as I think of each day and what I might be doing, where I might be going, I get so much enjoyment thinking about the trip.

Now when I get there, however, the plan goes out the window and I wear what I feel like (or what still fits - had that happen last year - not so lol)

Glad to know I'm not the only one. I usually pack 2 to 3 times since I tend to change my mind and buy new stuff that I have to fit into my suitcase.

Chicago, IL
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10. Re: To all the Vegas Ladies - packing your wardrobe

When it comes to Vegas, I do tend to be more of a "fashion plate" - I like my jeans & fleece during the day (in chillier weather), but "dress up" the jeans with a little bling, nice heels or boots in the evening.

For summer trips, I love nice shorts/capris during the day, and cute dresses in the evening.

I don't do the "club thing" either, but do enjoy the nicer lounges (bands & deejays) in the evening, so these clothing options fit in quite nicely...

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