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Columbia MO
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How do you get a host at a resort? Is this a high roller thing?

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1. Re: Hosts

You don't have to be a high roller, but you've got to drop quite a bit more than a few hundred bucks on a weekend if a host will take interest in you. You can ask for one, or sometimes they're offered, if you have had your play tracked and you reach a certain level of coin in on slots, or bets on table games.

Dallas, Texas
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2. Re: Hosts

For what my 10 cents is worth. You can always towards the end of your trip pop your head into the Casino Marketing office and talk to the host on duty and ask them if your play qualified for anymore comps. Most likely the Host will then give you his business card when you leave and then you will have a contact. This worked for me several years ago and the worst thing that can happen is your bill stays the same!

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3. Re: Hosts

Your bankroll should be in the thousands, not hundreds.

If not you won't get much help from a host.

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4. Re: Hosts

Here is my question dragon, when you say thousands, not hundreds, do you mean per trip or per day? I ask because I'm in the hundreds per day, but thousands for the trip, i.e., if budget (to lose) for gambling is $500/day, but you're staying 9 days, that's thousands for the trip then, but hundreds for an individual day.

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5. Re: Hosts

I think thousands per day

a host only gets paid based on the amount you gamble

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6. Re: Hosts

I have found that 5000 a day through the slots will get you a host at either V/P or CET have not played that much at MGM but did get a Host at Cosmo with a couple hours of play.

We play between 80 cents to $1.50 a push for about 8 hours a day.

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7. Re: Hosts

serenitynow!!!! Just what games do you play and what are your bet levels or per day slot budget?

Of the many, many thousands of players that go to a casino, hosts are only available to those that warrant their time, effort and attention. Are you spongeworthy?

Good one LL.

Cleveland, Ohio
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8. Re: Hosts

If you play the tables with a minimum average bet of $25 and play 4 hours a day go see a host he should do something for you. TI has dropped their minimum bet to $15 to get rated.

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9. Re: Hosts

It does really boil down to hours of play and average bet, but one other thing to throw out there though is (and I know this won't apply to most, just food for thought) how often you bring that bankroll. If you're a mid-roller but you're out there 4-5+ times a year, you might be able to get on someone's radar. I've had pit bosses ask me after they've seen me a few times over a 6 month period start asking who my host is and offering to introduce me if I don't have one. As mentioned though, typically they won't be beating down your door unless you're averaging a certain amount per hour, dam computers ;)

Niagara Falls...
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10. Re: Hosts

In our local casino in NF, NY, hosts come and find you while your playing. We have an excellent lady that looks after us at Seneca Niagara, we are slot players and receive free rooms, show tickets, etc, spa treatments.

We do have a host who used to work at The Plaza in LV that moved over to one of the Station Hotels, he also goes out his way to make you feel welcome and gets you whatever you may need, inherited him through a friend.

Once you find a host, you will likely build a relationship with them, and everyone you go to Vegas they will likely be there to help you with your needs at that particular property.

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