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Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

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Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

I’m staying at the Cosmopolitan in April and I’m really excited to say the least. I’ve been an avid follower of the reviews since the opening in December and I wanted to get something off my chest…..

I fully expected the reviews to be a bit hit and miss in the first few months, there are always going to be some kinks that need to be worked out. What really frustrates me is the people who rate the hotel only one star, and quote “this is worst hotel in history” – really?? Can a brand new hotel possibly be that bad? I don’t really think that a grumpy face at reception or a lack of free coffee in the room really deserves a very negative rating. Perhaps with a 5* hotel people are expecting way too much, or maybe you should expect flawless service? For me a really negative review should entail major flaws.

TA is great and people should most definitely have the opportunity to express their true thoughts, but sometimes I wonder whether it’s really a true reflection and a guide for those of us who have never been.

Perhaps I’m disappointed because I want the hotel to get 100% positive reviews because I’ve already booked!

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1. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

I know what you mean, some people just have a common sense bypass and jump on the outrage bus at the slightest thing. I tend to read between the lines with TA reviews but I am very relaxed about the Cosmo as we have booked for August, enjoy your stay.

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2. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

People have come to expect way too much from hotels, if they would just relax and remember that there is not many places to vacation in this world as cheap as LV for what there getting.

Some of the Hotels have brought this on themselves by giving too much away to the give me more society.

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3. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

I'm due to stay in May and I was a bit disturbed by them too but all the reviews I've read here on the forum as opposed to the main review pages have been more than favourable.

I think I trust the reviews from regular posters/Vegas visitors on here than I do from someone who has signed up on the review page just for a rant!

So anyone staying between now and May please do a good TR!

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4. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

I think Dice Man has hit it on the head. There are people who have the opportunity to stay at hotels in Vegas that they would never be able to afford on a different vacation (I include myself in that group). Once they get the deal at the high end hotels they begin to think that they are special and expect too much. Mistakes and issues can arise anywhere but some of the complaints are just ridiculous.

Be grateful that you have the opportunity to to stay at these places and ask yourself could you do any better if you were on the other side of the desk or whatever? I have a feeling that some of the complaints come from people who would fail miserably if they were on the other side of customer service.

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5. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

We just returned from Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and even though we didn't stay at the Cosmopolitan I must say it is absolutely beautiful when we walked through it, one of the prettiest and modern looking places on first impression.

Seems to be the place to be looks very new and clean.

Great position on the strip as well.

Have fun on your holiday wish we were going again.

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6. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

You do have to take all reviews- good or bad- with a grain of salt. We all know that people have different expectations when dealing with anything- hotels, restaurants, stores, etc.

If you do feel a review is unfair- just ignore it. It is just as easy as that. You made your reservation, you wanted to stay there, so why should you get upset over other people's reviews-reviews that you think are not relevant? Are those reviews going to somehow affect your stay? Why should you care or be disappointed? No hotel- or anything else in life- is going to get 100% positive reviews.

I don't think anyone can defend or bash a hotel until they have actually stayed there. Just go and enjoy your stay and then write own your review when you return.

I never stayed at the Cosmo, but I did spend a considerable amount of time there on my last visit and I was very, very impressed with everything I saw (of course, not the rooms since I didn't even see them), - warts and all. There- does that make you feel better? :-)

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7. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

Even the favorable reviews of the Cosmo describe some problems.

There are consistent reports of the "technology" not working properly. The room lighting is hard to operate. So are the window curtains and the TV's. People report a slow check-in process due to new employees and a unfamiliar computer system -- and these are from people that rated the property a 5.

A lot of the good reviews report problems with cleanliness.

I agree that reviews that just trash the place are not entirely credible. But there are a lot of well balanced reports that cite some significant problems with the Cosmo -- I'm sure that these problems will be worked out once the place has been up and running for a while -- but in the meantime, the problems appear to be there.

That's my take on the many reviews that I've read.

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8. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

Las Vegas has some of the nicest rooms for the money in the world. See what you get for $200 US a night in Europe.

Were staying at Cosmo in June for the TA M&G and will be doing a review as many others will too. Going to be fun comparing the reviews from all us Vegas junkies.

The O.C., CA
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9. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

I'm sure this is just common sense to some but I'll say it here anyway:

TA is simply one resource.

TA reviews are not the end all or tell all.

Review multiple booking sites for reviews as well and then put it all together KEEPING IN MIND that more times than not, people only review things when negative things happen to them. The positive vacations generally do not get written up so you do the math. If a hotel is full most of the time and you find 20 negative reviews, that is a small percentage of the total survey pool.

My $0.02 (that I could have used at the slots) ;)

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10. Re: Cosmopolitan Bad Reviews….Really?

I found a candy wrapper under the bed. Implode the place!

And it is amost a guarentee that the person who is bashing the place is also posting for the first time. Their criticism carries little weight.