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How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

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How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

I'm anxiously waiting to leave out for sin city in 14 days and was wondering how much cash we should take with us. We are not heavy on gambling and will probably be eating rather cheaply every day we are there, but we may want to have a high dollar meal for one evening. I just wanted to get a range on how much couples usually take with them in cash to vegas.

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1. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

Tough question to answer because there are so many variables and its such an individual thing. Will you rent a car? cab? walk? Don't forget tips for everyone. I would take my total budget for the trip including airfare and accomodations, then subtract those two things from the budget. What you have left over, would be your cash allowance.

To directly answer your question, we take 4k to gamble and $500 cash walking around money. We put meals on credit cards. We usually have a room comped for at least a couple of nights and deeply discounted after that.

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2. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

We usually put $1000.00 separate for food/shopping etc. We always pre-book our shows, and have so much per day for gambling and thats whatever you can afford. We never go over our limit and actually always do quite well in Vegas. I always take travellers cheques, i find that way if you are winning there is no need to cash anything. If you have alot of cash there is more of a chance to blow it without thinking.

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3. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

not trying to be unhelpful, but how long is a piece of string? :)

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4. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

Hey bro, I would say atleast $1500 IMO. Everybody is different but if you find ways to eat cheap and don't gamble much, you can save alot and won't need much. But, who goes to Vegas to save? ;-) (ME!)

Go to Walgreens under The Venetian, buy sandwhich stuff, other snacks and drinks to save money on eating and going out. If you can, do the same at a liquor store; buy stuff for cocktails or whatever you like to have BEFORE you hit the casino and bar. This alone will save you a good amount and stretch your money out to last longer..especially if you're paying for two at every meal.

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5. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

We're taking $1800 for 6 nights. $300 per day allotment for food, beverage, and misc. expenses. As others have stated, that may be way too much for you if you are eating on a budget, but that would also be way too low if you are planning high-end restaurants and lots of taxi trips. I suggest researching where you would like to eat, looking at their menu online to get a feel for what your bill would be, and then doing your daily budget from there. That's what we did. We saw that our breakfasts and lunches would both come in at around $40-$60 total bill for each and our dinners would come in around $125 total bill. We then added on $75 for misc mad money for the day, giving us our budget of $300. Hope that helps!

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6. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

It really depends on what you want to do, where you want to eat, etc. We went down for 5 nights and brought down $2300 and came home with $600 (we'd either win or break even in gambling, so I think that helped). But that gave us about $300/day and we had a blast - we even spent $400 shopping and had a $250 dinner.

This next trip is for our wedding and we're going to do a few night clubs, too, and we're going down for 10 days. We're planning on bringing down about $5000 and since it'll be summer, we'll have some pool days so that'll save $ right there.

Something I did before we went down was buy our show tickets ahead of time, and researched things we wanted to do. Most of the restaurants have menus with prices online, so if you know where you want to eat, check the prices. If there are any attractions you want to see, check the prices (for example, the NYNY coaster was $16ish a person). That helped give me a good idea of what we needed while down there.

Don't forget about restaurant.com - use the promo codes to get 60-90% off (they always have promo codes). We also found that eating a big breakfast would tide us over till dinner so we saved $ not buying lunch.

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7. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

We use cash for gambling, cabs and tips. Everything else either gets charged to our room or put on a credit card.

I usually give my wife around $400 to carry around for when we are apart or she want to play. And I always bring 20 $5 bills and $1 bills for tips, but this won't last 4 nights. YMMV

Other than that it's a matter of what we will be doing that trip and how much I will gamble. We are going next week and it will be cold and so there will more inside time. So I will bring more cash this trip than when the weather is nice and we spend more time outdoors.

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8. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

Impossible question to answer without knowing how many shows you're going to see, what your dining preference is, transportation costs, hotel costs, etc. For me and my wife a grand a day is enough, for others maybe $2,000.00 a day. For 14 days You should probably bring $30,000.00 with you to be safe lol.

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9. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

Take as much as you are comfortable losing.

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10. Re: How much cash should we take for 5 days in Vegas?

NEVER fails to amuse me the personal financial information people will divulge to a boardful of complete strangers, and that someone plans a vacation without a budget.

Take as much as you want, are comfortable with and can afford to lose. There are ATMs all over Las Vegas, cashiers windows in all the big hotels and even - yes! - banks in the modern city of Las Vegas..