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tripres are liers!!!!!!!

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tripres are liers!!!!!!!

I made a reservation with tripres.com trough representative Janet, who promised 1 room with 2 queen beds( 2 adults and 2 kids-12 and 10); instead we have been told at the hotel desk that do not have 2 queens, only 2 doubles; i try to contact tripres and talked with Randy, who put me on hold, and then came back and said that 2 queens been sold, and i have to take 2 doubles; i told him that we cannot fit there, he started harshly screaming at me( my daughter sat next to me and heard all this hassle), and finally hung up on me, and did not even call back to apologize. Hotel manager tried to upgrade the room for about $100 more, which I did not take. My family took the room, my husband( big and tall guy) and I couldn't sleep all nights. I tried to contact a supervisor Richard next day; he made a long deal short and told me that they are not going to issue any refunds as I was agree to take the room; he did not even offer a free upgrade instead. After all this insults and stresses, our vacation was ruined. I was suffering from migraine( never experienced it before); kids were stressed out by observing us. Then I decide to search about tripres on tripadvisor: guess what? all reviews were negative. I am going to file complain with BBB, and believe this company with there disrespectful customer service representatives MUST get punished as they deserved it; I am trying to protect others from being insulted and tricked by tripres.

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11. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

In the future, if you wish to file a legitimate complaint on a company, go through the State's Attorney General's office and warn others through websites such as another poster suggested. The BBB is a joke. The BBB is a company that other companies PAY to get a good rating - the BBB's credibility is questionable. You can complain to them, but if you see a good rating on the BBB website, don't assume your complaint will change it.

And, yes, as others stated TripRes has a bad reputation here on TA. There is a thread that just keeps coming back all the time on it. It's a shame that you did not find TripAdvisor before using them rather than after.

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12. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

I'm just sorry that it ruined your vacation, and it sounds like the rest of the family's as well. Couldn't the kids take turns sleeping on the floor? Maybe ask for extra bedding from the hotel? I find that when I complain, I get a lot more results if I propose a solution to the problem, not just venting the problem

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13. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

Which hotel? I can't believe that they wouldn't have at least offered a cot, or two, for added sleeping space for your family once everyone realized that the number of beds/bed type wasn't going to work for your family. Disappointing yes, but I can't imagine getting so worked up that I'd become ill over it. Were you able to enjoy anything during your trip to Las Vegas? Let's hear about that.

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14. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

To be honest I aiways find it a bit wierd that a third party agent or even the hotel will not guarantee a room spec at time of booking. I've never had an issue but would if I ended up with a king room on lad's trip and your stuck at that hotel or have to fork out for an upgrade.

I suppose if you book direct you have the option of walking away with most of your cash.

San Antonio, Texas
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15. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

Look, you tried to cheapskate it and it didn't work out. Your kids are old enough that they should have had their own room. So, you really needed two rooms.

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16. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

We all learn from our mistakes.

Each and everyone here on TA, at some point in their life, made a mistake or trusted someone who should not have been trusted. Sh*t happens and you learn from it and make sure to not repeat the mistake again.

For future reference, you should read reviews of websites prior to making the reservation, not after. Sometimes, saving $20 can create problems costing more than the $20 itself.

I'm sorry about your ruined vacation but I'm quite certain than when you'll be planning your next trip with your kids you will be better prepared.

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17. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

Tripes has a bad rep here on TA? Mostly first time posters that complain about not getting what they can't be promised.

Why would the hotel have to deal with the fact you are too big to fit in a double bed? You let it ruin your trip that is your fault things happen on a trip and one must go on. Could not ask for a roll away or come up with another solution?

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18. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

Sorry to say this but such posts really actually annoy me. Are you seriously telling me that getting 2 double beds instead of 2 queen beds ruined your entire vacation? In the grand scheme of things I think it's a pretty minor thing. Yes you didn't get what you wanted but personally I'd put it to one side and get on with having a good time!

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19. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

anfurney I was about to post the same thing.

The size of the beds really ruined your whole trip to Vegas?? That sounds ridiculous to me.

Loveland Colorado
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20. Re: tripres are liers!!!!!!!

Didnt you know your never supposed to travel to Las Vegas without a handydandy tape measure to measure your bed with?!! ;)