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Love trip reports, hate mini-series

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Love trip reports, hate mini-series

This is MY opinion and you may not agree, but.........

I love reading trip reports, the longer and more detailed the better.

But I hate having them stretched out over several days (or weeks) and sometimes never even finished.

Why should the trip report take longer to read (or post) than the actual trip took?

I wouldn't buy a book in serial form, or pay to see a movie in the same format and the only mini-series I ever finished watching on TV was The Civil War, so even though I always start reading the multi-day trip reports, I very rarely actually finish them.

PLEASE, use your word processor, finish the report entirely and then cut and paste it onto TA so that the entire report is available for reading at one time. Take your time to write it like any author would, edit it, tweak it, enjoy it, but don't make everyone take a week to 'possibly' read it all.

Thats all folks. Take it in the spirit it was intended.

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1. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series


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2. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

I agree 100% ! Couldn't have said it better myself.

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3. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

"Take it in the spirit it was intended."

Whiny and complaining?

People take time to do trip reports. I don't read that many of them, but some are very entertaining.

I appreciate whatever effort people make to do them. And if they take some time, or never get finished...well...life goes on...I suppose you could always send a PM and ask what they did on the last day of the trip! :)

Brooklyn, NY
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4. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

Well we were certainly all put in our place weren't we Irish?

Don't read what you don't like. Seems pretty simple.

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5. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

This has been mentioned a number of times before, and it seems folks are about evenly divided as to whether they like the reports all at once, or helter skelter/serial style.

I don't read any of the reports anymore. But, it's more of a time issue, and I'm also trying to break my Vegas lust, and that's easier if I don't read about everyone's winning trips and great times. I won't even get into the ones that I have read in the past where folks can remember every minute detail to string together a verbose novel although they drank so much that they passed out every day of their visit.... Call me crazy, but I just don't see how that's possible unless they're using a ghost writer, or it's plain old bs.

The only thing that bothers me about either format is when folks return from their trip and almost immediately get on the forum to post "I just got home, and I'm exhausted, but will do a report sometime this week,,,," as if we've all been waiting with bated breath and can't get on with our lives until we know they're back and the trip report is coming.

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6. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

aawwww, you'll never read one of my reports..... =(

Irvine, California
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7. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

LOL btr-L8, that's nearly as irritating as a long account about getting to the airport and the flight!

Seriously I appreciate ALL TRs and those who go to the effort of posting them. I enjoy them in one "sitting" and the word processing, copying and pasting is definitely what I prefer, but if somebody wants to do it their way then fine. If I forget where a TR is at or I get bored of waiting for the next "episode" I just don't go back to it. Low, that doesn't apply to you.... :-)

Manchester, United...
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8. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

libertybell, turns out mine took longer to post from start to finish than my actual trip, so I'm guilty as charged.

That said, I'd hate for you to miss out on what is probably the best TR ever in the history of the world and what could well turn out to be a life changing experience for you, so just for you:


xxx ;)

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9. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

I love reading any TR's in any shape or form, and am very grateful for those who take the time and effort to post. And I do not mind details about the flight, especially if it in an airline I am likely to be using some time soon. It is nice if a report can be printed in its entirety, but I do not mind waiting a few days for the conclusion.

Edited: 07 April 2011, 14:20
Loveland Colorado
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10. Re: Love trip reports, hate mini-series

I love TRs- My only problem are with the ones that have no paragraphs- just makes it hard to read. But I still even try to read those ones as well. If it werent for TR's I wouldnt have learned half the things I know about Vegas.