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Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

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Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Day 1

checked in at manchester airport for the VS085 flight to vegas direct, little over 10 hours, with the plane being full it wasn't long till the plane ran out of alcohol!! yes thats right, the passengers drank the plane dry!!


compared to other virgin lights i have been on, i was disappointed with the entertainment system...to be exact, it was very poor for a virgin flight.

we landed just before 3pm, however another plane arrived before us and the customs queue was huge, but fast... queued for approx 40minutes.

we took a taxi to MGM grand, which cost $24 inc tips...think it was about 21???

by this time it was about 5pm...

we took a quick shower and headed to bellagio to collect our tickets for O

we decided to go to Todai buffet for dinner, upon arriving, mentioning and giving the restaurant.com voucher of $25

the sushi was VERY nice, i have heard todai is only average, but you give this sushi to anyone living in uk (apart from london ) and they will be very pleased

with over 40 selections of freshly rolled sushi, hot side consisted of prime beef...not nice, katsu, tempura, miso clams...all average oh and there was a salad, oyster and crab leg along with desserts and fruit, drinks are bottomless as we say in uk, and on average, was very happy with this meal.

as we booked the 10pm time slot we still had time to waste, so we headed to forum shops... discovered Coach shop and Apple shop... apple had completely sold out of ipads, i asked for a business card anyway

we headed to bellagio, and was seated in the cosy areana. we had seats in section 105 d1 d2

i wouldn't recommend the sections 105, purely because you ARE restricted... we was lucky as we sat a bit back and on the aisle so we got to see most of the show

the performance was amazing, starting off with pre show of getting the audience involved, the show may only be 90 minutes, but it was packed with everything, i do recommend seeing this show and i would go back to see it from another view, as for the wet seats... its splashes.

after the show we headed to the hotel and thats day 1

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1. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Day 2

woke up early, decided to have a lookk around the hotel along with a little gamble on the slot machinese, had a macdonalds for breakfast, then at 10am, we got picked up in the lobby in a limosine to take us to the court house to apply for the marriage license, there was noone there, and it was very simple to fill in and we was done in 10 minutes, we didn't pay for the marriage fee, this was covered by virgin holidays, which erika from bonotel paid for us.

we headed back to hotel.

we went to town square to buy something from frys and tried to track a ipad down...no luck

we then went to forum shops to see if the ipad was in stock...nope!!!

and we tried fashion mall...again no!! once again i asked for a card....

we went to RU sushi at fashin mall for what i thought was lunch but in fact it just turned to happy hour... what was disapointing was the fact n i wasn't given a happy hour menu, and it turned out to be expensive for two of us for late lunch $80

however the toro was amazing, the last time i had toro of that quality was at the tsukiji market in tokyo japan.

we headed back to hotel for another hour of gambling, upon arriving in the room, we had a message waiting for us, they was promoting the morales and maidana boxing match...on the cheap!!! half the original prices, due to the fact it wasn't selling well

we decided to enquire about it at the concierge,after alot of help, we settled for section 18 in the middle of the row...cant remember which row...for only $50 each!!! with the trouble we gave the woman, we tipped her $10

again, tired...we got a nathans hotdog from the food court and took it back to hotel room, got a free hotdog using the casino guide voucher

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2. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice


got up about 8am, after shower and wash we decided to go to premium outlet. we got the express outside mgm, we paid $7 for a 24 hour ticket.

the duece runs up and down the strip stopping at more or less every hotel. the express runs further down the strip than the duece, and slightly off bearing at stratoshpere....luckily mgm has stops for both busses.

got to outlet and guess what...it was freezing!! and started to rain...we went to the food court, we got two packs of sushi...vry nice and fresh and the ramen noodles, which is good!!

we then hit the shops!! i got my passport of offers, on top of that i printed out lots of vouchers on the premium outlet website... you only need to sign up

my favourite shops are armani exchange, we bought 2 t shirts, and two track suit top, using the 10% off one item voucher on the most expensive item!! guess, which i didn't find anything, juicy coutoure...bought a wallet, and coach,which had a little 40% off clearance sale, and by chance the staff was giving away 25% off on top of everything...max 5 items per reciept

i bought like 8 items for friends and family

i also managed to ppick some bargains up at adidas

as it was raining...we got a taxi back to hotel...inc tips it was about $28

we snacked on crisp in the hotel room, before hitting the boxing

as we have never been to a boxing match we went in at 3pm, be warned, it will be pretty empty and the amtosphere is non existant....

the earlier the matches the not so famous they are

we stayed till 9.30pm and the atmosphere at the end of the night was amazing...huge buzz!!!!!!!!!!

highlight of the evening was the japanese boxer knocking out his appointment in round one 1 minute 52 secs!! all the audience was laughing so hard!!!

when we left, we decided to get a macdonalds and go back to our room...and guess who i spotted, and had my photo taken with...evander holyfield : )

leeds, uk
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3. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Day 4

we getting married today!!

but to be honest,becasue we been together for so long, we was happy the way we are we only decided to get married after my dad nagged at me...we have been together for over 10 years...today is our 12th anniversary....

we got up and went out to m&m world, did a big shop and had some custom made m&m's with our wedding date and our names on them.

had breakfast in the food court to the right of m&m's...wasn't much choice really...

went back to hotel for a rest.

james from glamsquad came at 1pm...

you want the honest truth?

i didn't like it...in fact i hated my make up, i told him what i thought of it, he said if he changed it, it wouldn't look good in the photos... (and now i got my wedding photos i do believe i was right as i was too pale), he did get rid of the heavy eyeliner i didn't like and make my eyes darker, my hair was very nice, but fell after 2 hours, he was only with me for 15 minutes...and i dont know why but i tipped him $20 as well....

i hated it.

at 3pm todd (wilson) came with a assistant, as soon as they was through the doors they was shooting...which i liked... i booked todd for 4 hours

at 3.15 i made my way to the hotel's wedding chapel to get into my dress

as todd had an assitant, she helped me into my dress : )

when i was ready, the staff got me into position, and the music started playing...and i was in tears...before i even walked in!!

said our vows in tears and laughter, the words very much summed us both up

although we had no family, the vows meant alot.

didn't help, my husband went to kiss me BEFORE the minister had even finished!!!

after the ceromony, we both decided to stay in mgm for photos, as there are many places to take nice photos

after 2 hours, we felt there was more than enough, and decided to cut todd short one hour...we said we was very happy with his service, adm i tipped his assistant dion $50, dion herself took more than 500 photos

after the wedding we both got changed (its not like us to be dressed up, and we both felt uncomfortable...not to mention the wedding shoes)

we went to pampas grill for dinner, i got the 25$ voucher to use,the staff was very very helpful, although we didn't want to...we ended up getting the full blow out menu, the food was very average, and i dont recommend coming here...sorry!!!

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4. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Day 5


we had a confirmation phone call at 5.30 to see if we was still going...yes!!!

we booked the grand canyon west rim tour with skywalk for i think $135???

can't remember

anyway, we got picked up at new york new york at 6.15 am

where we was taken to the tour operater centre for a breifing, and free juice and danish for breakfast, then we went on the tour bus and was ready to set off

along the way the driver and guide sharon, told and gave us lots of information

our first stop was hoover dam, my god it was breath taking, and its so amazing at how it was built

as this was a stop over we was only here for 15 minutes.

we then headed back tot he bus was made our way to the west rim

along the way having a toilet break and changing buses

once re arrived at gran canyon main centre, we was given a ticket for entry AND free lunch which is included and can be USED ANYWHERE withen the gran canyon

once you arrive at the centre, they explain to you that there's three shuttles (free, approx 5-10 minutes to each point)

each shuttle goes to a different point of the grand canyon... we decided to hit the skywalk first....when we got there, the completely forbid any cameras!!! you have to cross a machine which detects electricals!! then you have to wear protective cover over your shoes then your allowed on the skywalk

they have their own photographers, who takes photos for you, I ADVISE YOU TO ASK THEM TO TAKE AS MANY AS YOU CAN AT THIS POINT, PULL ANY STUPID POSES, BUT REMEMBER TO TAKE LOADS... reason being is that one photo cost $30, however a package cost $100 which includes pictures, 4 framed photos and a USB stick with all the photos on it!!!

we took about 10 in total and went for the $100 package, we had lunch at this point at the chinese, and i do not recommend it at all!!!

ok, after this we decided to hit the eagle eye view of grand canyon. you are warned that there are no barriers from stopping you falling off the edge!!!

the view here is amazing!! and be sure to carry water!!

we hiked to the top of the little hill and the view is breath taking...my fear of heights disappeared in an instant!!!

after this we then went to the haulapai village, there's not much here, however make sure you save your lunch voucher to eat here, they got bottomless drinks, and everyone went on about the ribs and chicken on offer here

by now there wasn't much time left on our excursion trip, so we made our way back to the centre for the 3.15 on bus get together.

we got back to the strip by 6.30

we went back to hotel for a little rest and shower... then guess what...

we went back out!!!!!!

we went to freemont street, again, we got the express rather than the duece as its alot faster.

we got off at the golden nugget, the return bus stop is outside binions.

they got a glider thing that goes straight down freemont street, the casinos here are ratherr on the old side of vegas, save your stomach for all the little gooieds inside the casinos, 99c hot dog,hamburger, prawn cocktail for $2 etc...

we was starving, we wanted to go to tony roma's but the queue was huge..prob cos it just hit happy hour 9-11pmsteak and lobster $12, so we went to freemont street casino buffet, prime rib night $14...and it was RUBBISH!! 5h1t if i could swear!!!

the feeling walking down freemont street was amazing, specially when the lights came on... we had KISS, like a rock and roll theme...

before we knew it we was tired and headed back to hotel

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5. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Day 6

slept in till 10am, made our way to the wedding chapel to choose our wedding photos, and just as my fears came true, i looked horrible in them... we had difficulty choosing 12 as part of our package!!!


oh well, like i said i felt that saying the vows waas the most important thing in the world, how i looked i didn't care as i had 600 honey photos taken by now, so there is something to remind us of our wedding...

headed for tix4 show just outside mgm, we bought 2 lunch buffets for todai at $2 each, we got lunch buffet for i thinik $16 each

we loved it so decided to head back, i understand that there wont be as much choice, however the sushi we wanted to eat was there, so we got our money's worth.also they had sukiyaki udon with fat beef...something you cant get here in uk or if you could it wont be the fat beef i saw....

after lunch we decided today was going to be casino day!!!

we had lots of vouchers to spend, one of which we already used at hooters which was a $200 free slot play

basically its rubbish, you can win...however for a cash win you have to hit the jackpot, other form of winnings is paid as credit back into the slot machine....

this goes same to casino royale

we went to famigo, had a quick bet and the sun was shining and the falmingos was beautiful...not to mention the two turtles making out!!!


casino royale was our lucky day!!! we got our two for one strawberry margrita's for a dollar and hit the machinese... both with $20 in hand we decided to try the wizard of oz, there' s a few versions the one we played had random slippers and if you got 2 wilds there's a chance for respin for another wild to play games...

anyway...with my $20 i won $190 playing 40c in one go...i won $210 altogether, and my husband won $305 playing 40c!!!

woot woot!!!

we went to sahara, and my god.it certainly feels like its going to be demolished, it was quiet

circus circus felt old fashioned, didn't appeal to us, however statopshere.

we had a 2 for 1 entry to deck with american casino guide. paid $16 and went up the lift he view up here is just as amazing as well

very windy though. on the way up you get your photo taken

when we went down we bought our photos, we had two for $33

back to hotel, but stopping at strip burger, after reading about the reviews on here

got a table straight away and our server ...michael, has to be the best server i've ever head!!

i told him about the $25 voucher from restaurant.com, no problem

we explained we're from uk, dont know what we want, and that i'd read positive reviews about stripburger...he was suprised...*what all the way in uk?*

he recommed the stripburger special, we got the chilli cheese one, along with half garlic herb fries and shoestrings....

we asked about the kobe beef hotdog

again we dont h things like this in uk!! we're only just eating

kobe burgers here

we thought sod it, we're on holiday and ordered that one as well!!

hahahahaa yes we're greedy

but boy was it all good!! juicy natural juice seeping out when you bite into it, not greasy at all

and the best thing was definately the waiter!!! the manager was good too, he introduced himself to every table and made it clear if theres anything we can do, give me a shout.

as it was so nice, we deicded to get a extra hotdog for supper!!!

the bill came to $23 witht he discount, i asked michael how the tips get split (its normal to ask in uk) he said it get spreaded out evening with the staff and manager and owner... we put $24 down, but put $12 into michaels hand, and thanked him for his brilliant service

we headed back to hotel, on the way back we just caught the volcano's in time!!! however when we was leaving it must have been the 10pm showing as the bus was packed and didn't stop...the previous stop is the treasure island stop

we decided to cut across the road and get the monorail back to hotel

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6. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Got tunneled going to the MGM huh, that sucks sorry.

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7. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Day 7

again slept in, decided to spend the last day on the hotels we didn't see.

first stop food!!

we noticed that every time we got the deuce, we spotted the sugar factory at paris...GIVE IT A MISS

we approached the lady stading at the door to see the menu, on the strip is two staff trying to get people to go in.

the lady at the door, took us to the front desk, where another person took us to our table...

the outsideseating is packed but the restaurant inside was empty, i counted about 6 table inside the restaurant

we looked at the menu, and whenn we was ready we tried to get A STAFF' ATTENTION...we counted in total 20+ floor staff yet not one came to see out needs... i was losing patience and said lets go...

but my husband didn't want to be rude.

at this point another couple who came in, got up and go...

i managed to get a staff, i said i'd like to place an order, to which the reply was... i'll take the order for you, but i dont take food order, i'll pass it onto your server...???? WTF!!!

ok...as we waited for out food to be cooked, one staff, who just walked forward and backwartds thinking he's too good for the world put us off!!! then three waitresses decided to have a little dance competition, as it was quiet

our food came out, but i wasn't int he mood, i had a ham and cheese crepe...very nice however far too much ham...the ham was piled up 2 inches thick!!!

my husband got the carbonara...very nice

again... when i wanted to order a dessert, i had to call someone

when we was waiting for dessert

we overheard the table behind us complain to the manager about over staff

i then turned round and joined in...i said as a customer, in half empty restaurant, i dont want to see staff walking aorund doing nothing with hands in pocket and dancing...its off putting...p.s its not exactly cheap as well!!!

the manager didn't even know what to say...he kept saying we only been open a month...

i dont care!! your the manager you should be in charge....

after that the manager just disappeared...didn't see him gaian

disappointed waffles..paid and left

went to treasure island, mirage and rio's

rio's ...i found it quite interesting...

the cocktail laides, get up on this stage and sing one or half a song every now and again...the outfits are of barely there lace with a thong


we ate at the buffet here before going back to hotel...nothing special

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8. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Day 8

we got woken up by family ringing from uk...thinking we was back, and not rung!! only tried explaining to arrive a day later like hong kong

as we got woken up, we decided to give apple one last try...we was ringing everyday!!!

no luck at both forum shops and fashion mall

ok back to hotel and time to check before 11am

got the bellboy to tak suitcases down

upon checking out my worse fear aboutt his holiday was about to be unveiled...

*your clear to go*

are you sure?

*you have no resort fee to pay for* (yeah virgin holidays was right, i even printed the email off and took it with me)

but i made some phone calls (about 40 to be precise and one incoming call)

*thats no problem, i'll waiver that for you*

so with that i didn't pay anything!!!

woot woot!!

ok, my flight isn't until 5.20pm

decided to go to the M players card to see if we got any rewards

we got upgrasded to pearl, and the points...or whatever it is you collect, got converted to money to use at any mgm restaurant

we decided to go for the buffet....

after lunch, we had one last session of bet before leaving for casino, although i lost... my husband won!!!

taxi to airport was alot cheaper...only $10!!! husband gave $20

when we checked in at virgin, we was told only one suitcase... again i got my confirmation out from virgin (where i highlighted it)

i showed her it sasy 2x 23kg bags per person

managed to check our bags alright

then inside, on the slot machinese we won $90 with $20!!

vegas we love you

i managed to convert my japan loving husband to vegas

see you soon

(back to the hong kong tripadvisor now!!)

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9. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

Keep it coming.

I asume ipads are a lot cheaper than here in the UK.

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10. Re: Wedding report!!! thanks to all advice

yeah ipads are £80 cheaper in the us for the standard 32g one