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Security camera's in casino's

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Security camera's in casino's

Just curious about camera's in casino's.

I read in another thread about camera's focused on VP machines to see if the player was playing max bet to recieve comped drinks at the bar. Is this true?

Also i read somewhere about face recognition (i forget where now). Do they have this in Vegas casino's and if they do, why would they?

Last year i was playing BJ up at The Sahara and the dealer made a mistake and paid me out on a push. I let him know about his mistake and he said just to keep it (it was only $3 or so but still?) . When i said to him that the camera above the table would have seen it and he may get in to trouble he said there was no one watching??

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1. Re: Security camera's in casino's

The security cameras aren't there to see if you are playing max bet at the VP bar... that's the bartender's job.

There are lists of undesirably people who have been banned from the casinos. Facial recognition software looks for them. It's unclear if the software actually works (except at the Montecito, where it works quite well.)

The Sahara was broke... their limited secuirty budget was being used on better things than a $3 table (or it was, and the dealer could care less if he gets fired.)

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2. Re: Security camera's in casino's

I don't think they use cameras to regulate free drinks, only for security.

I always assume I am being watched except when I am in my hotel room or in a bathroom.

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3. Re: Security camera's in casino's

Facial recognition is there so that somebody who is in the "Black Book" (list of persons banned by the Nevada Gaming Commission) can be quickly identified. Individual casinos may also have their own lists of excluded persons (card counters for example). Google Griffin Investigations for more info.

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4. Re: Security camera's in casino's

>playing max bet to recieve comped drinks at the bar


>face recognition

Possible. If in place, likely used to spot known advantage players, black book types, etc.

>he said there was no one watching

Likely at any given moment. My understanding of the surveillance system is that actual human observation is effectively random unless they're alerted by a dealer or other employee. No casino could afford to have a human watching every table and slot machine all the time.

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5. Re: Security camera's in casino's

"I read in another thread about camera's focused on VP machines to see if the player was playing max bet to recieve comped drinks at the bar. Is this true?"

I don't think anyone here is going to have specifics as to casino security systems and how they're used. And anyone who DOES have that info as part of their job won't have their job for long if they post the specifics. :)

I can state for a fact that bartender's routinely tell customers they cannot comp drinks without max play on the machines because "the eye in the sky is watching". I've heard them say it at several places around town. Whether it's true or not who knows. It's certainly an easy way to defuse arguments from the bartender's perspective.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen some of the security features on TV shows. They show all those cameras and a room full of employes watching them. But not enough emplyees to watch every camera all the time.

Keswick, United...
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6. Re: Security camera's in casino's

Im the same, i always assume that i am being watched and have no problem with that. Infact it makes one feel much safer, in an already safe city.

Just trying to increase my knowledge on the place i guess.

Mission, Canada
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7. Re: Security camera's in casino's

Not sure about the VP cameras since I don't play them at the bar in Vegas.

I would think facial recognition is used to identify cheaters and probably known card counters.

I'm surprixed they wouldn't have had cameras above the BJ tables though.

I'm pretty sure I've read in more than one place that the only times you are not caught on camera is in the restrooms and in your hotel room.

I have seen some videos of desperate people faking falls and injuries, some self-inflicted in the elevators of all places. Because of possible litigation I think even before you step foot in the casino you're on camera.

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8. Re: Security camera's in casino's

Highly unlikely with the VP machines. Tasking security resources to watch VP machines will cost more money than the casino stood to make off of catching VP players that aren't betting max coins.

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9. Re: Security camera's in casino's

On nearly every trip I get paid wrong at least once and often multiple times and nothing has ever been said. Many years ago we were on a trip to Atlantic City and my friend was paid wrong on a 10 dollar bet. He pushed and they paid him as if he won. About 10 minutes later they came to speak to him and said he was paid wrong and they wanted their 10 dollars back. We all could not believe they were that concerned over a 10 dollar mispay, but they invited him to watch the tape to prove he was paid wrong..there was a fair amount of bickering back and forth over the 10 bucks and he finally just gave them 2 five dollar chips. The dealer looked quite nervous during the whole process. So Im not sure if this guy had a history or they just happened to catch it by chance. But I guess it proves it can happen!

New Jersey
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10. Re: Security camera's in casino's

I've been told by a dealer that security watches the higher end tables, I'm guessing $25 and up, but don't worry to much about the lower end tables, $5 or less. I'm sure the check up on all the tables from time to time to keep the dealers honest but in some casinos with some many tables I'm sure they can't watch all of them 100% of the time.