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You get what you pay for!

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You get what you pay for!

Just a few tips into my trip last week. Pretty regular stuff, so no full TR.

OLIVES- Best meal of the trip. $300 including tip for 4 people. 6:30 reservation and no seating on the patio until 8 (didn't wait). Father in law offered to buy before he knew his beefeater and tonics were running $14 a pop, haha. Server genuinely acknowledged the 20% tip and was professional and greatful.

RANGE STEAKHOUSE (with tix4dinner)- 10oz Filet left much to be desired and was barely worth the $20 it cost after discount. Oysters were good. Server Benny was great. Somewhat hard of hearing and gave you the impression he was there since the made guys ran the place. Also thanked us for the tip in a genuine fashion.

BB King- $50 Rest.com Cert put the meal right where it should have been cost wise. Deep fried pickels just OK, but we're spoiled up here with our ones at the State Fair.

HOOVER DAM- Really cool. Glad we got there early (before 10:00am) as when we left the line to park was huge. Did the power plant tour as the Dam tour wasn't available for two ours.

THE COFFEE CUP- Now, a fellow TAer suggested this restaurant on my final itinerary post (which got less responses than the "how do I check my posts thread" haha) in Boulder City since it was recently on Diners, Drive INNS, and Dives. Great Huevos Rancheros and a good suggestion for breakfast prior to the DAM.

Hash House A GO GO (IP)- Now I know it is talked about a lot here, but it is a great place. The staff is really fun and made it a great visit for us and it is a good value.

Terry FATOR- Haven't come across any reviews that said anything but excellent and a must see, and I agree.

same for LOVE.

NINE FINE Irishmen- Had a breif stop here but their was a live Irish band that was excellent. If I were in Vegas for and extended period of time, i'd make sure to spend a whole night here and see how much Smithwicks I could drink.

Cabs- Whats the deal with these guys? Every cabbie starts the trip by saying, "I'm going to take a different way because.....(i'm trying to scr#w you). Complain about low tips on your last fare. Admit to raising the fair to those who won't notice. My advice, you get a skecthy driver and you are not sure what the best route is, ask their opinion of taking the tunnel from the airport and let them know that YOU know the taxi authority says it is never the quickest way to the strip. We had one wise guy, and I told him this on a trip downtown from Mirage. When I said that he immediately hooked a left off the blvd and screamed downtown on side streets. Total fare was $15.22. Gave him a $20. He was one that said he does use the tunnel.

Complainers- Get over yourself. Old man talking down to the lady at the Grazie desk and lady in front of me at Mirage check in (that totally ruined my chances at the $20 trick!). I don't know what you are complaining about, but being a total ar^se in public makes you look dumb.

The $20 dollar trick- DOESN'T always work. Had a $50 out and the front desk girl was so distraught when I checked in from being screamed at she grabbed my ID, didn't even see it, and said there were no complimentary upgrades. So that answers the question about ask nicely and tip if you get it. Congrats to others that posted that it did work at Mirage last week (saw a few on here.) Was able to get Tower Deluxe for $20 a night extra which was worth it. No big deal in the end.

Carnegie Deli - Now open 24 hours. Don't get the hard salami at 3 am after drinking a lot. Killer in the morning. Good omlette sandwiches.

RHUMBAR- Monday night had a great DJ and atmosphere. Our last round we tipped $3 on two drinks and had the $3 returned to us by the server. Tipped 20%-30% each round before that but my mother in law bought that round and she is not much of a tipper (we didn;t let her tip any of the meals). Never saw the same server the rest of the week as she was wearing a professionaly suit, and if you;ve been to Rhumbar before, the other servers are dressed a lot better.

Thats about it for now.

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1. Re: You get what you pay for!

Thanks for sharing. I agree, you get what you pay for. Sounds like you had some highlights and I enjoyed reading about them!

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2. Re: You get what you pay for!

great tip about Hoover dam! may have to change the times for reservations for the car. Sounds like a fun trip, tanks for sharin

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3. Re: You get what you pay for!

Thank you for your trip highlights.

The server actually returned a tip because it was not enough? Unreal!

Wilmington, Delaware
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4. Re: You get what you pay for!

Thanks for sharing and I also agree ya get what ya pay for. Sounds like you had a good time. :)

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5. Re: You get what you pay for!

Next time, tip the guy in front of you $20 in exchange for not complaining.

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for Las Vegas
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6. Re: You get what you pay for!

Couldn't agree with you more. And it should be said a lot more often here. Terry Fator and LOVE have got to be the best show combination at any hotel in Las Vegas. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for posting.

Oahu, Hawaii
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7. Re: You get what you pay for!

Thanks for the report! You've helped convince me that I need to do Olives twice instead of just once :-)

Seattle, Washington
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8. Re: You get what you pay for!

Thanks for the report.. I'll use some of your tips when I stay at Mirage in June! I hear ya about people making a scene and looking stupid..

New York City, New...
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9. Re: You get what you pay for!

Glad you had a good time.

Terry Fator is a great show indeed

Hotlando, Fl
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10. Re: You get what you pay for!

$15 for a 1 liquor drink, outrageous! No wonder I love downtown.