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Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

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Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Me and my boyfriend were in Vegas last week Sunday through Friday. This TR is broken down by category with highlights of the trip rather than a play by play. I have been to Vegas pretty much every year for the last ten, but this is me and BF's second trip together. We are in our late 30's. Will post as a reply.

N E Indiana
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1. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan


We reserved a standard vehicle from Enterprise using a 5% off coupon from BF’s insurance company. But when we got there they were running a special to upgrade to a premium for $10 a day. I don’t know if that was a good deal or not. I’m just an impulse shopper and a sucker for offers like that.

The choice of vehicles was a Lincoln Continental, Nissan Altima and Dodge Challenger. It was a no brainer – the Challenger for sure!

But I guess I didn’t realize how large of a vehicle the Challenger is as I could barely see over the dash. I had a heck of a time judging distances as far as how close objects were, especially when other cars were driving next to me. Parking garages were the worse, especially the one at the Fitzgerald. BF nearly had a nervous breakdown because the oncoming drivers were going way too fast and turning too wide into our lane. Not good when driving what feels like a boat.


Not only am I a sucker for impulse purchases, I am a sucker for HYPE. That is exactly how we ended up at The Cosmopolitan. I read a lot of glorious reviews about the place and couldn’t wait to stay there. I reserved a terrace one bedroom suite and asked to have a note on the reservation about wanting a view of the Bellagio fountains. We checked in around 9:30. The room wasn’t ready but explained a fountain view was no problem. They said they would call when the room was ready and they actually DID. (First time that ever happened).

I was not as awed with The Cosmo as expected. Don’t get me wrong, it is visually stunning, especially the Chandelier bar. I guess I just hyped myself up about it too much. It reminded me a lot of Wynn/Encore, except the clientele at Wynn/Encore is older and classier. The clientele at Cosmo was mostly 20-somethings, and boy did they get on my nerves. I never saw so many short dresses and pants on the ground in my life. The young’ins were so rowdy, loud talking and booty shaking, it grated on our nerves. We couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there each day and gamble someplace else.

The room was nice and the view … oh my gosh … The View. Incredible! There were things I loved about the room and things I truly despised. I loved the toiletry products (C.O.Bigelow), large soaking tub, the shelf in the shower for a place to put all my shower stuff, vanity mirror in the bathroom, comfy bed, toilet in a separate room, separate quarters for living and bedroom, and a flat screen that swivels.

Aside from the clientele, I despised the fact there was a kitchenette, but not one dish or utensil. The lighting was poor, and the biggest dislike of them all HOUSEKEEPING. It was downright atrocious! The trash in the living room was not emptied all week, same for the kitchen sink and soap dish in the bathroom not being wiped down. One night we came back to a half made bed and wide open terrace door. (We were starting to think the person who cleaned the room had jumped). But the kicker was the set of dirty hand towels. When I say dirty I mean as if they were used to wax a car. I guess they don’t use bleach.

Housekeeping was apologetic and brought new towels right away. But they never followed up the rest of our stay to see how things were going. Upon check –out I told the front desk AGAIN how terrible housekeeping was. They wanted examples so I went down the list mentioned above, complete with a picture of the dirty towels.

They gave me a $50 food and beverage credit, which could not really be taken advantage of since we were headed to the airport. The credit should have come the night I called about the towels and terrace. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t complain to be compensated. I complained because they need to know the housekeeping doesn’t match the standards they are touting.

Anyway, I asked at the gift shop if the credit could be used on food and beverage purchases and was told that it could. We purchased $28.50 in water, pop, candy and beef jerky and charged it to the room as instructed. Of course I had no faith the transaction would actually work out right, and sure enough it didn’t. Checked my credit card and they had charged me for it. After speaking with two agents who explained I was given incorrect information at the gift shop, they reversed the charge.

I should also mention that upon check-out I realized I had been charged for a bottle of wine and a bottle of water from the mini bar. Those charges were reversed also. Overall experience at The Cosmopolitan was not so good and I let them know via the email survey. On a positive note, the beef jerky they sell at the gift shop is delicious!


Bally’s Sterling Brunch -

I had been longing to eat at the Sterling Brunch ever since Circus Circus canceled their champagne brunch. It did not disappoint! They had jumbo shrimp (peeled), crab legs, crab claws, lobster tails, oysters on the half shell, filet mignon, prime rib caviar – too much food to mention and everything was delicious.

The service was incredible! Our server was Etorre who insisted on serving us more and more champagne, but not in an annoying or aggressive sort of way. When I commented that his name is beautiful, he cracked us up with the Italian accent as he proceeded to explain that Etorre is Italiano. So for the rest of the trip BF and I would randomly shout “Etorre, it’s Italiano.” We got a kick out of the party sitting next to us. Apparently, their brother missed the brunch because he had gotten too drunk the night before. So they asked Etorre to record a video message to the brother about how wonderful the food was and that it was too bad he missed it.

Wicked Spoon Buffet – Cosmopolitan

We ate at Wicked Spoon twice. The first time was breakfast, which was not bad for $17. The selection was decent and there is an omelet station. The guy making the omelets seemed to be picking up a lot of money in tips. He deserved it though because the line was never ending. The only complaint I have is once the server brought the initial drinks he never came back – not even one time. It was weird. Lunch was good , cost is $22.

There was a wide selection of meats and vegetables and the macaroni and cheese was so good I am still thinking about it. As you may have heard, Wicked Spoon is not like most buffets where you serve yourself from large pans. Most everything is served in individual serving cups. It’s an interesting concept and I suppose there is less waste doing it that way.

China Poblano – Cosmopolitan

Where do I even start with this place? Chinese and Mexican are my two favorites which is why we tried it. The food was good, but they advise diners to order 2-3 entrees per person because the portions are really small. We did just that, spending $115 (including two margaritas) and left hungry. They also tell diners upfront that the food comes out as it is made, not all at the same time. This made the service feel really rushed, like they were trying to hurry up and get us out of there.

One of my entrees was the Ten Treasure, which is a soup with noodles, pork, shrimp and vegetables. The vegetables were as big as my fist. I asked they guy who brought it out for a knife and was told that the restaurant does not have knives?? When it was time to pay, the server asked how everything was. I told her my meal would have been better with access to a knife. She apologized, saying the restaurant now has 30 knives and that she would make sure everyone knew about them. I suppose I am just not cultured enough to eat giant portions of food without cutting it.

Chandelier Bar

We met BF’s cousin who recently moved to Vegas at the Chandelier Bar. One pomegranate martini, one Grey Goose and cranberry, one Heineken – $33. Not as expensive as I expected and the surroundings are gorgeous.

Katy’s @ Riviera / Ellis Island Café

These restaurants are what I consider dives but the food is decent and cheap. We spent less than $25 with tip at both places. Love cheap eats that is not fast food!


Vinnie Favarito

We originally had Carrot Top tickets booked and paid for when Luxor canceled the show due to “routine maintenance of the theatre” a week before the trip. Vinnie is embarrassingly hilarious. His entire show is based on making fun of audience members and he made fun of just about everyone, including me. He asked my name then made a big deal about the fact that it’s not SHA-KNEE-QUA, or something like it. Oh yeah. He picked on every single race in the audience. There were times when I actually sat there with my mouth open/draw dropped because of the things he said about people … yet I was not offended. Great show!

Cirque Du Soleil O

I saw O for the first time in 2003 and wanted to take BF because he has not seen a Cirque show other than Beatles Love. It was as good as the first time and BF enjoyed it, too.

Cirque Du Soleil Viva Elvis

We were curious to see whether in our opinion Viva Elvis was as delightful as Beatles Love. We actually got into a conversation with a couple who had also seen Love and was told Elvis was better. We explained how we had heard Love was way better than Elvis. Needless to say, both parties were eager to see the show. In our opinion, Elvis was NOT better than Love, not even close!

Two things bothered us about the show. #1 – Elvis’ music stands on its own. We did not like the fact that several of the songs were performed by female singers. We would have preferred to hear Elvis’ voice combined with a Cirque performance. #2 – Too many female dancers playing the part of a male performance. The females were good dancers. They just seemed out of and made portions of the performance too feminine. Unlike Chriss Angel –Believe, Viva Elvis was not a horrible show. There were parts that were quite entertaining. However, it pales in comparison to Beatles Love. (In our opinion)


I was shocked and disgusted by the filthy restrooms encountered this trip. The public restrooms in Vegas are usually very clean. From the airport, to Ballys, to Planet Hollywood and many more, the restrooms were just downright disgusting with nasty smells, toilets that were not flushed, overflowing trash cans, wet sinks and countertops, etc. I seriously could not even gamble or have a good time at Ballys and Planet Hollywood because I was afraid of being stuck having to use their restrooms. BF said the men’s bathrooms were just as bad.

The slots at every casino seemed really tight. I have heard people say there is no such thing as a tight or loose slot machine because the spins are random, but machines at every casino seemed to be paying little or nothing. I played on the strip and downtown. When I did get a break, Wizard of Oz and Deal or No Deal seemed to reward the best with minimum bet. The max bets did not work for me at all. I got so tired of playing max bet and getting back nothing while watching the folks around me play .30 and .50 cents and gaining $50 or $60 bucks and bonus rounds every spin.

Once I started playing minimum, which wasn’t until the last day and a half, I started winning a little. BF typically plays blackjack, but had lost most of his bankroll by the second or third day. He ended up playing slots and was quite lucky at it.

The Zipline at Fremont Street … FUN! FUN! FUN!

Performers on the sky bridges, time share hawks, porn slappers and people in costumes were ridiculously abundant this trip. I understand people are just trying to make a living and for the most part tried to ignore them. I just couldn’t believe how they seemed to be in our face at every turn. However, we took pictures with guys dressed like Elvis, guys dressed like characters from the Hangover, and gals dressed like classic Vegas showgirls. So I suppose I should not lump them in with the time share hawks and porn slappers.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the beggars with their ridiculous signs. They didn’t have typical signs like “Homeless veteran need food.” Their signs were ridiculous, for example “Need money for weed” and “Who reads these things anyway?” … Totally ridiculous.

Due to the number of martinis consumed, a new pair of heels and a step down from the sidewalk, I fell to the ground one day at the crosswalk on Bellagio Blvd. I was totally embarrassed! Not so much because I had fallen down, but because I realized how the fall had targeted me as potential subject matter for someone’s trip report. LOL!

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2. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Incredible review. Thanks for sharing. First time to Cosmo coming up in June. Zip line sounds fun.

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3. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Going next month.

Thanks for sharing.

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4. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

LOL! It says a lot for a person's character that can laugh at themselves. I'm glad you weren't hurt.

Loved your report, good detail. Sounds like you had a great time! You and I have the same level of NO TOLERANCE for certain things.

Thanks so much for posting! :)

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5. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Thanks for the TR. I really appreciate your candid views on things, especially the Cosmo.

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6. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Thanks for the trip report. I particularly appreciated the thoughts on Cosmo. Sounds like they still have their training wheels on.

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7. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Great trip report.

Sad to hear about issues with Cosmo, as we will be there in 11 days.

Sure hope (sorry) that we don't incounter what you did.

Cheers Deb

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8. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Thanks for the detailed, thoughtful report!

At least the beef jerky was good!

victoria bc canada
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9. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Thanks a great report.Lots of great info.

Totally agree about the bathrooms at Planet Hollywood..............DISGUSTING

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10. Re: Categorized Trip Report - Stayed at The Cosmopolitan

Excellent Report. Not that much about Cosmo is surprising me, and I certainly agree about the hype raising expectations. Although there does seem to be a disturbing number of issues still with Housekeeping. You would think they would have been able to resolve this by now.

Input like yours on China Poblano is really helpful. I'm sure it's an excellent restaurant, but the more I read the less I feel it is right for us.

"Not so much because I had fallen down, but because I realized how the fall had targeted me as potential subject matter for someone’s trip report. LOL!"

That has to be a sure sign that you're spending too much time reading this board, lol. But it was a great way to end your report.

Thanks for posting.