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What to expect from Vegas?

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What to expect from Vegas?


Hubby and I are going to spend 3 or 4 nights in Vegas as part of our trip but I really dont know what to expect.

All I know is that there is a lot of casino halls and shows, im not really interested in either.

What else is in Vegas to look forward to?


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1. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

Some of the finest restaurants in the world. But basically everything and anything that a large city has to offer.

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2. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

To be honest if you're not really interested in casinos or shows, which are probably the largest attractions in Las Vegas, I would ask why you are going.

Apart from these you can look forward to some fine dining and shopping if either of these appeal.

You could also spend time relaxing in your hotel, spa and pool area (subject to your hotel choice) but not sure in my opinion if these alone would justify a 3 or 4 night stay.


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3. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

If you are going to Vegas anyway, you might as well try a show or two. Also, might as well check out the casinos a little, too. You might find that you will like them afterall.

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4. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

Expect the unexpected.

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5. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

Shopping, restaurants, shows, live music, comedy, magic, burlesque show, opulence, ostentatious extravagance…. you will be blown away by how much money some people gamble (even on a single hand of black jack (pontoon/21)).

Are you saying you dont like any sort of shows? Have seen or read about any of the types of show on offer in Vegas? Or do you just not like any/all types of show? Whether thats a musical, performance (like cirque du soleil), theatrical or a live band/artist singing?

My better half isnt particularly interested in gambling (in fact she quite dislikes it). We do however really enjoy food and she loves shopping. We also like the show side of things.

Usually live bands is my/our bag… but a few years ago we saw La Nouba in Orlando - that blew us away. I would say that no way would I have thought of going to see it (if it wasnt for Trip Advisor and people banging on about it)… so we thought "When in Rome and all that". Amazing.

So this time round we're due to see Love and La Reve.

We're also going to see Peepshow (a burlesque show starring some Playboy bunny who has her own TV show I believe). Again, I wouldn't say this is our normal bag, but if you're going to see something like that; may as well be in Vegas.

I would suggest doing/trying some of the things you wouldnt normally do.

If you really dont fancy that; what do you like (I'd hazard a guess they have it in Vegas).

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6. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

I would do a little research before you go. What kinds of things do you like to do on vacation? You will probably find them in Vegas, but you have to look. Vegas, particularly the strip, has so many options that it can be overwhelming--and not fun--to just show up with no idea of where things are or what you're looking for.

You should expect to be amazed by the strip at night. No matter who you are or what you enjoy, the simultaneous feelings of shock, awe, joy, disgust, delight, and amazement will take you by surprise.

A visit downtown is a must, go to some of the bars that are not in casinos. Like everyone else, I also recommend Hoover Dam, the neon museum, and Valley of Fire. Nothing like visiting those places all day and coming back to the city at night.

Also: good restaurants, hot, sunny, dry weather every day, and lots of walking.

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7. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

Red Rock Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the Neon Sign Museum and the Pinball Hall of Fame - just to name a few non-gambling, non-show things to do.


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8. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

lots of people. pretty sights. hot weather. your wallet will weigh significantly less upon departure.

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9. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

What can you look forward to?

Look forward to being overwhelmed by what Vegas has to offer. The casinos are not just for gambling. You will find numerous attractions inside. In fact, the exterior of many casinos should be considered attractions. Where else would you find a pyramid, NYC skyline (complete with a Coney Island rollercoaster), Eiffel Tower, Venetian canals, Lake Como, a castle, etc. all within a few miles?

Most of the hotels have some kind of attraction- the Bellagio fountains/conservatory, Forum Shops at Caesars Palace (both an attraction and a mall), Eiffel Tower, ceilings/shops/canals at the Venetian. The Cosmpolitan is just filled with fun, quirky things to see/do- foosball, ping pong tables, pool tables, pillars in the lobby that are constantly changing, 9' stilettos heels, an art studio, mini art machines, a hidden no name/no sign pizza joint with old album covers lining the walls- and the Chandelier Bar that spans three floors. You could have a scavenger hunt in there.

Besides the buldings (Aria- with a casino, the elegant Mandarin Orlental, the cool looking Vdara and the upscale Crystals) CityCenter has art objects scattered throughout the complex. You can get a map of their locations at the conciege desk at the Aria. There are also two great galleries there- Chihuly and MacDonald. The Bellagio also has a Gallery of Fine Art.


Then you have the malls- everything from exculsive upscale stores right down to outlet malls.


There are an unbelievable number of restaurants- from inexpensive to very, very expensive serving so many different kinds of cuisines- French, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Brazilian, etc.

Then you have all the countless bars and lounges. You can hear some great music for the price of a (sometimes expensive ) drink or two. You can view an incredible sunset (and the strip lighting up ) at some of the higher up lounges.

You also have the pools, spas and clubs.

There is another area you can visit at night-downtown. It is very different from the strip. Not better/not worse - just different.

Some of the casino/hotels have bowling alleys and even movie theaters.

I wouldn't write off shows. You can have variety shows, comedy shows, production (Broadway- type) shows, headliners and...of course... some really great Cirque shows that will knock you socks off. Even if you don't get tickets in advance, you can always see what is available at the tix4tonight kiosks. They run basically like the one in Leicester Square.


On such a short visit, you can only sample a taste of what Vegas has to offer.

Southampton, United...
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10. Re: What to expect from Vegas?

Thanks for your replies, my hubby's the one who loves vegas, he loves the food, but I live life avoiding food unfortunately so im not so excited about that bit.

We're also going to LA, San Fransisco, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and Renio ( hope ive spelt all those correct) im looking forward to all them.

The shopping interests me but I hate watching stage shows, il blame my parents for it for dragging me to panto's and things when I was little! lol

Im sure I will have a great time when im there im just worried il be bored staying there for 3 or 4 nights.