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Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

Wellington, New...
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Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

there is so much great info on here…. just want to ask a couple of questions... A couple (forty-something’s) visiting Las Vegas for the first time (from NZ) staying for 3 days. In October. Not gamblers – though will try some? – We want some fun, want to ‘experience’ Vegas. Love people watching.

What’s our best bet??

Is it possible (or necessary) to get around a load of casinos. Or just pick some we like & visit those

Should we spend time dining out… or eat on the run and get around to bars and casinos and..???

We are thinking of seeing Cirque du Soleil O – should we see more than one show?

We want to try & pack as much in as we can and also want to spend time just soaking it all in…. without rushing from place to place….

Would really appreciate any help/tips you can give. Thanks

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The Beatles - Love - Cirque du Soleil
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O - Cirque du Soleil
Performances, Cirque du Soleil Shows
Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil
Performances, Cirque du Soleil Shows
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Irvine, California
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1. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

In three days you'll spend a lot of your time just checking out the hotels and casinos on the Strip. In that time you should be able to see most of the ones that are worth seeing. Do a little research, look at a map and split the Strip into sections. Then concentrate on one each day. Don't try to do too much, the distances you'll walk are huge! For me, must see properties are Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Cosmoolitan and Venetian.

With three nights I would take in one show, one really nice dinner and have one evening you leave with no plans at all. A lot of the most fun happens on nights like that. Some people will tell you to head Downtown for a night but with just three nights I would personally suggest you stick to the Strip.

Have fun planning your trip!

Keswick, United...
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2. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

Drink lots of Red Bull and save sleeping until you get home would be my advice. 3 days isn't a long time to see what Vegas has to offer.

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3. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

Split the days to south, centre and north strip and try and centre events/meals and hotel views to the areas.


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4. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

My husband and I went to Vegas for 3 nights as part of our honeymoon trip, and we are going back next year for my birthday for 5 as 3 nights goes soooo fast. It is good for your first time though...you never know, you may hate it!

I would definitely stay midstrip - less transit time to all the fun places. We stayed at Mirage on the 24th floor with a strip view and loved it. Private elevator so no queuing with the masses and bigger rooms, good midstrip location. Mirage is a huge hotel and I think you could spend a day in there alone and not get bored. Same with most Strip hotels. Honestly, nothing can prepare you for the sheer size and scale of the place, I thought we could quite easily and quickly get from one place to the next but it takes more time that I realised!

We only saw one show, Love (absolutely breathtakingly awesome, btw) and I regretted it. I could have happily seen another evening show so do bear that in mind. When we go back we are going for 5 nights and I plan to see a minimum of 2, possibly 3. If you see the earlier shows of the evening, they are done by 9pm so you can hit the bars and casinos after or just wander up and down the strip and enjoy the sights. It also helps keep you awake if you are jet lagged, I get it really bad :-(

I would also go somewhere amazing for one night for dinner, get dressed up and spoil yourselves. We did not do this on our Vegas portion of our honeymoon, believe it or not, (husband was dying of man flu..he miraculously recovered). I am not Vegas expert at all, I have only been once after all, but I fancy the look of Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. Upscale, views of Bellagio fountains.

During the day you will the time to casino hop, so perhaps grabbing lunch on the go would be a good idea.

Wellington, New...
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5. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

thanks so much for the feedback. Love this website. Some great tips... much appreciated

Can't wait to get there!

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6. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

Even with only 3 days I'd still try to get to downtown/Fremont Street one evening, even if it's just for an hour or two.

If you get a ticket for the Deuce bus you can head north to the Stratosphere (which is definitely worth a visit), check out the top of the tower, and then get back on the bus to Fremont Street which is just a few more stops.

This would be a good trip for late afternoon into early evening, say 16:00 - 20:00, and you'll see an interesting part of Vegas too.

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7. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

Pick your show and see the closest casinos to the show before and after during that day. like others said, divide up the strip to save walking, a lot of the casinos on the east side of the strip are very close to the sidewalk, you might want to just breeze thru the front of them, like Casino Royal which is very small you can walk thru harrahs and exit the far side. you can duck into Ballys and continue thru Paris without the sidewalk. You can enter the Venetian and continue thru the Palazzo, no sidewalk needed. On the west side is where its a lot of walking, especially Caesars and the Forum Shops, the Bellagio, then the nightmare called city center, do take advantage of the three free monorails on the west side.

You certainly will not see all of the main part of the strip in three days.

The show time and restaurant time will let you rest your legs.

Providence, Rhode...
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8. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

My answer won't be too far off from what others have suggested:

If I only had three days in Vegas (and this was my first trip), I would book a show ahead of time - no reason to stand in line trying to get discount tickets, this would only waste time, and don't book it for your first night in as you will probably be tired and it doesn't leave room for delays. I agree that LOVE is a good show to see whether you like the Beatles music, or not. I am not a Beatles fan and have seen LOVE twice.

I would stay someplace mid-Strip like Mirage (Caesars, Bellagio, Paris, Harrah's, Flamingo) and spend one day walking to the South end of the Strip and back (down to Mandalay Bay) and another day walking to the North (up to you how far past Encore you want to go) and back.

I personally would try to get Downtown one night. While people focus on the things that are negative about Downtown, they ignore the really cool Neon signs there are to see and that it really is great for people watching. I wouldn't go too early, but if it were me, I'd try to get to the Chart House restaurant at the Golden Nugget for Happy Hour (Mon-Fri 4-6) and maybe try the Zipline over Fremont St. The good thing about Downtown is that it's compact. If it's not your thing, you can pretty much figure it out fast and head back to the Strip with plenty of time left in the night to do something else.

What I've done in the past is head Downtown early-ish and take the Deuce back to the Strip, but get off at the Stratosphere stop to go to the top and ride the amusement rides up there.

If you feel pressed for time, just take a taxi where you want to go. I've rented a car in Vegas, used the Bus to get everywhere, and taken taxis. I found that taking taxis isn't as expensive as renting a car (since the car rental rates have gone up) and it saves loads of time. With a short trip like yours and most of your activities being on the Strip, I would NOT recommend renting a car.

I would just stick to one show, and one nice meal, like Blagger said. I'm not a fan of breakfast in Vegas, but I do like to go have breakfast at Margaritaville (at the Flamingo) once on each trip. For breakfast you are seated outside on the upper deck where you can watch everyone else going by on the Strip as the day starts.

As far as skipping hotels or seeing them all: if you do the North one day, South one day thing like I've done, you pretty much just walk through each casino on your way to the next, so if you get to one you don't like much, you just keep going. And obviously that means you'll linger in the ones you do like. It's the best way to see the good and not-so-good that Vegas has to offer.

I hope you have a great trip!

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9. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

I always try to hit a huge progressive on the second night, thus enabling me to fly home a day or two later, and sleep in! Have fun!

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10. Re: Whats the best way to get the most from 3 days in Vegas?

We always do 3 nights in Vegas when we go (kids at home). We do 1 night downtown (from around 4pm-1am), 1 night at a dinner/show and one night to do nothing and see where the night takes us. During the day we walk walk walk and take time to gamble. We are not huge gamblers, so that isn't priority for us. We usually do lunch on the go (MGM food court, Strip Burger, Margaritaville) and dinners we do usually 2 buffets and 1 nice sit down dinner. We are never usually up in time for breakfast, so no experience on that one. Wishing you a great time in Vegas!