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Vegas Strip TV show

Quakertown, pa
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Vegas Strip TV show

Ok, so I realize a lot of the reality shows on TV nowadays are total crap, but we like to watch Vegas Strip, if for no other reason than to see some of the newer sights on the strip. However, watching this show makes me wonder if the strip has turned into a total freak show and someplace to be avoided. We're trtying to re-plan a trip that got cancelled last year for various reasons. It will be six years since we've been out - 4 middle aged, but fun loving women.

However watching this makes me wonder if we'll enjoy it as much as we used to?

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1. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

Well I've been to Vegas I think 9 times (10 on Sunday coming!!) since 2004 (so around the last time you went) and I've never seen a fist fight or an arrest on the strip. I saw a minor handbags at dawn 'fight' in a UFC event at MGM between 2 'Affliction' T-shirt wearing, Jersey Shore wannabes but that was about it. Both were too scared of getting a hair out of place or ripping the True Religion jeans to actually fight.

Seriously, I feel very safe in Vegas at all times of the day.

The physical plant will have changed (City Center, Cosmo etc) but it's still what I remember from my first trip; bags of fun and frolicks.

Saint Joseph...
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2. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

Don't hang out on the sidewalk !!!!!!!! Oh, and the boring peaceful moments don't make for very good television.

Haha ...... not trying to be too much of a smartass but seriously, the only time you are outside is when heading from Point A >>> Point B. The Strip is just the same as you left it ..... except maybe for a few new spots.

Enjoy your trip!!!

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3. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

Is this show on UK tv by any chance?

Were planning our first trip so id love to see it

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4. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

I do watch the show, but I have to say I have never seen anything happen in real life.

Phoenix, Arizona
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5. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

I would submit to you that not all parts of Vegas are as this show scripts them to be. I've been to Vegas around 30 times since 1995 and can say that I've only ran into these crazies a few times. There are excentric folks everywhere. I would not let this tv show sway your decision whether or not to come to Vegas. After all, it is a TV show. If you want a good show, catch some re-runs of Las Vegas. Danny and Mike should make you want to visit the Montecito.

Vancouver, WA
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6. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

read a post yesterday someone said they saw the camera's at about 3am. They were talking with a young lady dressed a certain way. The producer actually had the officer re-do his conversation- so the camera could get a 2nd angle.

There's nothing to worry about on the strip. I'll walk downtown portland where others also go. But, I wouldn't go down empty side streets at 2am. Would think Vegas is no different

baton rouge,la
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7. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

The change I've really noticed is the amount of homeless seems to have increased (to me anyway). Homeless have always been there, just seems like more now, especially the teenagers. I still feel perfectly safe, and have no problems walking or taking the bus where I want to go, at whatever time I want to go.

Seattle, Washington
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8. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

Please don't let that show sway you from going to Vegas. As others have said, it's not something you see very often. Over the past 9-10 years and over 20 trips, I haven't seen anything close to what you see on that show! Although some things would be hilarious!

South East England...
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9. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

Yorkshire Nat you can see clips of it on the American network web site that shows it but don't bother. It is so contrived and I wouldn't want your first impressions of Fabulous Vegas to marred by this rubbish.

I have been to Vegas 5 times and spend a lot of time walking the strip to soak up the atmosphere. I have never never seen any trouble. Its a great place.

And OP - 'Freakshow'? Absolutely. Thats whats great about the strip. you never know what you'll see but somehow it all fits right in in Vegas.

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10. Re: Vegas Strip TV show

I watch the show..anything for a Vegas fix! lol! I believe the costumed characters, beggars with pets and street people with gimics are way more prevelant but it would never affect my desire to go there. Keep your wits about you as you would in any big city. We did see an altercation between a CD seller and a tourist that came close to blows in broad daylight. There was a chase and bad language, lots of posturing but it came to nothing. Considering the masses and the alcohol I am amazed that it is as safe as it is.