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Driving in Vegas

Sonoma, California
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Driving in Vegas

On a trip I have planed I was thinking of getting a rental car. I was wondering is Las Vegas a difficult city to navigate thru.

I am planning to go the red rock, South Point, Sunset Station and Aliante.

Whitehorse, Canada
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1. Re: Driving in Vegas


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2. Re: Driving in Vegas

Las Vegas is a modern American city.

Mullica Hill, New...
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3. Re: Driving in Vegas

Depends on one's driving ability. If someone can understand directions fairly well, it should be no problem. If someone backs out of their garage and is lost by the time they reach the mailbox (assuming they haven't run over the mailbox), then they want to stick to bus tours.

Austin, Texas
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4. Re: Driving in Vegas

Well I was there a couple of weeks ago and a guy right in front of me hit two cars in front of the MGM in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon.I rent a car because my wife is disabled.But otherwise I would sure rethink it.There are crazy cab drivers, lots of alcohol and way to many tourists.Just my view here but if you from a small town its crazy like LA or somewhere large and crowded.

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5. Re: Driving in Vegas

The only hard part is trying to navigate the strip. The lights take forever and people are everywhere. I would recommend staying as far away from LV blvd strip as possible.

Other than that, the streets are laid out in a fairly simple grid pattern.

Wheat Ridge...
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6. Re: Driving in Vegas

Crazy like LA? Hardly. Crazy compared to the small town I grew up in? Yep. 54 people in my graduating class and that's with half a dozen even smaller towns. Crazy compared to Bangalore? Where we were once passing a bus that was passing an ox cart and a motorcycle was passing us, all on a two lane road? Not crazy at all.

Lancaster, Ohio
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7. Re: Driving in Vegas

I live in a fairly small city and when I go to Vegas I always get a rental car. Had to learn to be extra cautious and drive a little more aggressively.(As in switching lanes faster to be in the lane I need to be in!) Yeah, I have gotten lost a few times...eventually found my way. Worst time was late at night trying to get back to GVR from the strip and ended up way out on Boulder Hwy! I kind of enjoyed the scenic drive though!

Lexington, Kentucky
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8. Re: Driving in Vegas

I thought the driving in Vegas was surprisingly easy. The only harder parts are strip and dt. The rest of the city and outlying areas are simple.

Edmonton Canada
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9. Re: Driving in Vegas

We always rent a car and I drive .I don't find it difficult . I don't get stressed because we are on holidays. It's not like I am trying to get anywhere for a certain time so if I make a wrong turn oh well I'll just go back and figure it out.Really not too bad.

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10. Re: Driving in Vegas

It is like driving in any other big city-sometimes better than other big cities, in fact. You want to avoid driving on the strip, if possible, because of the traffic. But you can usually do that by using the side/back roads- even to get to get to the parking garages.

The casinos you mentioned are very easy to get to, so you should have no problems. Just get a good map.

If someone backs out of their garage and is lost by the time they reach the mailbox (assuming they haven't run over the mailbox....

Hey, Roadnut- do you know me? lol Yes, I get lost easily, but in Vegas I still manage to find my way to where I am going and back - even if I do sometimes end up taking the scenic route! :-)