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Should I cancel?

St. John's, Canada
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Should I cancel?

Sorry to moan...but I can't help it!!!

About a week ago, I began feeling some serious back pain. I have no idea what I did or what is causing it. I went for massage therapy on Thursday and felt a bit better. But, it comes and goes...yesterday I was o.k., today I feel like cr$p. Actually, now I feel like my whole body aches - my skin is tender??? I popped a couple of anaprox, which seems to help a bit. Anyway, I'm supposed to fly to Vegas on Friday - 9 hour flght.

I can't imagine cancelling, but I also can't imagine having much fun feeling as I do right now.

What would you do? (Yes, looking for sympathy)

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1. Re: Should I cancel?

Sorry you're not feeling well!

Get yourself to a real doctor ASAP and get a real medical opinion instead of self-medicating and getting a massage. Then you'll have some better information to base a decision on. That's what I would do.

Atlanta, GA
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2. Re: Should I cancel?

Ditto on DaveNJ response to you.

Hoping for a speedy recovery.


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3. Re: Should I cancel?

Sorry your back is hurting. While I've never experienced back pain, I've heard it's an absolute b*tch to deal with.

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4. Re: Should I cancel?

You have my full sympathy! Get yourself to a good chiropractor !!

Cottage Grove...
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5. Re: Should I cancel?

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well too! As Dave said, get to a doctor. It's only Monday. Keep us posted.

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6. Re: Should I cancel?

Sorry to hear your back is out of wack..see your DR. I have a trip planned to Vegas on the 27th and as I post this I am in bed nursing a stress fracture on my right foot...UGH!!! I hope your back get better so you can really enjoy Vegas......I know I will...

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7. Re: Should I cancel?

I completely understand and will give you every bit of my sympathy. Not sure what your medical history is, but I lived with stints of back pain for the last 10 years and always just popped some high dose anti-inflamitory and lived with it....that is until Nov 2011.... woke up basically paralyzed in pain. Every time I would try to stand up I would pass out from the pain- ended up having an MRI & found out that I had come dangerously close to severing my nerve which would've meant possibly never walking again without a brace. Needless to say I had to have an immediate spinal fusion. A surgery I didn't WANT to have, but HAD to have.

Moral of the story.....You don't want to be away from home if it's something serious! A 9 hour flight will NOT make the pain better I can promise you that. Plus you will probably be doing a lot of walking in Vegas and that could add to the problem.... Go to the Dr today! Fingers crossed for a simple diagnosis.

Saskatoon, Canada
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8. Re: Should I cancel?

That's a bummer. Do see a doctor, though so you know what you're dealing with. Maybe something minor you can deal with before you go, but maybe something worse and don't want to be away from home with it.

Calgary, Canada
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9. Re: Should I cancel?

Sorry to hear that your hurting! but it seems like everyone else on here has you covered .. see a doctor and hope you have a speedy recovery!!

Try not to stress i know its hard but stress might make it worse.

Providence, Rhode...
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10. Re: Should I cancel?

I agree with the others... Even though you can't imagine cancelling, I think you can imagine how lousy the trip could be if you go and things only get worse. There is too much walking in Vegas (as well as the 9hr flight) to just hope for the best and attempt the trip.

Please do see a doctor ASAP. (I suspect he/she will recommend you cancel, though.)