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Best days of the week to fly?

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Best days of the week to fly?

Have you found there is better days of the week to fly back and forth money saving? When is a good time to book air fare?

Edmonton, AB, Canada
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1. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest to fly on normally. Basically midweek is almost always cheaper then a weekend, unless it's a holdiay.

Best time to book is about 3 months out, but it's wildly variable these days. I'd suggest setting up a Kayak price alert that emails you the price of your selected route every day.

Charlotte, North...
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2. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

Wednesday is usually cheapest day to fly. Tuesday and Sunday are okay too.

I usually book flights 10 to 6 weeks out for best prices. Start watching prices earlier to get a feel.

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3. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

I'm with you on Kayak. We're flying form the Uk and flights at the moment are £800 each so crossing our fingers for some fluctuations.

Don;t get me wrong, I would pay £800 but I hate paying £800 when I know it will drop nearer the time. I just have to try and not be so impatient.

We are not going until October so gonna hold out for a couple of months and keep watching every day or so. :)

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4. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

I actually was able to get a better price and flight times by flying Saturday versus Sunday. I was planning on a 4 night trip, but added it a day since it was cheaper to get there Sat.

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5. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

It can vary widely. Generalities are dangerous when it comes to air fares.

If you are asking when are the slowest times...generally Tuesday and Wednesday are lighter traffic days than most others.

If you are asking about fares, the best way to determine is when you go to your airline site, or a travel search site is simply checking the box that says something like "My dates are flexible", enter your preferred dates and check that box and see what the search brings up at that moment in time.

As an example, I just had to book a flight for my sister in law to come home for a funeral. She was flexible. I tried a couple of options...and it turned out that Tuesday - Monday was cheaper (by far) than Wednesday-Monday or Wednesday-Tuesday. Often this stuff makes little sense, but it is what it is.

Watch Hill, Rhode...
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6. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

Saturday is usually the cheapest day for us to fly, as well, however, the hotel room is more expensive should we have to pay for Saturday night. Six of one, half a dozen of another.

Sterling, Illinois
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7. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

Sunday afternoons is my cheapest and favorite day to fly in to Vegas. I never see lines on Sunday afternoons at the cab stand or hotel check in.

Cincinnati, Ohio
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8. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

I typically monitor farecast.com in order to get a feel for what the prices are EXPECTED to do. That way, I don't reserve too early, thus paying more than I need to. Obviously, there is a fine line there. If you wait too long, thewn prices will climb again. Good luck!

Franklin Square...
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9. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

Just read an article last week which stated that on average, the best time to book airfare is 42 days prior to flight.

Raleigh, North...
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10. Re: Best days of the week to fly?

Why is that KNARF0516? Did it say?