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Las Vegas Or Not?????

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Las Vegas Or Not?????

Is this really a good choice for a holiday.Reading some of the posts here.The.prices of drinks are schocking. Music blaring at swimming pools. Charges for sunbeds at your own hotel. The beautiful people given preferential treatment everwhere..Rude staff and managers in your hotel.People being fobbed off when trying to make a copmlaint..And I have only read the first few pages of the forum..Apart from casinos and overpriced naff shows.What does Las Vegas offer.We would really like to visit but are really having second thoughts..Hope some of you regular visitors to Vegas can help..Believe you me we are not mean.We have stayed in many 5 star hotels in Europe.And eaten in some wondeful restaurants..We have also visited Florida..

Kenosha, WI
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1. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

You obviously have not read enough of this forum, because there is way more positive information in regards to Vegas than negative. Just keep reading, and you will see that it is an excellent place to visit!

Saskatoon, Canada
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2. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

I've never encountered rude hotel staff. I find that if I'm polite and friendly, I receive the same treatment in kind.

My drinks are free almost always cuz I sit in the poker room or at a slot most of the time I'm in the casino. Occasionally I will splurge for a drink if not gambling. DH will pop into a convenience store and grab a cheap beer if he's not gambling.

Can't speak to the pools as I never go to them. usually wrong time of year and when it is pool weather, it's just not my thing anyway.

For every horror story or bad review you read there are a thousand people who didn't experience any problems so take them with a grain of salt. As to whether Vegas is for you, it's hard to say without knowing you. All you can do is try it once and decide. If you go in expecting problems, you may encounter them. If you go in with a relaxed attitude you will fare much better.

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3. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

Millions of people cant be wrong, LV is a great vacation area thats Inexpensive or expensive, whatever route you choose to take, But LV is far from the only place we travel to, LS is a nice fill in on occasion and some people do get obsessed with it for some strange reason.

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4. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

As vacations are usually annual signature events, I would be hard-pressed to spend my money on a long trip where I was having "second thoughts".

Either the intrigue of Vegas is compelling or it's not. Likewise the diversity of experience and entertainment. I'm sure there are the more "provincial" here that would do anything to convince you to go but you should be excited about your destination. Perhaps there is somewhere you would like visiting more - you've already mentioned Greece, Spain and Italy in your other thread.

It's apparent that you like to drink. If you like to gamble as well, then there are few other places in my mind to drink as cheaply. If not, then may I suggest taking a trip to St Louis, MO where you can take the Busch brewery tour several times a day.

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5. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

You forgot to add that it might rain during your stay too. I mean, if you're just going to focus on negatives you may as well include them all...

Have you somehow missed the trip reports and posts about people having a wonderful time? Wonderful meals, fun nights out...some even winning money? And enjoying shows?

I'm thinking, with absolutely no offense intended, that you may want to choose another vacation destination, as you've somehow ended up with a list of negatives for Las Vegas, and that you might arrive and never give the place a chance.

New York City, New...
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6. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

I agree with SMV, but a few other comments;

--I don't think the drink prices are out of line, but coming from New York I'm used to $14 martinis. There are options to reduce the cost, but if you want to enjoy your drink in a fabulous, expensive resort hotel, it's going to be more expensive.

--Some pools are trying to create a "party" atmosphere, and will have louder music playing. Some won't. If that's important to you one way or the other, folks here can advise you on what hotels you should be looking at.

--Loungers are free at every hotel on a first-come, first-served basis, but if you want a reserved spot with some additional amenities, you'll need to pay.

--The rich and beautiful get preferential treatment everywhere in the world. One of the many advantages of being rich and beautiful!

--I've never been treated rudely at a hotel in Las Vegas so I can't comment. My sense is that some people have a very low tolerance for what they consider "rude," and/or an overly high expectation of what they are entitled to.

--Not sure what a "naff"show is, and what a fair price would be for one. The "list prices" for the top shows can be high, but discounts are readily available and folks on this forum can guide you.

Good luck, and enjoy whatever vacation you choose!

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7. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

The way you described Vegas couldn't be more wrong, I've stayed at 4 different hotels and never paid for sun beds, you can eat cheap or eat Michelin star, the shows are pretty amazing Jersey Boys is my favourite, I've never encountered a rude member of staff ever in LV but being from the UK I think we have different expectations, there is something to do all day every day, free things to see on the strip in the hotels, exhibitions, Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Lake Mead, Vegas.com is a great website to gage prices.

There is a posting on here about why brits love vegas, search for it and have a read it's very interesting.

London, UK
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8. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

Most people think it's a great place to visit, but only you can really decide. It's a singular sort of place - some people definitely hate it, but that was their reaction as soon as they heard about it and it's usually down to an aversion either to gambling, crowds, all the neon and glitz, or the very idea of fake versions of Venice, Lake Como etc. If you're curious about the place, which you seem to be, then I would think you would enjoy it.

All the sunbeds I've laid on in Vegas have been free - the ones they charge for are allocated to cabanas, which you have to rent for the day. Drinks are cheaper than they are in the UK, and completely free if you're gambling. Food and shopping is cheaper. And you should be wildly overexcited by the price you can get a truly fabulous 5 star hotel room for. The only thing that's not always quite 5* is the service, but that's because the hotels (by and large) are so huge that some niceties just have to fall by the wayside in the interests of efficiency. But as the DiceMan says, millions of people can't be wrong.

Southend, UK
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9. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

When I first went to Vegas it was a friends wedding and I didn't want to go at all I thought it really wasn't my thing. I fell in love with the place almost from the minute we touched down, and spent the week saying wow at everything. I have been all over the world on all different kinds of holidays so it is not as if I don't have anything to compare it with, it's loud and commercial and over the top and if you take it for what it is, you will have a great time. I am returning in 3 weeks time along with 17 others and can't wait, it is brilliant and so much fun I can honestly say I have nothing negative to say about the place. So do yourself a favour and go and enjoy.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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10. Re: Las Vegas Or Not?????

Here is the thing, people want everything for free. Vegas doesn't make money by handing out things for free to every tom dick and harry. People complain when they dont get the VIP treatment they think they deserve for a 1 night stay. I've had customers complain because the water was too loud when they turned their bathroom faucet on to brush their teeth and wanted a comp upgrade to a penthouse suite. It's ridiculous. Some complaints are most certainly valid, but most are just ridiculous. Personally, I love it here. Born and raised. Yes the drinks are expensive, just like you'll find in any other tourist area. If the loud partying isn't your thing, then I suggest you take your party off strip and stay in one of the nice Station Casinos around here and enjoy the other things this city has to offer.