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A Nurses Trip Report

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Central Florida
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A Nurses Trip Report

I promised Gabby, MTROH and a few others I would post a trip report so here is what I can actually remember.

We flew first class via Delta...Love the Biscoff Cookies. Omni Limo picked us up in a stretch Limo. Arrived at Bellagio around 130 pm. Line was not too long for check in..of course suite was not ready at that time so we were off to explore ( at least my husband was)...I used the old "my legs hurt" I need to sit down line....so off to the slots for me...I headed straight for the high limt area. Lost 700.00 in about as many seconds. Went back at 330 to check in...suite ready. Beautiful suite on 36th floor. 2 and 1/2 baths) I thought the 1/2 bath was a little over the top..who needs it? Anyway, They had a nice little platter of Humongous sized Strawberrys dipped in white and dark chocolate delivered to the suite. They were to die for. Off to Cafe Bellagio for Dinner..Hubby had what he called the best Manhatten there. Food ok..price ok. Oh yeah..back to check in...Gabby I didn't even have to ask for a line pass...I was given one good for the entire visit. Boy did it ever come in handy. Some of the lines at the buffet were horrendous.One evening we went to the buffet and the line was snaking around the corner...we just walked right up to the VIP line..this couple standing in the "regular folks" line looked at us and said "you two must be special"..I smiled and said "this is Vegas...only our MONEY is special". Everyone within hearing distance got a kick outta that. Food was actually pretty good at Bellagios Buffet.

After eating at cafe Bellagio..it was off to the slots again...after 4 Marguaritas and 2 Gin and Tonics..I was tired..off to bed. Now let me add a little of advice here...In the bellagio Suites one of the Bathrooms has a huge walk in sauna/shower with a bench. DON"T...I repeat DO NOT attempt to use the Sauna after 4 marguaritas and 3 Gin & tonics. I just remember my husband "assisting" me to my feet. I have a few Black and Blue marks..Now thats not too easy to accomplish ...considering I am already Black.

Day 2 ..off to the Wynn. Registered and easily got the 150 points for the buffet...actually I earned enough for 4 buffets..they assured me that I could use the other 2 anytime within a years time. After a little shopping..I convinced my conservative husband to buy me a purse from Christian Dior...1500.00. He was ok with it after I promised to dip his strawberry into chocolate. Ok...moving right along.....the wynn's buffet....was GREAT...getting there was a problem...I have NEVER seen a buffet line that long. Of course here I didn't have a line pass. But something amusing ( at least to me) happened while waiting in line at the Wynn. There was this family with 3 SCREAMING kids..all under 4 years old, ahead of hubby and I...I had seen this couple earlier dragging the bored kids around the shops. Anyway, I finally got the attention of the 4 year old ..I licked out my tongue at him...and gave him the finger ( my pointer finger)...the kid start yelling and screaming and falling out...the parents were so taken back that they got out of line and left...so hubby and I moved up 5 spaces....Ok I am awaiting for the lashback on that move.

Back to the buffet....if I had to rate the two ( wynn and Bellagio)..I would give the slightest nod to Wynn for varieties of meats...Hubby rates a slight nod to Bellagio for variety of desserts...once again a matter of preference. Day 3 off to Caesars Palace. I have always like the Caesars casino. Played enough to get free Duffle bag with Caesars logo...nice bag actually. Won 600.oo....was nice enough to give 400.00 back to them. Did the Forum Shops thing...Couldn't ( and I really tried) convince hubby to buy a Vuitton purse ( I have this purse fetish)...He kept bring up how I got drunk last nite and went straight to sleep...I still don't get what his problem with that was...ANYwaaaay..No purse from the forum shops.

Next day went to The Rio...this is a very busy casino....nice for a younger crowd. actually too much for me. Had reservations at Buzios...VERY pleaseant experience. You have to try the Crabcakes...wonderful!! I didn't drink too much...I had amends to make.

By the way...drink service at Rio was top notch..I never had to wait. If I had to rate the best casino floor drinks I would have to say Caesars...the drinks were plentiful....large and strong.

Next day I surprised hubby with appointment at the Spa in Bellagio. I ordered the works...full massage..sauna ..pedicure anything I could think of to keep him occupied for hours.

Hubby off to the spa...me off to the casino. I found a quarter machine called "rich and famous"...damn thing kept hitting...I played for 3 hours on same machine...really racked up on points. I cashed out at 688.00. Great 100.00 investment. Here is another little hint...take plenty of chapstick...my lips were actually raw..I couldn't figure out why until I had my 99th marguarita and I began to suck the salt off the rim....

Oh yeah something else happened while playing that rich and famous machine...after plaing for 3 hours and 6 marguaritas..I had to use the little girls room...I didn't wanna leave my "hot" machine...the attendant says she would be glad to stay until I returned ( I didn't know they could do that). She said it was a frequent request.....I tipped her a 2 dollar bill for doing that for me.

I meant to mention that everyday I would leave a note and a tip for the maid...EVERY nite I would return and the note would still be there...the request would be fullfilled ( extra pillows or whatever)...but the money would always be right where I left it. At first I thought maybe she was insulted with the amount( I left 2 two dollar bills the 1st day)...so on the 2nd day I left a 5 dollar bill and a 2 dollar bill with the note..on the pillow...when we returned that nite the extra bubble bath and stuff as requested was there...so was the money. This really baffled me...so I made a point the next day to go down the hall and give the money to her in person. She took it with a smile. So each morning I would go down the hall and find Maria and give her three 2 dollar bills.

Ok...I know I am skipping around but this is the best I can remember. By the way Caesars has the most comfortable chairs in their casino...VERY important if you have a sore "arse" like mine.

Last nite, we bar hopped at Bellagio...we went to the Fontana bar and another one that used to be called Allegra....I forget what its name is now....they had grass growing out of cups there....very trendy , I suppose. I like the Fontana better.

I went back to my "lucky" rich and famous machine...cash in 100.00....cashed out at 400.00.

On check out..we were comped one nites stay (450.00) plus some of our meals...I was happy.

I am home now....back on the wagon....I stopped by a walgreens on the way home and bought a nicotine patch....Back on South Beach Diet and of course back to work Tomorrow saving lives.......I can't wait to go back in September to do it again.

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1. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

next time im coming along with you

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2. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

Glad you finally made it out there and had such a blast! It certainly was a profitable trip. Hope you do as well in September. Heck, I hope I do as well as you did on my next trip!! Thanks for taking the time to write the TR.

San Francisco
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3. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

Great trip report, thanks! Yes, the crab cakes at Buzios are really good. That's one of my favorites there. Not a lot of filler, just crab.

Asking a slot attendant to watch your machine is pretty standard (at least at the Harrah's properties). You just hit the "service" button and they show up...actually faster than they do if the machine has a malfunction. I think prpbably because they know they will get a tip!

Memphis, Tennessee
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4. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

Great report and very funny, I hope i have as great of a time as you and your husband.

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5. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

I thought american $2 bills were bad luck, that's why they don't make them anymore? Am I wrong?

Acton, Canada
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6. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

Great trip report, very entertaining, glad you had fun!

South Carolina
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7. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

Great report Gingin! Thanks for taking the time to post. Sounds like you had a great trip.

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8. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

I think this is the best trip report I have read!!! It was so much fun to read and I laughed a whole lot. Thanks and can't wait to get your next TR in Sept.

Phoenix, Arizona
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9. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

i am with you on the purse thing

i got my fiance hooked on lv so it lv purses, clutches, diaper bags(for a child we don't even have!) etc.

no "O" and you missed a decent resteraunt at bellagio in le cirque?

love the patio at the fontana bar!

hit them when you are back in september for sure!

thanks for the tr


New York
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10. Re: A Nurses Trip Report

Yes, is the funnierst TR I've ever read. Glad to know you enjoyed your trip.