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Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB


I will let these pictures and the descriptions speak for themselves. In short, however, the once mighty Bacchanal Buffet has quickly gone from "Best Buffet" to "Best Bust" for your money. There's no self-respect here anymore, and Caesars obviously doesn't care. Don't waste your $45 on this crap. Wynn, Bellagio...heck...even Main Street Station on Seafood Night is SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER. What a shame!! This was disgusting...and the rest of the buffet is quickly following suit. :(

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Shag Harbour, Canada
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1. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

your right. the pictures do speak for themselves. nasty crab. imo, all of Cet's buffets have gotten much worse. Used to really like PH buffet.

Charlotte, North...
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2. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

If you'd stopped at the pictures I'd be more convinced. Past that you just sound like a rambling basher who didn't get a very expensive item exactly like they wanted.

Maybe I'm just lucky but in all the different Vegas buffets I've eaten, and the good ones I've had multiple times, I've never run into some of the issues/faults people claim as common. Yeah that's it, I'm probably just lucky.

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3. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

Sorry you had a bad case of crabs.

Sterling, Illinois
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4. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

As far as buffets go, it's a pretty good one, but only worth about half of the price that they charge you.

The good news is that the lines are not as long as they used to be as more and more diners are realizing that it is not worth the price.

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5. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

What is this fixation everyone has with crabs - are they the barometer of good taste and class? If so, you should not really be expecting "good taste and class" at a buffet. Personally, I hate the things. The rest of the stuff at Bacchanal was pretty lame as well, and at a massively inflated price.

Just remember that the stuff available at a buffet is the stuff other people didn't want!!

blacksburg va
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6. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

To be honest,I dont eat crab ,never saw the attraction. but we ate there 4 times on a recent trip, luckily im diamond so my wait was hardly anything,but i will agree that adding the $15 per visit on the 24 hour deal was a bit too much,especially if it was just brunch/breakfast.

eventhough I had it all comped off my bill I didnt like seeing how much it ended up when totaled up on my bill befor host took care of it.

On 1 visit we went with friends from a small mesage board i chat on,and they are big crab leg eaters and they loved them.

would I stand in line,especially ones as long as i saw the week befor thanksgiving.no way. but without that kind of wait i still think its very nice,maybe just a little too big, at times i just felt certain items belonged closer to other main dishes, like at breakfast, the omletts were made in italian section,yet the toast, breakfast pot and bacon were clear on the other side near carving station.

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7. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

I guess I don't understand why people travel to the DESERT and expect high quality sea food. Furthermore, why in the heck would you want more than one plate of warm crab legs at a time? Wouldn't they just get cold? Or is it too difficult to get up from your seat and walk ALL THE WAY over to the crab station?

Reviews like this are simply not helpful to anyone.

Detroit, Michigan
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8. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

Thanks for your review. I skipped Bacchanal last trip and after being very disappointed with all the other buffets when doing the Buffet of Buffet pass (and I LIKE buffets - even cheapo ones), really wondered if I was missing something good.

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9. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

My point from the other day is made. However, if you follow Deadliest Catch, you would know that some of that crab is two years old and all of it is at least one year old.

Quaffed - I salute thee. You are becoming a true smart azz! lol!

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10. Re: Bacchanal Buffet - CRAPPY CRAB

I guess I don't understand why people travel to the DESERT and expect high quality sea food.

most crab is sold frozen and since we now have jet airplanes it doesnt matter where you live