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Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

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Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

Anyone ever tip the front desk clerk with NO expectation of getting something in return?

As in, "Thanks for doing a great job checking us in and making us feel welcome ... here's a tip for you." ??

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41. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

Is tipping houskeeping a "bribe" since you're essentially "pre-tipping"?

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42. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

No. I'm tipping housekeeping to recognize their efforts in getting the room ready for my arrival. If the room is not in good shape when I arrive, I don't tip.

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43. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

You wouldnt tip the front desk on arrival unless you thought you would get something extra, in which case its a bit of a gambled bribe. You would tip the desk once you leave the hotel for the good work theyve done. Who tips someone before theyve had the service? Its like hello taxi driver, heres your tip before we go anywhere lol

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44. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

Some woman came on here a while back bragging about getting a hundred dollars worth of $2 bills to go on her tipping spree.

I am quite serious when I state that the overtippers ruin it for everyone else because now every Tomas, Ricardo and Sharika wants something for doing virtually nothing out of their pay grade.

Front Desk clerks do not need to be tipped for any reason unless YOU are trying to prove to SOMEONE else that YOU are a big shot.

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45. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

I seem to fall somewhere in the middle. I tip only $10. I give it after, as a1copyguy said, “I’ve been well received with a proper smile, greeting, etc.” “I like to start my [stay] with a feeling of good karma.” Similar to Momlovesvegas, I also tip housekeeping, bellmen, valet, and casino dealers and CWs (I like seeing people smile). Like KatMan1112 “I think more often than not I do it just to make myself feel better.”

86montecarloSS “Let's be honest, if you "pre-tip", its a bribe, no gray area there.” I do not disagree, but I do not give my tip until after the transaction is completed. Sometimes it is in my hand folded in my palm and I do try not to show it. Sometimes it is in my pocket. I try to have it in my hand because I have in fact forgotten to leave a tip from time to time. If the clerk is observant, it can be seen, but I do not make it obvious because I expect the clerk to do their best for me without it. But yes, when it is seen it does become a bribe. As accidental as it may be, a bribe is still a bribe.

I do bribe housekeeping and leave specific instructions for what I want them to do. Since it may be a different person each day, it would definitely be considered a bribe because the person receiving it probably did not clean the place before my arrival. However, after the first bribe I find my room is one of the first to be serviced every day, and yes all my requests are taken care of. I tip all service people as best I can remember to do so. I even give a tip when dropping off my laundry as well as the person who delivers it. The room type that I’m staying in determines the amount of the bribes/tips.

Yes, I’m one of those that peeves Breeze to no end because I have had the opportunity to tip several handpays, $20 per thousand and it doesn’t hurt at all. For those that think others “ruin it for everyone else because now every Tomas, Ricardo and Sharika wants something for doing virtually nothing out of their pay grade,” I don’t agree. I found after discussing it with staff that tipping can be very rare especially in this depressed time, which is why it is so appreciated.

Right or wrong, I have learned to share my good fortune with those that are not as fortunate. Although it is a small amount for me, it is really appreciated by those that receive it. But this is my life, not someone else’s and I would not expect others to do what I do, or at the level that I do it. However, I will tell you that a little goes a long way and yes, I am a believer in Karma, and yes, I have had a blessed life.

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46. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

I dont see why this turned into a big debate.

truman asked a simple opinion question,and my reply was exactly as he worded it,yes,I tip the desk clerk without any expectations,other than a smile and a welcome to caesars palace.

i also dont see any harm in not tipping them. Its just what some of us like to do.

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47. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

I am I pretty big tipper but I have to admit I have never tipped the desk clerk yet. Now that I read that so many of you do, I will add it to my list....but only if they are very nice to me lol

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48. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

“I think more often than not I do it just to make myself feel better.”

There is an interesting theory, that I can not disprove, which states "Every action that a person takes is for selfish reasons."

There is no need to argue semantics, I freely admit that I tip the clerk in advance for selfish reasons. The only difference is that my tip is not dependent on results. I do not dangle a tip in front of them, attach it to a string, or coyly let then know that "I will take care of you if you give me what I want." The clerk knows they are getting a tip and exactly how much.

The other thing that sets me apart is that I am not expecting, or even asking for, an upgrade. I do make specific requests, but they arre always in the same price category. Ex: At Wynn we prefer " Golf Course view,Upper floor, as far south as possible." This is not an upgrade but it is our preference.

My goal is not to get an upgrade or the BEST room, my goal is to make sure I don't get one of the WORST rooms. Also I don't want to have to wait for a room when I arrive early.

In all honesty I've checked into enough different Las Vegas hotels so that I have the data needed on which to judge the effectiveness of my method, and I don't require anyone's input. So far it has provided me with results that I find acceptable.

Every time I mention the method I use, many scoff or try and explain why it doesn't or shouldn't work. But these replies are always from those that have never tried it themselves.

You should also remember that I'm an old guy, in both age and "Vegas years." I come from the time when show rooms had Maitre D seatiing. SHOWING the Maitre D a $20 bill would get you the seat in front of a table center stage, BUT actually putting the money in his hand would get you a booth.

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49. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

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50. Re: Tipping the Desk Clerk, No Upgrade Requested

be quite honest to yourselfs if you go to vegas as many times as many say how many times AND ESPECIALLY MGM will they see the same person upon checkin and if you do its a rarety.. i dont want to go into the tipping war but i am probably an over tipper,, but it all still comes down to your budget ,, and as i said before, tip who you may, and what you may .Were not watching

and as The DiceMan said some have the money to ppss away and what better place than las vegas,,life is to short ,,do today ,,because tomorrow may never come,, as many must know what i mean,, as i have just lost my darling wife and best friend to cancer sept14 2012