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August in Vegas?

Lancashire, England
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August in Vegas?

We are deperate to go to Las Vegas but can only get two weeks holidays at the end of July/ beginning of August. Are we insane to go at that time of year? Will the heat keep us from enjoying our stay there? We do like to sunbathe aswell as seeing the attractions but will it be just too hot to do either? Any info would be much appreciated.

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Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: August in Vegas?

Temperature preference obviously varies from person to person but July/Aug would not be my choice - it's ok as long as you can deal with temps of potentially 100+.

You might find it too hot to sit by the pool all day but at least you can escape the heat in the casinos/shopping malls.


Rowlett, Texas
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2. Re: August in Vegas?

I went in August last year. Of course its hot as hell! But why should that mean you wont enjoy it? My wife is a teacher so we always go in the summer. You just tend to walk through resorts instead of outside them while roaming around. And the water guys are always out there with refilled used bottles of water to buy (wink). Very helpful!

Wheat Ridge...
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3. Re: August in Vegas?

We've been in both July and August. Yes, its very hot. Avoid being out walking around during the day. But its easy enough to duck inside a casino. So even if you want to get up and down the strip, its not like you have to walk then entire distance outside. Laying out at the pool is fine, though I prefer to be in the shade most of the time.

Shelby Township...
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4. Re: August in Vegas?

Believe me, you would rather be in 105 degrees and 6 percent humidity of Las Vegas compared to the 88 degrees and 90 percent humidity of Orlando, Florida.

Besides, Bellagio has TWO fountain pools with chilled water. Now that is refreshing!

Sioux Falls, South...
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5. Re: August in Vegas?

Sure, summer in Las Vegas is hot. Think "stick your head in the over" hot. But that didn't stop me from enjoying many summer vacations in Las Vegas. As teachers, we didn't have a choice of when to go to Las Vegas. It changed HOW we did things a bit (stopped in every casino to cool down as we went by, drank water while walking and stopped frequently to buy more, etc.), but it didn't change WHAT we did.

Since retiring in 2011, I enjoyed an October and a March trip to LV. It was so nice to travel during cooler times of the year.

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6. Re: August in Vegas?

It is doable. Just very important to stay hydrated, lots and lots of water. Drink it even when you don't feel thirsty especially if you indulge in alcohol. Early mornings by the pool, shade later and casinos are actually too cool with the air-conditioning. I actually bring a sweater along for indoors! Agree that the lack of humidity allows for more comfort if you stay hydrated. It's a dry heat is what you hear people saying and it is true to a point. Still hot! If it is the only time you can go then do it! Just take the precautions. Lots of suncreen too. Enjoy!

Portland, Oregon
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7. Re: August in Vegas?

It's definitely uncomfortable there in the summer, especially if you're not used to the kind of dry heat Vegas gets. But it's easy enough to avoid the outdoors during the day (after all, the casinos are only a few minutes' walk from each other), and things become more bearable at night. Just make sure you drink lots of water, don't stay in the sun for too long, and don't wear any black.

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8. Re: August in Vegas?

as wheatie59 posted july and aug. are the hottest months in vegas as Wheatie i have been there also in those months and they are hot

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9. Re: August in Vegas?

We normally go in August and just love it. The heat is like a blast furnace but there's no humidity. That makes a big difference to those of us from Ohio and other east coast swelterers. I've been there Feb., March and Oct. also and to me there's no bad weather - love all seasons.

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10. Re: August in Vegas?

Understand that in July/August it is 80 degrees where I live, and it was in the low 60's today with the sun out. In the Summer it is often 10-15 degrees warmer if you drive 15 miles in any direction. We have what is possibly the best weather on the planet.

I tell you this so you will understand that we are absolute wimps when it comes to the weather. And Las Vegas is too cold for us mid- November to early March.

But every once in a while we have an overwhelming reason to go to Las Vegas during the summer. Is it the same as Spring or Fall? NO WAY! I've tried renting cabanas, but we still can't stay at the pool very long. During the day walking from Venetian to TI wears us out. There is no such thing as dining or drinking outside---and remember the sun doesn't go down until 9pm. And even when it does the sidwalk doesn't start cooling down for hours, during the day it literally radiates heat.

So we spend a lot more time inside. This is fine for many, but we are not there to spend most of our time inside casinos or bars.

I'm not telling you not to go. For many Las Vegas isn't that bad in the Summer because they often have it worse. But be prepared, It will change your trip. And no matter what anyone says, you will not be experiencing Las Vegas at it's best.