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Good Location? Bad Location?

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Good Location? Bad Location?

I try and help others with their choice of hotel. But it seems that some locations on the Strip are considered good while others are considered bad. My problem is that I don't know which hotels fall in each category. So I'm asking for help. I'd like a definitive explanation of exactly where the line is between a Good Location and a Bad Location.

So if you will, please take a walk with me on Las Vegas Blvd. Please make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and bringing a bottle of water, because according to some we will be covering quite a distance. In fact if you are older (which means older than me) you might want to consider bringing some oxygen just in case. Or maybe if you are still spry you can bring along one of the comely nurses from Heart Attack Griil. After all this is Vegas.

While I am not sure if this is geographically true, most people consider the intersection of Flamingo Rd and Las Vegas Blvd to be the center of the Strip. So this is where we will start. At this intersection we have Bellagio & Caesars on the West side and Ballys and the boarded up construction zone that used to be Bills on the East. Because this is the center and Prime area, we will consider them Good Locations.

The hotel next to Caesars to the north is Mirage, and the one next to Bellagio on the south is the City Center area with Aria and Cosmo. These are right next to the center, so I assume these are still good locations.

Next comes TI to the north and Monte Carlo to the south. Does anyone need to stop and rest yet? Be honest now---how many took the free tram from Mirage to TI? We are now 2 properties away from the center hotels. Is this still a Good Location?

To the north of TI is Fashion Show Mall, so we will cross the street to Palazzo. 1st off, does anyone think the location of Palazzo is worse than that of Venetian? North of Palazzo is Wynn and south of Monte Carlo is NYNY. How we doing? Did we cross the line yet? Is the line between Palazzo and Wynn or MC and NYNY? Are we now in a bad location?

Next comes Encore and Excalibur. Just like V/P, does anyone think that Encore is a worse location than Wynn? Is this a Bad Location?

On the north you've reached a big space, one that was previously filled with hotels and hopefully will be again one day. So we will stop our walk north here.

To the south the next hotel is Luxor followed by Mandalay Bay. This is where most consider the Strip to end.

You may have noticed on this entire walk there wasn't a single bench to stop and rest. And not one first aid station. There also weren't any rivers to cross and not once did you lose sight of civilization. Despite the Bad Location. And pretty much each hotel in all locations are right nest to another.

I know there are some here who believe that every man, woman and child should stay in a hotel with a Good Location. So in order to give the best possible hotel recommendations, I need to know where the line is. Which hotels have good locations, which have worst locations, and of course which have locations so bad that nobody should ever consider them.

Get some rest now. I know that was grueling. And thanks for your help.

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1. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

Location is in the eye of the bestayer.

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2. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

No wonder everyone went to facebook.

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3. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

IMO the best location is lets say, the Mirage. Or any adjacent property. You are within 15 -20 minutes walk or so of a lot of nice properties and great shopping. Mirage, TI, Wynncore , Vene / Pal , Caesars, Harrah's , Quad, Casino Royale, Bellagio , Trump , Harrah's , Flamingo etc etc. Forum Shops, Fashion show mall, Canal shops.

Not to say that the MGM corner is a 'bad location' at all but not my personal preference.

Heck, the Rio is not a bad location in some regards, - walk to the Palms and the GC and easy access to the Strip without the strip hassles on the sidewalk and foot traffic in the hotels.

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4. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

I think that people imagine a bullseye centered on the Bellagio fountains. The closer to that spot, the better the location.

But it really depends on where you like to spend your time and what you like to see and do.

I like Mandalay Bay but I much prefer the location of the Venetian because there are many things that I like to do in that area.

The concept of the "Center Strip" is highly over rated.

Edited: 23 May 2013, 20:32
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5. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

I agree with rhinoman7....

Really what is the person looking for, shopping / pool / gaming / shows / food / cost.

To each, their own.

Lakeland, Florida
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6. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

I'ts like the fabled Zen story:

When Banzan was walking through a market he overheard a conversation between a butcher and his customer.

"Give me the best piece of meat you have," said the customer.

"Everything in my shop is the best," replied the butcher. "You cannot find here any piece of meat that is not the best."

At these words Banzan became enlightened.

When I'm in Las Vegas and have chosen a hotel, whether for price, location, services, convenience, or whatever - then it's the BEST!

Second guessing myself only leads to disappointment.

So, pick a place. Stay there. Be happy. EVERY hotel in Las Vegas is the best.

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7. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

To the North, good locations stop at Venetian/Palazzo and Mirage. Anything North of there is not a good location (start the whiners about Wynncore).

To the South, good locations stop at City Center and Planet Hollywood. Anything South of there is not a good location.

Of course, imHo.

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8. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

For me I guess it's just the feeling or comfort I get when I walk out the front doors of the hotel. Call it a certain vibe you get from the area. I've stayed in most of the strip hotels, but the one I feel the best when I walk out to the street is the Mirage. It's my center location because the hotels I like are right there. My favorite location goes to Caesars to the south and the Palazzo to the north. Bellagio, Bally's to Vdara and PH would be my 2nd choice. Then as you go from Monti Carlo to MB and acoss the street MGM to Trop. the further south my least favorite locations. I also put Wynn and Encore as part of my least favorite locations even though they are really nice properties. But locations aside, my favorite hotels are Bellagio, Caesars, and the Mirage.

Dallas, Texas
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9. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

This is my opinion from my desk at work today:

any hotel in Vegas - good location

any hotel not in Vegas - bad location

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10. Re: Good Location? Bad Location?

As some of the others have said..."to each his own"...whatever you personally like is what is best.