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Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

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Rental Car insurance provided by VISA


I am travelling first time with my family to Las vegas in month of August 2013 and planning to rent a car so that i can drive to Grand Canyon and Los Angles , i do have have auto insurance which covers the rental car also but the deductable is $500 , i came to know VISA has the rental car insurance which will help on top of your auto insurance. It sound too good to be true kindly help me by sharing your experince and opnion.

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1. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

Call visa directly. Smh. This is a question for visa they could answer all your question regarding there ins T&C.

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Knoxville, TN
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2. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

Not too good to be true. Visa, as well as Master Card have offered this for years for certain "elite" credit cards. Used to be for "gold" cards. Then it was "platinum". Whatever. Just check to be sure that the card you have includes the coverage. But this isn't an unusual offering.

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3. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

I don't know about VISA, but American Express definitely offers it. we have a membership in it. All you have to so is sign up, and every time you use your card to rent a car, they charge you something like $25. I can't remember the exact amount, but it is reasonable to pay that for insurance for your entire rental period.

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4. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

The Visa "Signature" level cards have this. I love it when the LV car rental places try to make it sound like I need their insurance. I am more than covered under my Visa and my car insurance company.

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5. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

The RAC people will try to sell you Anything for more Money.

You're covered by your own auto policy AND most CCs offer the same coverage as well. Mine do. The RAC outfits always try to talk you into the extra insurance, it's a Cash Cow for them. They'll tell you that you can also be charged for "Loss of Use" while the car gets repaired but my own CC's say they'll cover that as well IF the RAC supplies them with the Proper Documentation. Sounds like they'll take them on so they must feel that's a scam too. If you're the Paranoid type, well, buy the Xtra coverage. I don't! Just look over whatever car you pick out of the aisle really good for any large scratches or dings. If you have doubts pick another car. So far it's been my experience that the Check-In guys mostly just scan the vehicle into their PDT, punch in the mileage and check the fuel. I've yet to see anyone really look a car over.

Oh, as far as Fuel goes, they'll also try to sell you the Full Tank guarantee where You pay for gas if you bring it back less than Full. That's a money maker for them too. Then they may tell you if You tank up the car before return, you have to show them the Gas Receipt 'cause some people fill up the tank with Water. Oh Really! I looked at the gal like she was Crazy! I always stop at the Terrible's gas station just down from the Mandalay on the way back to the RAC terminal and wave the receipt in the guy's face.

It's all a Hassle but that's the way they operate.

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6. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

I have a platinum Mastercard. I checked the details. It mentions it covers up to $3000 of car hire excess. So does this mean that you actually have to take out insurance and that Mastercard will only cover the excess (up to $3000)...or does standard car hire cover you for a certain amount...i.e. always built in.

Havent hired many cars in my time....

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7. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

This is a pretty good article....don't think that your CC is going to save you all the time.


Just remember that if your own car gets a ding on it, you don't have to get it fixed. However, the rental car company does and they will automatically charge you deductible to your CC. And like the article says, your insurance won't cover these other fees that the rental car company will charge in case of an accident. In some cases, especially in a one or two day rental, the collision waiver isn't a bad idea if you have a large deductible.

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8. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

Check with your insurance agent about a rental car rider. We pay maybe $30 a year for this coverage. There's no deductible. We did use it, once, for a problem with a Fox car in Vegas. They wouldn't pay for the "loss of use" charge (really, EVERY one of your cars was rented except this one?) or the "admin fee". I tried to get mastercard to pay for these. They wouldn't pay the admin fee, either. They wanted to see a fleet utilization log for the loss of use charge. When I pressed Fox for this and agreed to pay the admin fee, they dropped the loss of use charge.

Note that this is different than coverage for renting you a car if yours is wrecked. We have that, too.

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9. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

As others have said, clarify with you agent and cc company what is covered.

On a side note, who here misses losvu? I am raising my hand :)

When in doubt, check it out...

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10. Re: Rental Car insurance provided by VISA

Hi Thanks for your valuable advice i did checked with VISA and my car insurance , VISA is saying they will cover the deductible and all reasonable charges which rental company puts in case of collision (which i understand gets tricky with fleet utilization and other things though they said there collision benefit will directly talk to rental company) , my insurance company covers the rental car.

I am taking the car for a week long so insurance coverage will double the amount , will gather more info and hope i don't got into this :)