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Just Curious....

Lexington, NC
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Just Curious....

Has anyone else been on a flight that has had the drawings for cash. I know most of the charter ones have them, but I was on a trip to LV about 2 years ago and was flying Delta when the Pilot asked the flight attendants to collect $5 and $10's from anyone who wanted to spilt the pot. I was stunded because there were children on the plane. I have never seen it again. Maybe this was that pilots last flight.

ft dodge
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1. Re: Just Curious....

My friends flew Allegiant last week. Anyone who wanted to could write there seat number on a dollar bill and put it in a sack. They drew out the dollar, called the seat, and that person won all the money. Some other friends and I were on a different airline and they didn't do this.

Austin, TX.
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2. Re: Just Curious....

suzdavis wrote: "I was stunded because there were children on the plane. I have never seen it again. Maybe this was that pilots last flight."

"Stunded", PUHLEEZE.

Do you really think those poor, defenseless, naive little children are going to be traumatized for life if they see Mommy and Daddy trying to turn a five dollar bill into a "free" nights stay at Bellagio?

If so, then you'd better never ever drag your kids to the supermarket or 7/11 because THOSE places actually sell the dreaded LOTTO tickets, YIKES...

And another thing, don't be driving around the countryside in NC either with your kids, because some of farmers are actually growing TOBACCO...

Ferndale, Washington
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3. Re: Just Curious....

The Allegiant from Bellingham WA does this. I have never won. But boy that would be pretty sweet. Not even to Vegas yet and winning.

Loveland, Colorado
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4. Re: Just Curious....

Have done it both on Frontier and Allegiant.

Upstate, New York
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5. Re: Just Curious....

Children on a plane headed to Las Vegas......and you are worried that they witness this.....thats funny.

Panama City Beach...
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6. Re: Just Curious....

billybigtown - comments like that are why I should not drink soda and read TA at the same time. HAHAHAHA.

Mountaineer Country
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7. Re: Just Curious....

Just to let you critics know, witnessing gambling at high altitudes by undeveloped brains can lead to a disease called “splitting 10’s and taking insurance”, which is developed as an adult. I know it’s true because I read it on the internet.

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8. Re: Just Curious....

Threads like this totally make my day. You guys rawk.

North Vancouver...
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9. Re: Just Curious....

Sorry to sort of get off topic here, but this question is for Walker04. We are flying Allegiant out of Belllingham next week for the first time. Do you have any issues with this carrier? We are hoping to have a good first experience with them as flying out of Bellingham vs. Vancouver just makes sense for us (cost & proximity). Thanks in advance for any info. btw, I'll definitely be putting my $1 or seat # in any draw they offer on board!

New Westminster
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10. Re: Just Curious....

same off topic, lol...

I am flying out of Bellingham with Allegian at the end of July and am curious as to service, any issues I need to be aware of....I understand they are pretty much no frills and thats not a problem cause its a short flight.

Thanks for any advice you can give