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Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

Calgary, Canada
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Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

So we are staying 4 days in Vegas and are into our 2nd day stay in Aria in Vegas and so perturbed by what has happened. By no fault if aria, we are staying on the 54th floor and our neighbors decided to have a cat fight right next door to our room at 3am in the fricken morning!!! The brought their fight outside our door banging on our room door and pushing and yelling and slapping one another. So tired and looking for just a little sleep I was not impressed. They were running and yelling and crying down the whole hallway. We called security twice and our friends happened to call them a third time. They were give a warning 3 times.

My husband and i went this morning to speak to a manager and first thing he does is acknowledge my husband but not me! I'm the one who makes the reservation and the room is under my name but he doesn't look or shake my hand even after my husband introduces me to the manager. Not impressed. We both speak calmly, smile and acknowledge that this by no fault of the hotel for what the guests did but we need something to be done.

First we ask if the guests are still staying in this room or have they checked out? Nope. Still staying at the hotel and in the same room. Then we ask what can be done as we complained twice and we heard security come up 3 times and we do not want to have another sleepless night as they were fighting from 3am to 7am so we had 4hrs of lost sleep. They said they will move us to another room down the hall (same standard room). Wtf! Really?!? We have to move becuz of them and inconvenience us?

I have stayed at Aria many times before - we come here and stay at aria every year since it opened) as it has amazing service and this is the worst unacceptable customer experience I've ever had. :( I'm so disappointed. What you do? Move rooms?

Dallas, Texas
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1. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

If its physical fight why not just call 911, would they not send real police rather than dealing with security? Oh maybe in Canada you do not know about 911

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2. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

Write a nice long letter when you get home. Take the move if you feel the idiots are going to be back at it. If it happens again I agree call 911.

Houston, Texas
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3. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

Well if the stay is usually good, then I wouldn't be too upset about this. I mean how often is someone getting beaten in a hotel room next to you? That can happen in any hotel in reality.

Cincinnati, Ohio
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4. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

That would be fustrating, what I would do since the manager on duty was not helpful is the following. IF you have a twitter account do a search for aria las vegas and post a msg with @ symbol and the name of the hotel for example:

@Aria we have an issue with the room beside us keeping us up all night & we are losing sleep. they have been warned 3 times & I have talked to managment with no resolution. This is my last time booking here.

This will be directed to the appropriate channel of Aria, you get a response to either contact a specific email or #. Following their instructions should yeild results or at least a refund or credit of some sort.

another thing I would do is take it to Facebook, search for Aria hotel las vegas facebook page and post the complaint on there wall.

The reason for posting to twitter or facebook is that it will get attention to the marketing department & they will make sure to do something for you.

above is my opinion & what I would do, i have done this when having issues in the past & for the most part it has always worked for me. I'm sorry for the sleepless nights & hope that they provide you some kind of customer service.

Mansfield, Texas
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5. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

I suspect it is easier to "deal" with one mad customer (you) by moving you, than moving the problem and having another mad customer to deal with the next night. Although I would have thought they would move you to another floor entirely rather than just down the hall.

not saying that's they way they should have handled it, but I think that manager just decided to provide a "bare minimum" solution.

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6. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

This happened to me once at a holiday inn , some where in Montana Iwas given a very nice apology and free breakfast , plus a discount. Was only staying the one night while driving through. I would expect more for 4 hours of lost sleep I did contact 911.

1060 W Addison...
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7. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

Not sure what you want Aria to do... give you money? Free stuff?

They should offer to move you to another room. Which they did. But apparently you don't want that.

Olathe KS
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8. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

I know this is frustrating, I have had similar experiences, but usually on the other end of the spectrum (crazy all-night sexcapades by the neighbors)

However, what is Aria to do? You are NOT entitled to an upgrade and they offered to move you. I think that is about as most as you can reasonably expect. Anything else is a gift.

As far as the Manager and him ignoring your....sorry honey, this is still a culture that when a man and a wife are standing next to each other and a business issue comes up, it's the male that they will automatically approach. Without prior knowledge of something different, this is the safe approach. It my wife and I were standing there and they assumed my wife was in charge, I would be furious....and so would my wife!

9. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

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10. Re: Venting in Vegas - staying at Aria

What exactly do you expect the hotel to do? Did you ask them to do something else that they refused?

Sounds like they responded to your request to send security to the room. They have given you the option to move to a different room - which seems to be a pretty reasonable accomodation to me. Did you expect them to kick these people out of the hotel? At some point I am sure it would get to that - probably would if it happens a 2nd night - but short of that I don't know what else they could reasonably do for you.