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My tr Sept. 25-29

Visalia, California
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My tr Sept. 25-29

At the end my flight got canceled so I had an adventure driving home with 2 strangers I had never met. It's a tad funny as we got lost.

So I went over to Vegas for a gaming convention on September 25th.

I had a fairly early flight and only managed to get 3 hours of sleep before I had to head to the airport. Fly into Vegas around 3:00AM all is going well check in at the Aria a room is available on the 14th floor but I opt to wait hoping I'll get a higher floor. They said they would text me when the room was ready check my bag and head over to the Sands Expo. for the convention.

Get there walk around Adam West was there signing autographs. Took some pictures of the original Bat Mobile and checked out some of the new things coming out.

12:00 rolls around I'm fairly exhausted so I just ate lunch in the food court at out side of the Sands Expo. Received a text that my room was ready and I was placed on the 14th I know it's busy so I don't make a huge deal about it. Head back to my room open it and the floor plan is a bit odd. As I check it out I notice that it is handicap accessible. While it was still a suite it wasn't what I was expecting or paid for. The room was still very nice but the bathroom had an odd lay out.

I head down to the front desk. I basically said the room I was put in is handicap accessible and not really what I was expecting I was hoping/wondering if you could possibly move me. I don't mind if you put me in a smoking room, a different view (had a city view) or a different floor plan. I'm fairly open I'd just like a non handicap accessible room.

Unfortunately nothing was available how ever they said they could move me the next day. That worked for me so I do it.

Decided to have a few drinks at Deuce Lounge using some 2 for 1 vouchers. Being exhausted I decided to call it a night.

Thursday I wake up around 8:00 call the front desk and ask if they need me to check my bag with the bell desk so they can prepare the room for someone else. Mostly because I would be at a convention all day. They said no so off to the convention I went.

Saw some amazing things and if you're a gambler there is a TON for you to look forward too. Some very amazing new titles, games and features coming to casinos soon.

Had lunch at one of the Cafes in the Venation outside of the Sands Expo center. I had some Caesar Italian sandwich with a cold pasta. It was excellent and I felt a fairly good deal only about $20 or so.

Spent a small amount of time in the Convention then headed back to the Aria. When I jumped in the cab the driver asked if I wanted to go his secret back route. I asked how much and he said $15-20. It was around 2:00-2:30PM and the strip was fairly traffic fee I said no take the strip. He tried to convince me to take his route. I said no.. At this point he's got an attitude. We arrive at the Aria $9.25. I gave him a $20 and said give me $10 back if you hadn't tried to long haul me I would have given you the entire $20. Then I tossed him a $2 tip and walked away. I know some wouldn't leave any tip for a guy that attempts this. How ever he is working and he did provide the service. I don't know for certain but his back route could potentially be cheaper/quicker on a busy night with bumper to bumper traffic on the strip.

Head to my hotel to get off of my feet and rest. Take a short nap then gave the Five 50 pizza a try since I had heard good things. I thought it was excellent.

Decided I'd cruise the strip a bit.. As I was walking I saw a homeless man with no shoes. His feet were blistered to hell and in very poor shape. So I walked into one of the gift shops and bought him a pair of sandals. Tossed them in his lap. Walked around a bit met some interesting people and decided to call it a night around 1:00AM.

head back to my new room which ended up being a Mountain View. Loved the room even though it wasn't on a "high" floor. The views were great the floor plan was amazing. I tend to prefer the Mountain View VS City View. I typically get ready to go out around 5:00PM so as I'm getting ready I have a drink or two in my room and watch the sunset over the Mountains relax a bit then head out. So I was happy (more on the room to come).

Wake up on Friday around 10:30 my legs and feet are very sore at this point. I had to walk around during the day in dress shoes and have a massive blister on my right pinky toe (it is/was HUGE). yes I know about wearing walking shoes and I did when I could but I was required to for some parts of my trip.

Seeing that my feet are sore I decide to spend the day by the pool. Have lunch at the Aria Buffet (with MyVegas) and turn room charges on for the remaining 2 nights. Come to find out the front desk gave me a FB credit for the room change. I did not request it and was a tad surprised by it.

Have some beers meet a group of people in town celebrating one of their friends 40th birthdays. Head back up to my room to get ready to go out. Get dressed and as I was walking to the taxi line I notice a jackpot party game I've never seen before. Put $20 in and win a $270 progressive. Cash out and used it for some sushi (forgot the name of the place). Then went on over to the MGM to give the Lions Share a few spins. Located it right out side of the high limit room tossed a few bucks in it gave it a few spins. Nada. Played a bit of the new willy wonka nothing. Then went on over to the Cosmo to do the lose $100 get $100 in FP. Did fairly well at the cosmo I got up $200 ahead but decided to keep playing because drink service was excellent and I was having fun.

Met an interesting woman had a few drinks with her then opted to head back to the Aria. NO she did not tag a long she was married. I would never take part in something like that for various reasons.

Fairly drunk at this point and it's 2:00AM and ready to pass out. Now at the Aria in their suites they do a turn down service. Every night they turn the TV's on to a seasonal music channel and the music plays over the TV's in the bedroom, bathroom and living room. I jump in bed grab the touch screen remote and press room off.. Nothing happens.. I assume I must be doing something as I am drunk. So I get up walk to the front door of the room and press the "master off" switch for the entire room. Nothing happens.. I grab the old fashion type of TV remotes try to mute the TV's.. Nothing happens.. Now keep in mind this Oktoberfest music is playing NON stop and I can not get it to shut off the entire time. It was authentic German music and umm very interesting to say the least.

So I call the front desk "I can't get my room to shut off... I'm a tad drunk so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if there is something wrong with the room." they say okay I'll have the IT department do it remotely. The IT team attempts to shut it down remotely.. Nothing happens.

So I call and say I think my room is froze none of the lights will shut off nothing works. The IT says yes it is and they would remotely reset it that it could take 20-30 minutes. I figure I'll jump in the jetted tub for a bit get out and go to bed. Do that get out press room off.. It still doesn't shut off..

It's now about 4:30AM and still not shutting off. So I call and ask if I can just unplug the TV's I really want to fall asleep. They say no that an IT guy is on the way. He shows up around 5:30 and I guess some wire had gone bad they replace it and room works again!

Finally I can sleep!! Crash out wake up around 10:00AM again head over to the Aria Café for some lunch (Saturday morning) had their club sandwich was excellent. After eating that I head to the pool again for another day of resting my feet which are still sore. Met a group of guys from the UK very entertaining bunch very friendly as well. We all took turns buying beers had a blast.

I really enjoyed the lunch buffet and was running short on time so I ate there again for dinner. Time to meet up with some people from the TA. I'm hanging out at the Aria View bar around 7:00PM meet up with Andrew and his family. Showed them my room then we met up with another guy (sorry I forgot every ones names). We get to the Chandelier bar I grab a table on the first floor right next to the stage we have a few drinks and various members start to trickle in. No idea how late we were there but I met Purple (think that's her user name) and a few other members. Had a blast.

We all went over to the Quad (I think) for a bit. I decided to break off from the group and go to the Bellagio. Put $20 into Awesome reels and win $380. Put $20 into Power Spins and win $140. Head over to play a favorite slot called super jungle wild. Lost maybe $100 or so on it then head back to the Aria.

I decide to put $20 into this .02 WMS Mechanical game. forgot the name won 15,000 credits $300. Cash out dabble on various other games ranging from $5 top dollar to other penny games. I'm about $900 ahead or so at this point and fairly tipsy again. It's nearly 3:00AM and I need to head to bed as I check out on Sunday.

Wake up at 10:00 get a late check out eat some lunch at Aria café check my bags with the bell boy and check out. I have a few hours to waste before I go tot he airport so I play some slots. Didn't win anymore but only lost about $100 of my winnings while playing other games.

It's time to head to the airport (I like to go early to avoid problems). Everything is going great I had an excellent trip met some interesting people from all over the world. Waiting for my flight and find out it's been delayed. Had a few beers then go to check on my flight.. It's been canceled. One of the other people on the flight had to be home as did I for work. We decide we would cancel the flight rent a car and drive. I've never met him before so this is a complete stranger. Another guy decided to join us.

We get out flights canceled go get the rental and start the drive. Hook up the GPS but don't think to check the settings just type in Fresno and start driving. NONE of us have driven it before so we have no idea where we are going just following the GPS. After about 2 hours of driving in desert we all agree we are some what lost the GPS must be doing something odd. I believe we ended up on 127 and drove down the back the east side of Death Valley. There was absolutely NOTHING out there. We did stop twice I checked out the stars and the views were absolutely amazing. It looked exactly like those pictures of the milky way in which you can see all the stars, dust and gas absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I'm a huge astronomy fan so this made the drive worth it IMO.

We need gas on 127 so we spot a gas station. I kid you not we pull in and there are 2 old pay phones a tad beat up. The lights in both are flickering and there is an old beat up mobile home. It was a very run down gas station and looked like something out of a horror movie, end of the world movie. I only thought to take a picture of the phone booths. We get gas get back on the road and check the GPS. No cell phone service at this point so we are stuck with the GPS we zoom out and figure out that the GPS sent us north west of vegas then south east down to I think the 15.

Before we figured out we were lost we saw a broke down car with 3 younger people on the side of the road. None of us were comfortable stopping so I just called 911 to report it. I tell the 911 operator we are headed to California and on 127 he seems confused. so I said look they are this road in between this gas station and this Casino (the two nearest landmarks I could remember) he sends someone out looking for them. When we figured out we were some what lost (taking the long way home) I understood why the 911 operator was confused. LOL

We get to the 58 which will take us straight to 99. At this point the guy driving is falling asleep and drifting a bit so I take over the driving. I'm exhausted as well as I only got maybe 3 hours of sleep the night before.

I open it up in the car finally at 3:00AM we pull into the Fresno Airport. Jump in my car and head home!

It was a very interesting adventure to say the least and could have easily been a part of a hang over type of movie. One of the gentlemen that rode with us home was an ER Doctor, the other didn't speak English all the great.

Overall I had a BLAST.

What I will suggest is if you are looking for 2 bedroom penthouse type of set up.. The first room I was in on the 14th floor at the Aria was a corner suite. Despite being handicap accessible it did have a benefit.. The Corner Suite had an adjoining room.. You could potentially rent the Corner Suite and get the room next door. Giving you 2 bedrooms with the large living room.

Winnipeg, Canada
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1. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

INNAPPROPRIATE, you are one unusual dude and i enjoyed hearing about your trip. Thanks for posting.

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2. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

I was looking forward to this one, you must be a very friendly guy


Visalia, California
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3. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

I will say I did hide $20 in my room. I would have done the full $100 but I decided I'd have more fun helping out the homeless on the strip. Bought one sandals and a few others various articles clothing that they needed. One had a wore down shirt that was in shreds others clearly needed sun screen.

Yes I'm extremely friendly in real life. Most of my cab fares were around $10 I gave all them a $20 because I figure they could have long hauled me and it would have cost me $20. So I'd like to reward the good behavior. I just toss them a $20 and say keep the change I appreciate you taking the correct and short route.

I do also talk to a TON of people. I'm fairly seasoned traveling solo and I enjoy talking to random people.. Hearing their stories. It leads to meeting all sorts of interesting people. I've met extremely wealthy oil tycoons, average joes, rocket scientists, astronomers, and so on. I even met the CFO of a larger independent NA Casino. Sometimes it's nothing more then a bit of chatter other times I end up exchanging email addresses with them. Some of the conversations can be very interesting. The oil tycoon was legit he pulled out his phone at one point and showed me some of his toys (cars, jets and so on).

I can't go into a ton of details about all of my trip. So if there are huge parts that seem "missing" that is why..

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4. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

Loved reading your Trip Report. It was a very generous thing you did for the homeless man. Kudos to you. Thanks for taking the time to write it all up. PS I love looking at the sky too.

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5. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

THanks cool TR!

6. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

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7. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

Great report, enjoyed it! thanks for sharing

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8. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

Did you get "chitty advice for a $1". He's on the ped overpass(ballys/bills). ??

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9. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

My opinion of you has changed..for the better....good trip report...

Visalia, California
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10. Re: My tr Sept. 25-29

I'll try and get some pictures/videos up in the next few days. I'm exhausted right now and going to head to bed soon.