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back pain at its worst

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back pain at its worst

this trip pretty well confirms my future trips to Vegas which will be very limited,,, my back pain could not have been any worse than it was,, sitting for any length of time was pure agony especially when standing up,,,, back pain seemed to come at any time like a knife,,, ,,, as anyone who has a bad back can relate to.. Again I went solo as my dear wife past away to cancer Sept 14 2012,, and it is a bummer,,, I went out every day some where ,,,, to premium outlets ,,, encore played a little bj.to fashion mall done some shopping, I always liked Wynns dinner buffet so I went twice ,,, and ate wherever I might be at any time of the day ,, and also had meals in my suite,,, my tower spa suite was nice and comfortable,, but I still liked my other spa suite,,,, outside of my back pain my trip overall I will say was very good at the tables But this will be my last trip going solo,,, and am very happy to be back home at customs I was asked if I had certain amount of money and also the custom officer asked me do I have receipt for my rolex watch ,,, I said that it is not a new watch and why would I carry a receipt,,, he said you could have bought it in Vegas with your winnings,,, I then thought that they were going to go through my personels and I had a very considerable amount of cash in my money belt ,, and wallet,,,, thank god he marked something in a pad and let me through,,,,, and by the way I did buy the rolex in Vegas at Wynns in the rolex store a few years back,,, ,,,,all in all not a bad trip money wise not back wise,,,,,,,,,here is a video of my spa tower suite


new york
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1. Re: back pain at its worst

So sorry about your wife.

I also have back pain to varying degrees at different times .

I have recently discovered accupuncture and is wonderful!

Saskatoon, Canada
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2. Re: back pain at its worst

Too bad about your back. That can definitely cut into your enjoyment on a trip. Hope you feel better.

Winnipeg, Canada
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3. Re: back pain at its worst

Sorry to hear about your back, Gord. I recommend the book The Mind Body Connection by Dr. John Sarno. It really helped me with my own back.

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for Las Vegas
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4. Re: back pain at its worst

Gord: Sorry about your pain, it can certainly affect your trip. You go to Vegas often enough that it might pay for you to try and find a chiropractor or massage therapist there, in case this happens again.

Going solo to Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter, will take some adjusting. Don't push it, it will happen in it's own time.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Derby, United...
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5. Re: back pain at its worst

Thank you for posting Gord your spa suite looked great. Sorry that you had such a bad back during you trip. Mine was particularly bad during my trip last year so it made my toes curl reading about yours.

Best wishes to you.

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6. Re: back pain at its worst

Gord: I'm so sorry you had back pain. Did you have any interesting blackjack hands ( doubles after splits etc.)? Get better soon my friend.

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7. Re: back pain at its worst

why would they ask about your money, are you only allowed a certain amount in or out of the USA, we will be there early next year and don't want to fall foul of customs

Oahu, Hawaii
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8. Re: back pain at its worst

once in vegas, if you have a car, give this place a try.

saw first hand how Dr. Ran relieved the pain in my wife after our long journey to LV.

from limping along and nearly unable to get up off the bed to full strides. Well worth the visit to Dr. Ran.

Acupuncture in Vegas

7595 W Washington Ave

Suite A170

Las Vegas, NV 89128

(702) 362-1300


Powell, Ohio
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9. Re: back pain at its worst

Gord, so sorry to hear about your wife. It would be extremely difficult just day to day.

Hopefully you will get some relief for your back. My best to you.

Washington DC...
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10. Re: back pain at its worst

Gord, Unfortunate that you had back issues. I always look forward to hearing about your trips and any health issue can cast a shadow on an otherwise great time. Glad it was a good none the less. Agree with the others, I'd hunt up someone local in Vegas for future back pain, be it chiropractor, therapist, or whatever.