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TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

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TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

Another trip report to capture the escapades of our latest trip to Vegas….

Back story: Initially started off as a long weekend “girls” trip for myself (49), sister in law (42), mother in law (73), and aunt in law (60’ish). My husband (48) jumped on the bandwagon very quickly once he heard we were all planning on going. Who am I to say no? It’s his family lol. So plans were made…..and we booked for a week.

My husband and I are frequent travelers to Vegas about 20 trips under my belt, pre hubby – and we have been there about 12 times together. Last year we went for just under two weeks with my own sister and brother in law – and that trip ended up being a killer party trip – our livers barely made it out alive. We vowed we would have a nice easy, romantic trip this time and finally check off the multitude of things on our Vegas bucket list that we never seem to do. Figured we could easily accomplish this objective since my husband’s elderly mom and aunt would be along for this trip.

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1. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

Our typical Vegas mantra is fly, land, check in – and go from there. Other than a few dinner reservations, we do not plan too much prior to arriving. This trip however, since of course it was going to be an easy, romantic trip – I did a fairly significant amount of planning prior. Bought some great meal deals on Groupon, pre booked a show, bought the ACG, clipped and organized all my coupons, wrote down a daily itinerary, made a bucket list of all the things we always miss, etc.

Ever hear the phrase “best laid plans……” (said sarcastically)?

Night 1 –

Took a late flight out of Detroit and landed at LAS at 9:30 p.m. Tonight we check into the Flamingo for two nights (comped), before we head downtown for two nights, then back to the Flamingo for 3 more nights (comped).

We did sign up for the Total Rewards credit card just recently so based on what you good folks said, they did drop the resort fees when we checked in and yes, we were upgraded to Platinum Status. Love, love, love having a separate line for Platinum and up status. So worth it!

I did ask for a refurbished room, away from the construction and the nice lady said we were upgraded to a Go Room. We have stayed at Flamingo many, many time and I was glad for a Go Room, as the last time we stayed in a room that looked like something out of Hitchcock movie, it was so old and decrepit.

Anywho we drop off our bags, drop the money in the safe and “go out for a few hours” to set our body clocks right.

Side note – THIS is an upgraded Go Room? Seriously? Good lord. Go Room…..”go” to what? Another hotel? Oh well, it’s only two nights and it’s comped, so I guess I can’t really complain now can I?

BTW - we are alone tonight, the rest of the family comes in tomorrow night. So off we go to one of our favorite bars, Bugsy’s Bar downstairs in the Flamingo. Yes, we know, the VP machines have terrible odds at Bugsy’s but we love this bar. The bartenders remembers us and start serving us back to back to back. Couple hours later, after effectively shoving $20’s at record speed into the VP machines to no avail, we head off down the strip and stumble into Bally’s for a few more hours of VP – Double, Double, Bonus Poker– which translates into “Hey Dummy – Over Here” – lol.

Day 2 –

My husband is rolling over and waking me up…..I look at the clock and ask him why he is waking me up at 7 o’clock in the morning for god’s sake? Is he insane? Has he lost his mind? I am on vacation for goodness sake!!! He kindly informs me it is 7 o’clock in the evening. Oh! Lol. Seriously? Ooops.

You ever purse your lips and look up and to the left , then right, trying to figure something out? Hearing The Talking Heads song lyrics of “How Did I Get Here” going through your head? Yeah, that is how that moment went.

Well he’s not mad, so nothing could have gone horribly wrong last night, so that’s a good sign. I tell him I’m starving, since we have not eaten since we left home some 24 hours ago. He again kindly informs me that we had a really nice breakfast at Margaritaville prior to coming back to the room. We did? Seriously? Absolutely zero….and I mean zero…..recollection of that meal (still today). Apparently I had a veggie omelet, and I enjoyed it. Hmm. Ok. He showed me the receipt and yes, I had a veggie omelet – at NOON, before we went to bed for the night. Too darn funny.

Oh lord. So the rest of the family lands in just a few hours and we are to meet them at their hotel, Hooters. ( I know, how funny is that!). Shower, run over to Ellis Island for a quick bite and then cab it over to Hooters to meet the family.

We have not stepped foot in Hooters since it changed over from the San Remo. Actually stayed at the San Remo while they were in the conversion process and ended up being comped into the Penthouse because of the horrible service we go – another past trip report from many years ago. Anyway, it’s pretty nice. Nice vibe. Good music. Nice “t-shirts”, as the hubby says. And the VP actually paid out pretty well. I would not make a special trip over, but it was an enjoyable place to hang out for the evening. After a while, we head over to the Tropicana, had not been in here since the refurb. Wow. Really, really bright in here – was my first impression. Has absolutely no resemblance to the old Tropicana. Not too fond of the place really. We hang for a while and about 1 am the Mother in Law (MIL) and Aunt decide to call it an evening. Sister in law (SIL) has got her party on and is showing no signs of sleeping any time soon, so the 3 of us head off to Planet Hollywood. PH is always a hoping place and we really enjoy hanging out there. As we walk in we notice they are filming a movie right outside on the promenade. We stay and watch for a while seeing if we can get any celebrity glimpses. Nope. So in we go. Nothing notable really, just visiting with SIL and drinking of course. About 3 am, I notify hubby and SIL I am beat and calling it an evening. Hubby says he is gonna make sure his sister gets back safely and then come to bed. Okay. Cool. Say my good buy’s and head back to the room for some shut eye. I did stop at Johnny Rockets on my way back to the room and got an order of Sweet Potato fries to soak up all the booze prior to crashing. Don’t bother. Horrible, horrible. Worst sweet potato fries on the planet.

Day 3

Note: Today we check out of Flamingo and move downtown to Golden Gate for two nights.

I wake up pretty darn refreshed and roll over to wake up the hubby so we can check out and move downtown for the next couple nights. Imagine sounds of tires screeching………as interestingly enough his side of the bed has not been slept in yet….and it’s 10 a.m.

I text hubby and low and behold, him and his sis are still at Planet Hollywood, still at the bar, still drinking. I dunno if most wives would be mad, but I really wasn’t. I know my husband, I know he can be an idiot, but he is a trustworthy idiot. So I shower, pack, call for a late checkout and take off down the strip to go and collect my idiot.

SIL is in pretty good shape as she stopped drinking long ago. My idiot? Not so much. You’ve heard the phrase “three sheet to the wind”? Well he was effectively at Four Sheets – pushing Five. He is sitting at a slot machine, channeling Emeril, yelling BAM!!! at each spin at the top of his lungs. Serious eye rolling going on on my part. But you know what? Fortunately or unfortunately (I’m not sure….), my idiot is always fairly lucky when he is a stones throw from Zombie State. He actually is drawing a crowd of people around him, including a lot of workers from PH. I rush over, as I believe they are about ready to throw him out on his behind, but low and behold they are cheering him on and tell me “it’s no problem, he is having fun and not bothering anyone”. Well…not bothering anyone but me. Lol. I can’t recall what he is playing but after a while my idiot cashed out about 400 bucks and I begin to start dragging him out. Again, unfortunately when in this state, he gets a second wind (god knows how) and transforms from a Zombie to a Moth. Which means he is attracted to anything with a bright light. Not good trying to drag him out of a casino. I have zero ability to stop him from sitting down at one of those 3 wheel, Wheel of Fortune slot machines – because of course he is a Moth now and this particular machine has a whole lot of bright lights on 3 wheels. Now he is yelling BAM!!! not only for each of his spins, he is yelling BAM!!! for each of his sisters spins as well. Low and behold both of them get all 3 wheels spinning on each of their machines over and over and over. Between the two of them, they walked out with about 1000 bucks total. Unbelievable.

Now mind you, it’s only about 11:30 in the morning and my Idiot Moth Man can barely walk. I clearly understand he needs to eat. He will NOT stop drinking and NOT stop yelling BAM!!! until I get some food in his stomach. Off to Ellis Island we go (again). We make it through the meal without disturbing too many other diners, however, I know he is gonna find a very large, very dark, very purple bruise on his shin the next day – and wonder how he got it. Maybe I’ll tell him, maybe I won’t lol. Sometimes the only thing that can shut up an idiot Zombie Mothman Emeril Impersonator - is a swift kick to shin with some serious pointy toed boots. Lol.

The rest of the day coming soon….and it get’s better believe it or not.

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2. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

OMG!!! This is hysterical!!! Keep it coming!!! I think our husbands may be related! I remember a trip when I woke up around 8AM and no husband in the room and his side of the bed was still perfectly made. Call him only to find he was at the Palms partying with a family who had a daughter who was celebrating her 21st birthday! LMAO! He says he was throwing chips to everyone who would take him! Ahhhh... gotta love our husbands! LOL!

Northwood, Ohio
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3. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

Great start!!! Can't wait for more!

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4. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

I'm really enjoying your report! BAM!!!!!

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5. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

We make it back to the Flamingo, check out and hail a cab downtown to the Golden Gate for a two night stay. Couple years ago, we started making it a point to stay downtown for two nights each time we come to Vegas. We really enjoy downtown and the different experience it offers than the strip. It’s very unique in it’s own way. We have always stayed at the Golden Nugget and I really wanted to try one of the older hotels this time around.

I had found a deal for the Golden Gate at $22 bucks per night on Expedia. The resort fee was extra (knew that ahead of time) but still, can’t go wrong for $44 bucks per night for a hotel right on Fremont Street.

We walk in and I immediately love the old ambiance of the Golden Gate. Really cool little place. Moth Man Emeril Impersonator has been transformed into a Very Sad State after his meal and ride in the cab downtown. He Fought the Strip, and The Strip Won. I am barely able to keep him awake, or upright, but finally make it into the room at Golden Gate.

LOL. Now I have heard and read that the rooms at The Golden Gate were small, so I was expecting a small room. I was not however expecting a room that a mouse sleeps in, in the cartoons a.k.a – a matchbox. I think 100 square feet in an epic over exaggeration for that room size. And the bathroom? I’m kinda at a lose of words to even describe how small it was. My husband is 6’4’ and he had to seriously limbo to not hit his head into and IN the bathroom. The shower head hit him square in the middle of his chest. No exaggeration. I mean it was cheap, clean, and well kept…..how could it not be. One swipe of the vacuum and the floor was clean. It was fine for two nights, but I don’t think I will ever stay there again. I felt like we were gonna fall through the floor walking down the hallway’s – it kinda “sagged”. Yes, I know it was built in the early 1900’s, but anyone ever hear of reinforced support beams?

After we check in and drop everything off in the room, I tuck Mr. Zombie Man (leg dragging and all) into bed around 2 in the afternoon to let him sleep it off. I obviously am gonna be solo today so I grab all my free play coupons from ACG and head off to sign up for all the players clubs and cash in all my free play. Make the round to all the casino’s, cash in my coupons, play (to no avail) and spend the whole day sight seeing and crossing off things I wanted to do/see downtown off my Vegas bucket list.

Around 7 pm, my phone rings and it’s SIL – she’s coming downtown to hang while Mr. Zombie sleeps it off for the evening. Excellent! She walks onto the bus (for free, apparently no one even asks her to pay) and heads downtown. I am having a great time playing VP at Golden Gate when she arrives and we start throwing them back – as they say. I had really enjoyed The D while sight seeing today, so her and I head on over there. I really, really, like The D. The music is great, the vibe is young and hip. Kind of like your Planet Hollywood downtown. We have a great time and around 11 p.m. Mr. Zombie shows up. He even appears to be a very light shade of green to compliment his new name and dragging leg.

He does what every idiot would do that is nursing a two day hangover. He orders Jack Daniels. Neat. I just shake my head. What else is a wife to do? I am sporting a pretty good buzz myself and The D is rocking on this Friday night. An absolutely great, fabulous, fun time. Some time early that morning SIL takes a cab back to her hotel on the strip and I have had it, so I tell hubby I’m heading back to the room for some shut eye. He says he just woke up a couple hours ago so he is gonna stay out a little bit longer. I flash him the You Better Not Be An Idiot And Do Anything Stupid look and start to walk away. I have a epiphany and walk back to him, put my hand out, palm up and say – give me your ATM card. I hand him two hundreds and take his ATM card and head back to the room. Figure, he can only play Video Poker for a short time on a couple hundred bucks and he will be back to the room fairly soon.

I remember I had not eaten since breakfast and stop in at Dupar’s for the famous Shrimp Cocktail on my way up to bed. It was excellent – or I was starving. Not sure but I enjoyed it! Can’t go wrong for $2.99 that is for sure.

Day 4

It’s Saturday morning. I am really looking forward to today. It’s a beautiful warm day and Hubby and I are finally going to spend some time together and see some things. We have been wanting to go to the Mob Museum for some time, which we will do today, sight see and then have a nice romantic dinner at Oscars – Booze, Broads and Beef. Very excited!

First of all, you absolutely cannot tell in that Golden Gate room if it is day or night outside. I asked to be put in the middle of the hotel FYI , so there was not any noise from Fremont Street. So this room was like a matchbox. No window. No light. Really felt like a prison cell after the second day. Anywho, wake up around 10 – check the phone to validate it is 10 am – not 10 pm. Good. It’s 10 am. Excellent. Lets get hubby up and start our day.

Wah….wah. Again. No hubby. His side of the bed has not been touched…..again. Seriously? Two nights in a row? I’m starting to believe my husband has a death wish that I have not previously been aware of.

So I text him. Of course and ask where he is…..and this is the exact text I got back. Honey, I love you. I am still at The D. I’m trashed. Can you come get me. I don’t know where our hotel is.

Too funny. I do what any self respecting wife would do. I tell him to stay put and yes of course I will come and get you honey. And I go straight to Dupar’s and sit down for a nice breakfast all by myself lol. He can wait. What’s another couple hours of letting him stew at The D.

Kenosha, WI
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6. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

Very romantic, so far.

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7. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

Exactly. LOL.

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8. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

I'm nominating you for Wife of the Year

Chicago, Illinois
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9. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

I 2nd the nomination. All those in favor say "aye".

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10. Re: TR 11/13-11/20 - Grins, Wins and Shennanigans......

Hilarious. Can't wait to hear the rest.