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Crandon, Wisconsin
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Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

I apologize if this gets posted twice....my initial post is lost somewhere in cyberspace!

Travel: Flew Delta out of our tiny local airport on Sunday the 26th....got to MSP where we had TWO broken planes for the 11:15 flight!! We departed around 2:15 (finally), but I had been relegated to a middle seat by a "computer pick", so the flight was not fun. People poking me from both sides.....I had picked that window seat MONTHS ago, but no one seemed to care!

Return flight was fine, and we got the superbowl to come in on the entertainment system.

Took a cab to Bally's....gave him my directions, and he suggested several other routes (Tropicana, Thomas and Mack...) I said no, thank you....please take Paradise/Swenson/Flamingo. He said, well, you are the customer, and I said "yes, I am". $16, and a $5 tip. All was good.

I rented a car from Dollar and picked it up Monday. Didn't want to mess with it my first night, and didn't need it til Tuesday a.m. Had joined the Express, but didn't get my number til the Friday before I left, so still had to stand in line when I got there. For once, the line was very short....they plugged in my number, and off to get my car. There was a VERY long line to get out of the check out gate, but eventually I was on my way.

Used the bus several days, as I do like my cocktails, and that worked fine for me as well.


Reserved 2 comped nights at Bally's, and was given a mini suite in the Indigo tower. I like that back tower that overlooks Ellis Island. It is quiet, and I like the mountain view. It was a little hike, which was fine. Very quiet, frig, coffeemaker, sofa, dining table and chairs, and wet bar.

Stayed at the Gold Coast for Sat., Feb 1st. I called too late to get comped rooms for SB weekend at the D or Golden Nugget, but did get one at the Gold Coast. Was able to check in at 9:20 a.m., which amazed me! Room was fine, with the only issue being the tap water tasted horrid! I have stayed there before without an issue, and did receive a response from my note on a survey after I was home.


Sbarro pizza the first night, as I HAD to gamble!! Had a food comp for the D, so ate at the Grille Monday night. Had the asiago filet which was OUTSTANDING!! Sat., Feb 1st I ate at Ping Pang Pong....my walnut prawns were sooo good. I thought the staff seemed somewhat disinterested, and it took me abit to get seated, even tho I was the only person in line.

Breakfast on Monday was at Denny's down by Ross. It was VERY good, with excellent service. I would gladly go back there. Sunday, the 2nd i had a comped buffet at the GC, and it was fine for "free". Can always find decent breakfast items.


Did nothing much at Bally's the first night, tho I certainly tried!

Headed to the D on Monday to use some free play....hit 8 Quick Hits for $990!! After dinner, I went back to the same machine and hit 8 more for another $900! Very fun (and profitable) day!

Spent the time visiting with a nice MN couple, and with good CW service, had a fantastic day!

Tuesday a.m. I hit Aces/K on DDB at Bally's so left with $$ in my purse!!

I will summarize Laughlin to say that I hit virtually NOTHING despite a good amount of $$ spent in morning and night gambling sessions. It's hard to explain to nongamblers how all that $$ doesn't manage to come home!

Played some BDW and Quick Hits at the Gold Coast on Sat/Sun, and tho I didn't have any big wins, I did play for several hours.

Final thoughts:

It was some of the best weather I have ever had on my trips.....walked ALOT, and enjoyed all the sunshine!!

I was disappointed that my winning did not continue, but am planning my April trip with high hopes!!

To all potential solo travelers....go for it!! My hubby was invited MANY times, but chose to stay home in subzero temps with the dog!! Oh well...

Thanks for reading!! Good luck to all of you!

Temperance, Michigan
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1. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Enjoyed your TR. We'll be staying our first time at Ballys in June. We've stayed at all the CET properties except Ballys. Nice wins on Quick Hits!!

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2. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Thanks for your report. Solo trips can be a lot of fun!

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3. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Too bad hubby didn't join you...but glad you had a good time. I've yet to go solo...and honestly...it might be a bit dangerous if I did. Which Quick hits machine was that? I've heard of them...but no clue if there are many different versions or just look for something called quick hits?

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4. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

The middle seats are the worst! Sounds like a great time (especially the winning). Thanks for sharing.

New York City, New...
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5. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Great TR. You are so right abt those non gamblers...they just don't understand!

Los Angeles, CA
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6. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Great report WIgambler! Too bad your good luck didn't make a return appearance but don't you just love seeing all those Quick Hits? So exciting! It's been a couple of years since I've hit eight but I'll keep trying.

Did you stay at Harrahs in Laughlin? Love the Riverwalk and water taxis. Oh, I forgot to mix up a Red Cup a Special to read your report, I'll go get one now, lol!! Hopefully we can Quick Hit together before the end of 2014!

Cottage Grove...
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7. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Very nice trip report! Awesome hits on Quick HIts! Some day I'm actually going to hit something on one those machines. Hasn't happened yet :)

Crandon, Wisconsin
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8. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Thanks for the comments!

Numminz: Yes, there are many varieties of Quick Hits....I play the "original" ones for the most part. These were 90 cent ones near check in at the D. The top prize on one was at $10k when I was there in Dec., and it was still there when I played that Monday. Sadly, I got just one less than needed TWICE!! But, it was a good gambling day.

LaRue: As I told you in a PM, it was a "red cup" trip.....had many a fine cocktail and thought of you several times. Yes, I stayed at Harrah's in Laughlin....riverview room in the center tower which I usually find quiet. This time there was one evening where a dog must have been left alone in one of the rooms.....lots of yapping.

I will probably stay at the Golden Nugget or Tropicana if/when I return....miss my older VP machines at Harrah's!

Josie: The Quick Hits can be streaky, but overall I have done pretty well. I've hit eight a number of times (including in a bonus so it was doubled), and nine once. I used to be mainly a VP player, but this has become my addiction for the past couple years!

Sartell, Minnesota
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9. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Congrats on your hits on Quick Hits. You've sure had good luck on them at the D. I'll be there in 16 days, and we are staying at the D. I always play the ones by check in. Have had some luck, but not the luck you've had. Maybe I can change that this trip :) Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Good Luck in April.

Crandon, Wisconsin
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10. Re: Solo January trip: 26th thru Feb 2nd

Shadow700: Best of luck to you as well! Is that the only place you will be staying? I am in the process of getting my April rooms reserved....2 nights to go!