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Horror stories

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Long Beach, CA
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Horror stories

Ok I just recently found the hotel review section on this site, and I was looking at Rio Suites to see some pics of their rooms.....

as I was coming through the reviews, I would stop and read one every now and then, that had a headline like "nightmare" or "terrible experience"....

Some of these stories are really scary!!

Bedbugs, valet thefts, security abusing guests, etc...............

I don't know why people don't post here with that stuff (at least that I've noticed), and was wondering what you guys thoughts are as to why, and also wondering if you've read any of these nightmare stories??

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1. Re: Horror stories

the worst one I heard, was the lady who had her Wedding suite stolen from her by Madona. Like a few days before they were to leave.

what ever happend to her?

Los Angeles, Ca
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2. Re: Horror stories

The worst thing that ever happened to me at the Rio-

my mini-bar was missing the jelly beans.

I had to call housekeeping and request bathrobes.

Other than that, the 3 times I've stayed there have been quite nice.

The last time in a Masquerade Suite was the best.

Park Forest...
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3. Re: Horror stories

I've seen the ones you are talking about for Rio. A lot I didn't take seriously because they are soo weird or because the posters just didn't seem to have reasonable expectations. I don't know why the review side is so overly dramatic for every type of review. Most probably don't know about the forum or they would have made different plans. The rest aren't willing to face some hard questions from the regulars.

Suntree, Florida
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4. Re: Horror stories

Why don't they post here?

For me, I didn't know that the forum even existed. I had been traveling up and down the East Coast and writing hotel reviews for over a year, before I stumbled across the forum.

Recently there was a posting where this woman's husband got "taken away" by a casino pit boss or something like that. I don't know if they're true stories, but it makes good reading.

Long Beach, CA
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5. Re: Horror stories

The lady whose wedding was hijacked at least posted about it here, and followed up with us all... the last I heard was that the hotel was making arrangements to make things up to her on a future visit, and gave her some sort of assurances that they would try to make good.

As for the review section, some did seem a little dramatic, but then there were others that weren't dramatic at all, and said some very frightening things -

couple got bed bug bites and went to complain, and then were ignored

man had his car burglarized in the valet lot, with no outside forced entry shown, and the security and hotel gave him complete run around with no ammeds

russion couple ate at Voodoo Cafe, and afterwards went outside to the deck, and the security ruffed up her husband and detained him because he didn't speak good english, and didn't understand their commands

Now of course this is THESE PEOPLE'S side of the story, but still, those are some very concerning stories, and I wish people who had these experiences would post here so that they could be brought out into the open so that we could see if they have much merit - or not.

Newton, New Jersey
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6. Re: Horror stories

I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I think some people expect way too much, not just from Las Vegas hotels, but from any hotel. There are certain things I always expect regardless of the cost of the room and that’s cleanliness. It doesn’t take much to change the sheets, vacuum and wipe things down. Sure, if I’m paying over $200/night then there are other things I expect as well – good service, amenities, etc. I’m generally a flexible person and understand accidents/mistakes happen – as long as the hotel is willing to rectify the situation I can’t fault them. What I laugh about is when someone reviews a Comfort Inn or Best Western off the interstate and complain the room has no view – hello?!?!?!?! Some people are never happy.

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7. Re: Horror stories

I tend to think that some people are never happy or always looking for something to beotch about. When you read a terrible review about how awful the room, service, and decor is in one review and the very next review is wonderful!, best service ever! beautiful hotel!..you gotta wonder. If there is one bad review for every 5 or 6 good reviews, me thinks the bad reviewer doth like to protest too much.

I am sure there are some honest to goodness bad experiences out there, however it has never happened in my lifetime. The experience is usually what YOU make of it.

Long Beach, CA
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8. Re: Horror stories

to a certain extent maybe, but then again, just because a bad thing isn't happening to everybody doesn't mean it isn't an issue...

for example, IF the valet service is stealing, i'm sure they can't steal from EVERYBODY'S car........

of if the security inside Voodoo has a little mafia attitude going on, it isn't going to be EVERYBODY who gets ruffed up, only the occasional dude or couple who they push around and who tries to stand up for theirselves in regards to respect and common coureousy..

The horror stories I was reading, definately didn't seem to be a case of the people just "not making the best of things".

What would YOU do if your car had been stolen from in the valet?

Are you going to then just "make the best of the experience"????

I don't understand this...

Long Beach, CA
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9. Re: Horror stories

what did you think of the story about the bed bugs?

do you think those people just "made it up"?

do you think they should have "just made the best of it"??

North East, England
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10. Re: Horror stories

i agree with op.

say 20 cars a day get robbed from in a valet. out of them 20 how many do you think use the internet ona regular basis, then how many knpow this site exists, then how many actually post.

its like the good reviews, if every person who spends a night in vegas reviewed the hotel or put in in a ti it would be crazy how reviews there would be!

at the same time i laugh at some reviews, one told of the horrror of having a little candy rapper on teh floor below the desk for 3 dyas before it was hoovered up!